Sunday, December 18, 2011

Isn't Raw Food Redundant?

It's the 2010's and we're in the high tech ipod Android age. Everyone is on the net and spends their entire day tweeting and blogging. Sure I am doing this too, but sometimes we miss things.

For example the term raw food is kind of popular in certain circles these days. Any health minded person seems to at least have an idea what raw food is and what it is supposed to do.

I thought about this for a few minutes and realized that the term is really redundant. Raw food, is really the term used for food. Anything that is not raw is not really food.

The term is used to mean food that has not been cooked. Is cooked food really still food? According the famous doctor, Paul Kouchakoff, the human body rejects any food that has been heated above some certain temperature.

Our body creates a stream of white blood cells to attack the incoming invader when food that was heated is eaten. This does not happen when we eat foods that are not heated.

This is a clear indication that our body knows what is food and what is not food. If we eat a bag of rocks the body will react to this the exact same way, there will be a sea of white blood cells sent out to destroy the invader.

Eventhough most people eat tons of cooked and processed foods they don't realize that none of it is really food...the only real food is raw food.

The entire world of life only consumes food in it's untouched natural state. Calling it raw is really redundant, of course it is raw!

The only exception to this is the one foolish species that continues to destroy itself and it's home along with every other species that tries to coexist with it.

Anything that is not raw is not food. Accept this and you will thrive, deny it and you will be like everyone else and muddle through life hating yourself and the world.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

85% of People Over 50 Have Coronary Disease

The medical term is atherosclerosis or atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Some men as young as 18 years old were found to have this potential life threatening disease when their bodies were atopsied in the Vietnam and Korean wars.

If this doesn't mean anything to you, then you must be asleep. No living creature on earth has overwhelming numbers of diseases when they reach a certain age.

Why then do humans all seem to have this occur? Maybe, just maybe they are all doing something very bad to themselves? Some are smokers. We know the devastating effects of smoking tobacco products.

Still only about 25 to 30 percent of the population smokes tobacco products so how do we account for the other 55 to 60 percent? What are they doing to themselves?

One thing for sure is that they do not participate in a healthy lifestyle. Being in the military or even being an athlete doesn't seem to help the situation. What can all these people have in common?

Their diet is what they all have in common. They all eat animal products and cooked and processed foods. Atherosclerosis is the pre-cursor to heart disease and heart attacks. The people who have atherosclerosis are excellent candidates for a sudden heart attack. At least one third of those who have a heart attack (their first) die from that first heart attack.

It is quite clear that humans are not meant to eat animal products. If they were there wouldn't be any issues with consumption of them. Carnivorous animals can and do eat as much animal carcass they desire and never get negative effects from their selection of food.

Occasionally they might get indigestion but no cardiovascular issues have ever been found with wild animals in nature who simply kill and consume other animals.

Accept the facts, we are not meant to consume animal products or cooked and processed food. They always cause harm to us, even if we don't realise it as we do it, they are always doing us damage.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is Food?

Ever hear the campaigns for food collections ask for non-perishable food? Most people wouldn't think twice about this statement and go on.

Exactly what is a non-perishable food? The food bank expects cans, jars, boxes and the like of "food". These foods can stay on the shelf for years and still have the same low quality after years as it had the day it was manufactured.

Is it really a food if it is non-perishable? Let's look at nature for a minute. Is there anything any animal in nature will eat that is non-perishable?

Leave out the "food" that humans dropped or left out in nature such as fast food and all the processed junk food and there is nearly nothing on the planet that is non-perishable.

In fact the only food I can think of that doesn't perish with time is the food of honey bees. Honey will stay the same for years, even without any preservatives or refrigeration.

Besides that one food, nothing else exists in nature that doesn't perish with time. In fact most foods will not last more than a few days without becoming rancid, fermenting or just plain rotting.

Carnivores are the animals who probably consume their food the fastest becuase they know that their kill will not stay fresh for long. Carnivores also only hunt when they are hungry and they also relish the warm body and blood of their kill.

When these food banks are asking for non-perishable food, what do they really mean? There is no such thing as non-perishable food. This is an oxymoron. If it is food, it is perishable (except for bee honey). No non-perishable food should ever be eaten by humans or any other creature on earth except honey for bees.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How I Got Started in Natural Hygiene

Unfortunately for many of the people who are now living a natural hygienic lifestyle, starting off was not by choice. Many of the people I have met who live within the laws of nature were very sick at one point in their life and they seeked out a way to heal themselves.

Of course my path to natural hygiene was similar to these people. I found myself with a very serious illness and the usual channels for help were all roadblocks. I saw so many doctors and specialists that I can't even guess at the number.

All of them were the same. They all gave me the same prepared speech that they give to anybody who is asking. "There is no cure to your disease and we hope that some new drug will come out that will help". I still remember one of the first doctors who I saw and I asked him how long did he think it will be before there is a cure.

His answer was ten years at least. Well now it is 25 years later and there still is no sign of anything close to a cure. For those who do not know what I am talking about, it was ulcerative colitis that I had back then. The name of the illness is not important because it is just another self-inflicted fake illness that nobody ever need to suffer from.

All cases, that is 100% of all cases of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are due to a very poor selection of food and lifestyle. To try to attempt to cure this is quite insane. It's like sticking a knife in your finger every morning and wanting a cure to the pain and bleeding.

All one needs to do is to stop sticking the knife in and soon enough, in a matter of days the pain and bleeding will stop forever. This is the same for UC and CD. Stop sticking the knife in your gut with the poor selection of food and start to love yourself and respect yourself by treating your body as an important part of your life instead of as a dumpster where anything and everything that your eyes can see is considered food.

That is my story on how I entered into the natural hygiene world. After I saw how amazing it worked for healing my colon up to the point where it is way better today than even before I ever had ulcerative colitis, I decided to research it much deeper. I also noticed how I get sick so much less often. I used to get terrible sore throats at least 3 or 4 times a year. I would have a high fever and could not go to work for at least 3 or 4 days.

Since 2005, I have not had one occurence of a sore throat and I had only 1 short lived cold since the middle of 2009. People all around me are sick and coughing and are talking about how they got it from someone and then passed it to someone else. This is absurd as I am right next to these people all day long and I take no extraordinary precautions to avoid getting sick. I never get what they all have.

I do not use any of the anti-bacterial crap that they pass out at work. I don't cover my mouth when people cough or sneeze. I simply wash my hands with plain water when I go to the bathroom. I do not avoid touching my eyes or nose to avoid getting sick.

Besides all of the above, I also feel much more energy and light. I never feel like I ate too much or get indigestion. I wake up refreshed every day and just get off of the bed and get dressed and go start the day. I never use drugs like everyone else who drinks caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea.

Most every day I am just as wide awake at the end of the day as I was at the start. I don't need any energy drinks at 3p.m. to get me through the day. I find that my skin complexion is much better also. I used to get pimples very often and they would stick around for weeks. Now I rarely get them and when I do they are gone in a couple of days.

One of the best things that happened to me is that I also used to get depressed on occasion. Once in a while I would have a long lasting depression, sometimes for weeks. Since 2005, I have not been depressed at all and feel that I am totally in control of my emotions. I do get sad from time to time but these feelings are usually due to events in my life and I get over them as fast as they come.

Another important change is my weight. Not that I ever had a weight problem before but now I can eat as much food as I feel like and I never gain or lose weight. I reached a stable weight and it just stays where it is. So many people have the mid-life belly gut but my body looks like that of a teenager. I am older than most of the people I see who are overweight, obese or just have a huge gut. I don't need to do anything to stay fit.

Of course I do try to maintain a regular exercise program as often as possible. When I find the time I will jog for about 4 or 5 miles. I also use a weight room when I have access to one. Sometimes I just do some situps or pushups, or even jumpingjacks.

The best part of natural hygiene is trusting your body. I never need to have a conventional checkup from a doctor because they have no idea what health is. They will tell me that my x is too high or my y is too low but there is no reason whatsoever to have x or y in any special range if you are getting all the nutrition needed and you are getting all the other required natural inputs such as sunshine, fresh air, exercise, sleep, and the rest. When things start to feel wrong I know it and I will adjust my lifestyle appropriately.

Now I allow my body to guide me to health. If I feel I need some extra sleep, I go to sleep an hour early. If I feel I need more exercise I will go on a long fast walk for an hour or two. When I feel I need a break from the routine I will go on a vacation to a secluded spot in nature to get a dose of peace and tranquility.

Give it a try now before you find that you are forced to do it. Start on a natural hygiene path and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Vegans Appear to be Manipulative

This post is not really related to Natural Hygiene but in a way it is because the best diet for natural hygiene is a strictly vegan diet. Many vegans and vegan groups are criticized for being too manipulative or even extreme.

Ask any typical meat eater and they often say that they would be interested in hearing what vegans have to say but that they find them too extreme in their politics and tactics.

Certainly some of the vegan organizations are too extreme. Some will go to any extent to make their point, even to do illegal activities. I do not support doing anything illegal to make a point regardless of the situation.

The reason why vegans and vegan organizations must be very forceful and do activities that seem to be extreme is because they are speaking for those who can not speak for themselves. If animals had the ability to speak the entire animal products industry will cease to exist.

An analogy of this is like having a large family and many of your family members are either mentally retarded or unable to speak or communicate the way other humans do. They can not tell anyone when they are happy or sad, when they feel comfortable or feel pain, when they are scared or worried, etc.

The animals of this planet are exactly like this, they are a living breathing and feeling beings but they do not communicate in human languages. Each animal has it's own developed mental and physical strengths which it needs for the environment it evolved into. Humans have their own strengths which are different than the ones of animals.

These beings share this planet with us and are here for other purposes than to be a commodity for human industry and entertainment. If they can not speak for themselves then someone who is human must speak for them.

These humans who speak for animals are called vegans. Before laws were changed allowing slaves to be free, these humans were treated the same as animals are today, eventhough they could speak and communicate with others.

Vegans are not too extreme or manipulative at all, in fact all people who abuse animals by wearing their skins, eating parts of them, or are abusive in any other way to animals need to listen to the spokespeople of the animals.

Just like the trend in laws for protecting humans continues to evolve so will the trend protecting human's cousins, the animals.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lots of People who Read this Know What 811 is...

If you have read this blog before then you most likely know what the diet which is commonly referred to the 811 diet is. It's shorthand for the diet described in the popular book by Douglas Graham called "The 80/10/10 Diet".

I know of a few people who read the book but they completely ignored the information like it was written in a language that they did not understand.

Nobody on this planet is immune to suffering. Every single human can get a heart attack at a moment's notice and the statistics clearly state that at least one third of these people will die from that heart attack.

Heart attacks kill more people annually than any other cause of death. Most people's first sign that something is wrong is a heart attack.

If you are in the unlucky group of the one third that die from the heart attack then your first sign of heart problems is death. Now does that sound like something you would like?

I don't know about you but I would rather bypass (no pun intended) the entire issue and worry about other health issues than that.

The information about the 811 diet is like a lifejacket. If you store the lifejacket in the closet and don't take it when on the boat, you might as well not have it at all.

If you read the information about 811 and decided to simply ignore it then you might as well not know about the information in the first place. Just play ignorant and take your chances.

It's shameful to see so many people suffer from so many dis-eases when nearly all of them are completely avoidable. I hope you will take action and avoid these dis-eases.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Talk About Strange!

Here is something very funny about people. I suppose it depends on where in the world you live, but here in the United States of America most of the people are brainwashed to believe that some magical man named Jesus was born some 2000+ years ago and he was able to do things nobody can do, all the way to actually dying and then coming back to life.

If you don't think that is strange or weird, then you must be one of the ones who are brainwashed. Any logical sane person who has any sense at all can see that the stories about Jesus are basically made up fairytales. Nobody who was born a human has ever died and came back to life. Still the vast majority of people here not only believe the nonsense about their religion(s) but they even try to make others believe what they believe.

The truly amazing thing is that few of these people who really believe in these crazy stories about their religion don't believe that the human body, their own body is capable of healing itself. They all seem to believe that the only way to heal their ills is by seeing a doctor or a nurse and then taking some prescribed medicine to heal themselves. The body would never be able to heal without the intervention of medicine and doctors.

If I meet someone who is suffering terribly with easy to reverse lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and the like and I explained to them that they need to modify their lifetsyle in order to reverse their disease, they look at me as if I am a crazy fool. The next day they will sit in a building where a man will get up in front of them and say that Jesus came back to life for them and they won't have a second thought that everything they said was 100% true.

How on earth can things ever return to the way they were when humans lived according to the laws of nature?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Definition of Irony

It's been a while since I last posted here but with the change in season which is due this week I thought it was time to ad to this blog.

I was just surfing around online and I found this site: here which is a large company in Israel which manufactures home soda pop machines. Their first page has a big reference to the Susan G Koman charity. They say that they support this charity.

The Susan G Koman charity is to support the fight against breast cancer. Most everybody on this planet will agree that this is a good cause. People who follow my blog and who understand natural hygiene know that this entire idea about fighting cancer is complete bogus.

As I mentioned in other posts, cancer is the natural reaction of the body to the terrible treatment that it is getting from it's owner. In fact getting cancer from overindulging in toxins is like getting pregnant from having unprotected sexual intercourse. Why on earth would someone want to fight getting pregnant from unprotected sexual intercourse?

It's the way the body was designed to react to this behavior. Cancer is the same, it is the way the body tries to protect itsef from further harm. It is the last defense. There is no point in trying to fight this, that is why there was never a cure to cancer and there will never be one.

The only way to fight cancer is to avoid getting it. Similarly we can avoid pregnancy by avoiding getting pregnant. This would be by abstaining from sexual relations or to use some proven prevention method such as condoms or other forms.

The entire pretext of the Susan G Koman foundation is already way out of touch with reality but one of the known causes of cancer, including breast cancer is the use or artificial additives and processed foods. Soda is probably one of the main culprits in this area. Women who drink lots of soda probably are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer than those who do not indulge in this terrible habit but with all other behaviors being equal.

Having a company that sells a product to make soda in the home sponsoring the Susan G Koman foundation is like McDonald's having a hospital for Children, wait a minute, McDonald's does have a hospital for children...so it's not as farfetched as you think. Another analogy is the tobacco companies contributing to the lung foundation.

This is total lunacy and a huge irony. This is the world that we live in!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Do Blood Tests Show?

I suppose I thought of this topic now because as the summer fades into fall in years past I used to constantly get very tired. This was not the usual every day tiredness. I used to get so tired that I would actually fall asleep right on the floor.

This all happened when I was a child. In order for the medical doctors to diagnose that was wrong with me, they would take a lot of blood tests. I was like a pin cushion when I was in my early part of life. They would have me come back to the hospital at least once every 3 or 4 weeks for more of these tests.

Due to all this I eventually became fearful of needles and blood tests. To this day I can't stand having one of these tests unless I lie down while they do it.

That is not the point of this post. In fact the point is that a blood test has very little meaning. Sure, it shows what elements are in the blood at a certain point in time.

The test will show what certain cell counts were like at the exact time the needle was inserted. In fact who knows what the body is really doing when the needle comes in contact with the blood. Maybe the composition of the blood changes very rapidly and the readings are not what the real readings should be.

What does the test really show? Obviously there are some readings that will stay in a certain range no matter what. These readings might have some value but if they are outside the range there might be an explanation for it. It might have nothing to do with health issues at all. The readings might be the way they are just because the person is anxious or there might be some metabolic activity that is going on just at the time the test is taken.

A good analogy of a blood test is that it is like taking a photograph of the sky right now and using the picture to predict what the weather will be like in one or two months' time. Does that make any sense to you? Do you think that the weather can be predicted in one or two months by taking a picture of the sky right now? I highly doubt that there is any relationship between the sky right now and the weather in one or two months.

This is very true but still we all rush to the hospitals and the doctors willing to give them some blood and we believe that the results are the golden standard information about our health. What a waste of money and a total waste of worry for those few that see issues with their picture.

Of course there are some things that can be found but there are many better ways to discover these issues than with an intrusive test like a blood test. Just look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look and feel healthy and happy? Are you enjoying life? Do you eat healthy and exercise?

Answer the above questions and you'll know if you are healthy or not. If not, stick with the laws of nature and things will change for the better.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does This Make Sense?

It's August 2011 already and the summer is soon going to fade to fall and then winter. I was thinking about the way most people behave and I wanted to post about it.

Since I started on this path to health about 5 years ago I started to feel a new sort of confidence in myself and my body. I seem to be better able to understand the workings of my body and how it is able to take care of itself.

I know to most people this sounds absurd but I do believe in natural hygiene and allowing nature to take care of itself. I think we all just need to step aside and let our body do what it needs to do and we need to patiently wait for the results.

My diet is comprised of lots and lots of fresh ripe and raw fruit, but the rest of the people in the world eat very differently. Most of these people wouldn't even consider trying to eat 1 meal of fruit ever in their entire life.

The part that I find difficult is that every one of these people regularly visit their doctors and often visit hospitals. When they see a doctor and the doctor recommends that they take an invasive test, such as a colonoscopy or something similar, they almost always will accept the doctor's recommendations.

Eating 1 meal of fruit in their life is difficult, disgusting, and unheard of but going to a hospital to have a stranger shove a huge tube up your butt and examine the inside of your colon is absolutely fine. The risk of death by perforation and having other side effects and complications are real for the colonoscopy. The risks involved in eating fruit are really not very high.

This is just one example of the absolute absurdidty I see in the world. There are so many other examples that I do not have the time to list. I will tell you one thing however, I much rather eat fruit all day than ever visit a doctor or a hospital. I can not accept that these insane invasive procedures can be healthy to people. It's always best to prevent illness by taking proper care of yourself instead of living on the tightrope and hoping that you don't fall off.

Using the traditional means to stay healthy is insane. Staying healthy by living correctly and according to nature is the only way to go.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Most Popular Road-side Junk

I don't have the opportunity to walk along the roadside very often but recently I was walking a couple of miles along a two lane road and I saw what most of the garbage along the road is made up of.

I suppose it would be very obvious that a lot of what people throw out from their cars would be. Probably the most likely items would be the wrappers from fast food restaurants.

There was a lot of that. I saw tons of wrappers and drink cups from every known fast food outlet known in the area. By far the most prevalent variety of garbage was the drink cups from all of the fast food outlets.

These were not the number one most popular item. It also was not coffee cups, which were the second most popular item. There were coffee cups from most every place that sells the stuff.

I saw tons of coffee cups from McDonald's, many from Starbucks, a bunch from the corner stores like 7-11 and the like.

The number one most popular trashed item I saw were cigarette packs. In fact there were hundreds and hundreds of cigarette packs all along the highway.

I saw the most popular brands and in all the various varieties. It seems like people addicted to smoking are also addicted to polluting the highways. Not only do they pollute their own body and the air, but they also have the strong urge to pollute our roads and highways with their disposed cigarette packs.

Along with the cigarette packs of course were tons and tons of used cigarette butts. Of course there are heavy taxes on every pack of cigarettes, so these smokers are paying for their addiction in many ways. I don't think that they are paying enough when they leave such a mess around on the roads.

I can see that the taxes are not being used to clean up the sides of the roads which are covered with cigarette packs. I think that maybe this is one thing that needs to be added to the price of a pack of cigarettes.

In fact the price of disposal of everything that is produced needs to be added to its price. Then those funds need to be used to actually clean up and properly dispose of each of these items after they are no longer in use.

What do you think? Do you have an addiction that leaves trash or other traces around?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Natural Urges

I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss a bit about the reasons why so many people are overweight and obese. In a pure and natural world which is the one our body was developed in and developed for there are very few ways to get fat or obese.

There were no stores, bakeries, no offers from marketing companies, there were no shelves filled with inappropriate foods that do not belong in our bodies. In a natural world we would need to seek out the foods that we know are tasty and appropriate for our body.

This would entail a lot of walking and hiking up and down hills, through meadows and rain forests. We would probably need to even wade through some water or maybe even swim once in a while to get where we need to go.

There would be animals all around, some of which might be a threat to us. We would have to avoid them or run from them. This would help get exercise where today we just hop in the car and drive to the corner to get our food.

The foods of nature look very different from the ones people eat today. There are no cooked or processed foods in nature at all. Even fatty foods like nuts and seeds are difficult to get in large quantities in nature since they usually are in a shell that takes a lot of effort to open.

Avocados are also a fatty food but they do not ripen on the tree and we would need to pick them or take them from the ground and wait several days until they soften. The way nature has made it is that these trees would be quite sparse compared to the more easily accessible sweet fruits. They also are not very sweet so they wouldn't satisfy our sweet tooth.

During the time we would be seeking our nutrition it would usually be sunny or at least overcast and we would be getting all the sunshine we need. Sometimes it will be raining and those days will be much needed to avoid getting too much sunshine.

Our natural urges would be to gather as much high dense, high calorie foods that we can find. This would lead to a lot of sweet dense fruit in nature, such as bananas, mangoes, papayas, jackfruit, durian, and other sweet tropicals. Occasionally we would eat avocados or nuts but these are difficult to find and to get to the edible part so most of the time we will keep searching for the sweet fruit.

In the modern unnatural world we have way too many unnatural things to eat and choose from. We still have the same instinctive urges to get the highest most dense and calorie filled foods but now we have no jungle to find them in but we have restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, meat markets and our own homes.

Our instincts have not adjusted to this change. The environment is totally changed. It's a wonder that there are even any people who are not obese. I suppose there are some people who have experienced some serious illnesses and have learned to avoid the urges. Others are motivated by strong performance in their sport or they are just very interested in health and the natural way of life.

Next time you have the urge to fill yourself up with high density food like whipped cream covered cheesecake, think about why you have these urges and what they used to mean before the advent of our modern society.

Follow the urges but with natural foods like bananas and mangoes and you will be grateful. Your health will improve exponentially. Reach for the bag of bananas instead of the chocolate cake and ice cream.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Humans Can't Get Cardiovascular Problems

The title of this post says that humans can't get cardiovasular problems but obviously they can since 500,000 deaths from heart attacks occur in the USA alone each year. The reason for this is because the US population consumes a diet that is very different from what nature has intended for humans.

When humans first arrived on the planet there were only fruits and vegetables available for our consumption. Humans are not born with equipment to capture or kill animals, nor to cook them. We do not have the tools to consume large quantities of nuts and seeds.

There were fruit trees everywhere and very few other types of high calorie foods. Even if humans were interested in trying out other sources of calories for entertainment purposes alone they would always come back to fruit because of it's abundance and availablity.

Fruit was and is the most digestible and tasty natural food on the planet. It also has the correct nutritional profile to maintain proper health. The other foods that humans have adopted after leaving the tropical areas of the planet are what have been causing the problems with human health.

Since there are so many components in the foods like animal products and grains that are addictive these foods will always win out in an unnatural world. We unfortunately live in a modern unnatural environment where our choices for nutrition are very different from what nature intended.

In nature the cardiovascular diseases that kill most people these days just do not exist. Humans can not get cardiovascular diseases from consuming the foods that nature intended them to consume. If you are at all concerned about your cardiovascular health then please look into a natural human diet that excludes animal products and all of the processed foods that are ever present in the modern diet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Washing it all Down

There doesn't seem to be a person alive on this planet that doesn't drink with their food. Every single restaurant I have ever been to in my life where there is a waiter or waitress will ask what you want to drink with your meal.

Even in a restaurant that serves only salads they will ask what you want to drink with your food. Why would someone want to wash down their food? We have a very sensitive digestive system and it needs to have lubrication and liquid in order to function properly.

Nature has created the best foods for our digestive system that are extremely easy for us to digest. These foods digest as they are right off of the plant that they grow on. These are fruits at their peak ripeness.

Nearly every ripe fruit contains enough natural water in it to help digest the fruit. It also contains the necessary nutrients that each and every cell of our body needs which is sugar. The sugar in fruit is easy to assimilate and is most often already in the state that our body needs it. There is no processing needed to use the sugar.

There is also fiber attached to the sugar so that it is absorbed slowly into the bloodstream and the fiber also helps with the elimination of waste as it sweeps through the bowels.

If one takes a liquid with their food the liquid will dilute the important digestive juices in the digestive system and the food will not digest properly and it will be dumped into the intestines without being in the state it needs to be in.

This leads to many problems such as leaky gut, indigestion, malabsorbtion, cancer, Crohn's, IBS, colitis, and a long list of other diseases. Some of the liquids by themselves are toxic.

Alcohol of course is poison but so are all of the sodas which are made with processed and nutrient void sugars. Juices are not any better than soda because most also contain the same sugars and even the ones that do not, have been stripped of their fiber and most have been pasteurized which destroys most nutrients and adds unknown chemicals that were created in the chemical reactions with the air when the drink was heated.

If people stick to a whole food and raw, ripe and low fat diet there is absolutely no need to consume any beverage with your meal. If you feel you need to drink a little something when eating your food in transition you could sip on a small amount of water at room temperature. Do not use more than a couple of ounces while eating because more than this will dilute the digestive juices and ruin the excellent nutrient profile of the food.

The foods that most people eat are so poor in nutrient quality that washing it down with some liquid probably is not such a bad idea as the food's nutrient profile is so poor that their body has little to gain from it anyways. Still the chance of having a good digestion are slim when eating and drinking at the same time. It's better to drink at least one hour before eating anything and then wait at least two hours after eating to drink again.

Monday, May 16, 2011

We Know When We Are Hungry, Thirsty and Tired But Not When We Need Exercise.

Nature has built in so many receptors in our body that we are almost faultless and self correcting. It is very difficult for anyone to simply die from hunger, thirst or lack of sleep.

Even self injury is very difficult because we have so many nerves to feel pain that it is very difficult to kill ourselves by injury unless we use some modern technology such as a firearm or a sharp instrument which we fall on. In order to kill oneself with bare hands one needs to withstand a lot of pain and most will stop the pain before death.

When we are dehydrated we get the message that we need a drink. When we are very hungry we get the message that we need food. When very tired we almost spontaneously fall asleep. Try to stay awake for several days and then remain awake in any position. It will be very difficult to stay awake, even in a standing or sitting position and during daylight.

Most people obey these built-in receptors and will get food when hungry, get a drink when thirsty and sleep when tired. The one receptor that is lacking is the exercise receptor.

How do we know when it is time to exercise? We have no lack of exercise receptors on our body. In fact some people are sedentary for years and years and even decades and there is no warning built into their body that it is long past time to exercise.

The evidence might show up in other ways such as obesity, lack of enjoyment of life, chronic and acute health problems, bones and muscles that are frail, inability to think clearly, and many other general problems.

These however are not always indicators of lack of exercise and can be confused with symptoms of other underlying problems.

Probably the reason why we have no lack of exercise indicator is because the lack of exercise is not an imminent threat to our life. I have never heard of someone dying from a sudden lack of exercise but there are many cases of people dying of dehydration, starvation and occasionally a lack of sleep.

There are certainly people who have died from a long term lack of exercise. These people might be on a very reasonable diet, sleep enough, drink enough and get the other essentials such as clean air, sunshine, positive thinking and relationships, etc. but they just live a totally sedentary life and their body just can not continue to survive without any exercise.

There are artcles online that go further into details on this cause of death. Usually the actual cause is listed as something other than lack of exercise but people can and in fact do die from a lack of exercise.

Since we do not seem to have any exercise receptors I suggest that everyone start a regular exercise program which they enjoy and can continue indefinitely. Jump around for 15 minutes every morning and evening. Ride a bicycle to school or work. Get new running shoes and run. Work in the garden. If it is winter then skate, ski or just shovel the snow.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What Foods are Most Difficult to Quit?

Foods are some of the most difficult things to break addictions to. Most people would say that drugs or love or some other behavior is most addictive but in reality foods are the most addictive.

In one of my previous posts I discussed opioids in foods and why they are so addictive. With this post I am updating that and giving out real world data which I have noticed.

I recently joined a community on one of the Islands in Hawaii. The members there are all supposed to be consuming a fresh, whole, ripe, raw and vegan diet. I have not spent a lot of time with the other members but I have already come to a conclusion of which foods are most difficult to give up.

Some people would think it was the ones containing opioids like dairy, breads and meat. I'm sure some of the members are partaking in these foods when they are off of the community property but there are other foods that each and every single member still consumes even while they are on the community property.

Which foods are they? Some people call these the excitotoxins, others call them condiments. The foods that seem to be consumed by every single member of the community are totally vegan, totally raw but also totally poison and dangerous to our health.

These are foods like garlic and all of it's relatives such as onions, spices, radishes, spicy peppers, ginger, etc. Not only do I see them physically consuming these foods but I can smell it on their body sometimes as long as 3 to 4 days after they consumed them.

Anything that your body spends several days trying to remove just can not be helping create better health. The body will not use so much precious energy to remove the toxin if it was alright for your health. There is just no way possible that these foods are good for our health.

The other reason which certainly indicates that these are unhealthy foods is that they all have a very strong and horrible taste. Give these foods to a newborn baby and they will reject them. Give them to a wild animal and they too will totally reject them.

Only people who are still addicted to these foods can still consume them. Once someone has created a healthy environment in their body they will also reject these foods and will no longer be able to consume them due to their terrible taste.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everyone is a Protein Expert!

Most vegans, vegetarians, and of course lfrv dieters know full well the number one question received from SAD dieters is "where do you get your protein?"

It seems like the world is full of protein experts who are so sophisticated and educated that they have this very important question on their minds. They are so proud of themselves when they ask this question because they are certain it will stump the vegans and vegetarians.

It's never "where do you get your amino acids?" which by the way would be much more appropriate as the human body is not able to use whole proteins at all. The proteins must be broken down into the amino acids that they are made of.

In fact the majority of protein that the SAD eaters consume is nearly impossible to break down into it's component amino acids because the protein was cooked. Most of the bonds (a very difficult word for most SAD eaters) become more difficult to separate and the body is not equiped with the right enzymes and digestive juices to do the job.

The amino acids become fused together and the whole protein is unusable. This causes major problems for the body since the protein is no longer useful it must be eliminated by the body. The cooked proteins usually wind up in the colon where there are billions of tiny life forms who also try to break the toxic mess down into more useable components.

This toxic product is not a welcome food for the healthy bacteria in the colon so the bad or dangerous bacteria start to reproduce like crazy. These bad bacteria will eventually consume the toxic proteins but at the same time they produce some toxic products of their own. Some of these toxic products are carcenogenic to humans, which explains why so many unsuspecting SAD eaters eventually get colon cancer.

I would assume these SAD eaters would at least know that the protein that they eat is not helping them stay healthy at all. It is in fact hurting them. Of course not all of the protein they consume is sent to the colon, some of it leaks into the bloodstream through the digestive system. This is commonly known as "leaky gut".

When this unuseable deranged protein gets into the blood it can cause worse symptoms than if it stays in the colon. In the blood it is now seen as a pathogenic invader. The various immune systems in the body will react to the protein and start an attack. There will be a huge increase of white blood cells and many other immune cells to try to destroy this invader.

This can cause several acute and chronic problems, some of which are leukemia, allergies, lupus, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Of course these protein experts should have already known about all of this since they are self proclaimed protein experts.

The funny thing I found about these protein experts is that they don't seem to know the answer to one of the simplest questions I can think of in regards to protein. There is no mystery about this question at all, in fact it can be measured nearly any day and the results always come out the same. The question I have is: "how much protein is in human mother's breast milk?"

Not one of these protein experts ever knows the answer to that one. In fact that would be the first question on the protein expert exam. If you can't answer that unbiased and simple question about protein, then you probably have no right to ask another question with respect to protein. The protein experts who think they are so intelligent throwing out 'the' protein question can't even answer a truly simple question about protein. It's no wonder they call them SAD eaters!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

La Vida What?

Not that anybody should have noticed but there is a blog out in cyberspace called Living La Vida Loca (which is translated to living the crazy life) but the author of the blog changed the last word to locarb, which is a terrific synonym to loca as the entire idea is beyond crazy, it's outright scary.

We all have heard of the locarb craze of the 1990's when Robert Atkin's diet was making headlines every day. The man died on April 17, 2003 from an accidental fall. There is speculation that his fall was related to a heart attack. Probably the reason why there is such speculation is because the man did in fact have a heart attack in 2002.

If a diet comprised of protein and fat is a healthy way to lose weight and thrive then it should not cause someone to have a heart attack. In fact Mr. Atkins was only 71 years old when he had the heart attack, which is still quite young considering he was very wealthy and had access to the top medical care and information. Most readers know that heart attacks are not a natural event for humans, all heart attacks that humans have are due to inappropriate lifestyle choices.

Basically the vast majority of followers of the Atkins diet disappeared after his death. Even the average person is intelligent enough to know that if the official creator and endorser of a diet has a heart attack and then dies one year later which some speculate was also related to a heart attack, the diet is worthless or even worse, very dangerous.

Even the Atkins corporation eventually went bankrupt. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2005. Obviously there were few fans of the Atkins diet left to keep the company afloat.

Few but not none. It takes a very hardcore believer to actually continue consuming a locarb diet after all the bad news about the diet was digested by the public. It really doesn't take much to fool some people but to fool all the people takes a really big lie. The big lie is now out of the bag and only the very ignorant and desperate followers are left standing.

That's where this blog comes in. The blog has articles that deceive the readers into thinking that there is some value to the Atkins or locarb diet. Even after the jury called the world population has come to the conclusion that a diet that is so high in protein and fat can never be healthy in the long run and causes health issues this blog is still standing trying to convince people of the exact opposite.

After decades of research into diet which has shown without a doubt that high fat diets of any kind are totally dangerous for humans these people seem to just ignore all the scientific proof and go on in their own little imaginary world. None of the adherants of the locarb diet are ever shown with their shirts off (if they are all you see are moobs). None are ever seen as athletes, none are ever in an advanced age but act and look as if they are much younger.

There are hundreds or even thousands of examples of thriving athletes who are vegan. There are hundreds of examples of thriving vegans who are in their advanced years and look like they are 30 years younger as well as act and feel like they are 30 years younger. I have not seen one example of anyone on the locarb diet in either of these sitautions.

Human nature is such that we want to do what we always do, which in most cases is live a very poor lifestyle and hear that it is a good thing from some authority. For example someone who sits in front of the television all day and eats pizza, potato chips and drinks beer wants to hear that his lifestyle is healthy, fully knowing that it is in fact the opposite.

This is human nature. These locarb diet stragglers, who are the few left standing are the same. They know that they are eating a very poor quality diet filled with high fat and low nutrients. They mostly feel like crap all the time because their body is existing on ketones. They have very bad breath due to their body converting fat into sugars to feed their starved cells. They seem to ignore all of these signs and continue to destroy themselves and while doing so they want to hear from someone that they are doing good for themselves.

This is where the blog fits in. It finds all of the fake science that the author and others make up and try to convince themselves that they are doing good.

Besides Mr. Atkins, there is another guy named Stephen Byrnes who was one of the leaders of the Weston A. Price group who also followed a similar diet to the Atkin's diet. He also died of a stroke when he was just 45 years old. The stubborn locarb folks claim that he had HIV or AIDS and the stroke was related to that and not to his diet. It really doesn't matter whether he died of AIDS or any other disease, strokes are in almost all cases tied to diet, no amount of excuses will convince people of anything else.

As time goes on and more of these locarb dieters get sicker and sicker, which is inevitable as the human body can't handle large amounts of fat and protein for more than about 20 to 25 years there will be a lot more evidence as to the benefits of the diet. I do not wish this fate on these people, no, not in the least but it seems like they wish it on themselves as they ignore all the facts and signs that things are not quite right.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I have never seen a locarb dieter disclose their blood work results online so everyone can see what their health looks like(except the lipids profile). Not that I totally believe that blood work is very reliable but it does give some indication of how healthy one is and how likely they will continue to stay healthy. They never show the entire blood test results they just put up the LDL, HDL, triglycerides and other numbers related to fat, which in most cases are not in the healthy range.

None of these dieters will disclose their other results probably because they are so poor. I have seen so many vegans publicly disclose all of their perfect blood work results voluntarily that I have complete confidence that I don't need to even have myself tested.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Any Ideas How to Get Attention From Leaders?

The title of this post is a bit tongue in cheek. We all know that leaders are not looking to do things the right way or the most effective way. They are there to keep things the way they are because that's what made them leaders in the first place. This way they continue to profit from all of the goodies they get for being our leaders.

This includes more money than most of the rest of the world combined, power, fame, and recognition. Even bad publicity is still good in their minds.

It really makes no sense for them to care about changing anything which is a very sad sitaution. We all know that things really need to be changed and as soon as possible. We are just heading for some major catastrophes if we leave everything as it is.

All of us lfrv dieters know that our diet brings about a peaceful existence. It would change the world so much that most other problems would either be resolved on their own or wouldn't be very important.

The number one priority for every species on the planet is to find reasonable and abundant amounts of food for survival. If we begin using the foods that nature provided for us instead of creating Frankenfoods out of leftover waste from other manufacturing processes, we could stop hunger, reverse pollution, create beauty where there is destruction, create a sense of compassion for others, reverse nearly every known dis-ease, and have a sense of world peace instead of instability and war.

There are no prominent vegans or vegetarians who are leaders. Many wealthy artists, a few sports heros, one or two entrepreneurs are known to be vegan or vegetarian, but few if any powerful politicians are.

How do we spread the enjoyment that the lfrv diet brings to the leaders of the world? If you have any ideas please leave me a comment. I appreciate any kind of suggestion.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Does Everyone who is not Vegan not Know This or do They not Want to Know This?

After seeing video after video of how factory farming is performed, which is where about 90% of the meat, dairy and eggs that are consumed in North America comes from, I needed to ask myself if people who consume these foods are either happy that they contribute to this or are unhappy about it but they are so addicted to the food that they can't change or that they are just plain ignorant of it and believe that the foods come from a family farm where the animals are treated well and then somehow mysteriously they turn them into food.

What I am talking about are videos like Earthlings and this meat video. Even if people haven't seen videos like this, there are countless news articles about factory farming and PETA public announcements as well as undercover videos that surface every once in a while.

Do the 99% of the population that consumes foods that are derived from animals, as well as supporting the other forms of cruelty such as wearing their skins, watching them on television, in the movies, in circuses, etc. and supporting the testing of products on animals all want to be accomplices in this terrible cruelty?

To me this is similar to the German public during the days that lead up to the second world war. Terrible attrocities were being done to their fellow men and women who not only were the same species as they were but were the same nationality, spoke the same language, sent their children to the same schools, lived on the same streets, and worked in the same companies in some cases. Some just turned their heads to it all, some were aggressively helping in the cause and a few, very few indeed tried to do something to help stop it.

This seems to mirror exactly what exists today except instead of these things being done to our same species we now do these to other species. These species are not some aliens from outerspace, they are all extremely similar to us humans. Every one of them feels pain, every one of them has instincts and knows when they are in danger, they all suffer from neglect, they all want to live and enjoy the simple life they were evolved onto the planet to live. These living, breathing and feeling members of our planet's society just want to live the way they are supposed to live, in the environment that was meant to sustain their lives, they want to care for their young and enjoy their natural foods.

In fact most of the animals that we humans use for food are not even carnivorous. We tend to eat animals that do not attack us, we tend to eat animals that do not have sharp teeth, or that can easily just fly away. Most of the animals we have chosen to use for food are in fact quite defenseless and dependent on our trust. We are using that trust to our advantage and we feed them and shelter them just so that we can use their dead carcass when we feel their carcass will bring in enough money.

Back to the original title of this post. Can it be that the 99% of the population that choses to consume these animals and their body fluids do not know the attrocities that they are accomplices to? I doubt it, just as the German population turned their heads to what was going on in Nazi Germany, these people simply turn their heads to this.

They just totally ignore the ideas concerning the derivation of their food and see the food as some products that are created by someone else. They don't want to know where they came from. They see everybody doing the same as they do so it has to be the right thing to do.

Obviously some of these people really enjoy causing pain and suffering to another being. They secretly wish to inflict pain to their fellow humans but since that could lead to some severe consequences and inflicting pain and suffering to other species is not only legal but encouraged they choose the latter.

These people are the ones who are employed at the factory farms and slaughterhouses throughout the nation. Others engage in a sport that they call hunting, or fishing. Some use traps to capture their animals, some will simply use some sort of weapon like an automatic rifle to just kill for no reason. Many will just kill animals in the forest and leave them there. They wanted no more than to cause the animal to suffer and watch them die. Some use poisons or elecricity to kill.

The rest of the people who are accomplices in all of this cruelty are just as guilty as the ones actually performing the deeds. They just plead that they did not know about it and go on.

As everyone who understands natural hygiene knows, the people who consume these foods are not only guilty of the attrocities against our fellow earth-mates, but they are in turn causing attrocities against themselves. They constantly consume foods that are incompatible with their own body. Many of them suffer with great acute and chronic illnesses.

After so many decades of these terrible attrocities, isn't it about time we stopped and created a win-win situation for everyone? If these people would simply adopt a vegan lifestyle they would stop hurting themselves and our loving earth-mates. There are countless other problems that will simply disappear when people adopt a vegan lifestyle, these include the cessation of man made global warming, the destruction of our planet's resources, and many other problems.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Organically Grown?

It seems like the term organically grown is a new trend. I get advertisements every Tuesday from the mailman in my mailbox. Usually they go directly into the recycle bin but once in a while I flip through them. Recently I see a new trend.

Many stores and restaurants are using the word organic in their advertising. I see some businesses advertising foods that are organically grown. These foods are not necessarily fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds but most often they are processed foods such as pancake mixes, slices of animal flesh, or processed dairy and or egg products.

First of all, the term organic is a relatively recent invention. It was coined in the late 1930s when the world of agriculture had turned to using the leftover products from the war for crop production. Prior to that time most every crop was already organic.

Organic really implies that the food was raised without artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and other products that have a direct affect on the food. This doesn't mean that the crop is totally raised naturally but that the 'cides that are used on the crop are of an organic nature.

I saw an ad in a magazine that was advertising wine. The top of the ad said that prior to 1945 everything was organic. Wine is not a food or a drink that is really important to the nutritional state of humans so it's not really important if wine is organic or not since it is already a poison. It doesn't matter if a poison was created in a less poison environment because it can't really get less poison than poisonous.

The other foods certainly do make a difference. Unfortunately when dealing with processed foods or animal foods, organics really loses most of it's meaning. The idea behind organics is to have food that is as close to the way nature would have created it in the first place.

Processed food and animal products are already foods(?) that have been modified from what nature provides for humans and therefore using the term organic to describe them is not really in the spirit of the intention of the term. In these cases it is more being used as a marketing term and not a term to describe how close the food comes to being grown in nature.

In general when I select foods to consume I will opt for the organic version as often as is practical. When the price is totally outrageous for the organic variety for example of blueberries I will either pass on them or occasionally I will opt for the conventional variety. A good compromise is buying from the farmers at the local farmer's markets who assure me that they do not use any pesticides on their produce.

These methods are acceptable to me since I feel the pesticides used on the plant are more likely to cause problems with my health than the fertilizers, which the plant can 'choose' which part of them it needs and which it doesn't need. Plants will naturally grow roots towards the minerals and organic products it needs in the ground and away from the products it doesn't need or which can be harmful to the plant.

The most important point I wish to make in this post is that we actually need to seek out and pay extra for organic foods these days while from the beginning of time until about 1939 or so there was nothing but organics available for our consumption. Does this make any sense? Why isn't it the other way around and we grow everything organic and take a small percentage of the food and grow it in a 'conventional' way and charge extra for that? Doesn't that make more sense? If people take a liking to toxins in their food grown in an extremely unsustainable way they should be able to choose these but to force this on the entire population is outrageous.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Isn't it Funny How People Are?

I find it very amusing how people behave, especially when it comes to diet. People who eat a certain diet, which of course is always the best diet in the world, will recommend to others to eat the same way that they do.

Why is this so? I suppose it is because people are so insecure that they need to see others doing the same as them in order for them to feel like what they are doing is okay. If they can convince others to do as they are doing it must be right.

I see so many people who are 'experts' in one diet or another who recommend the diet that they eat. What made them experts in the first place is that they started to eat that diet. It's like a young child strapping on a pair of ice skates and they fumble around the skating rink, sort of just walking with the skates and after one week he or she is an expert in skating.

The majority of these experts are really just that, someone who tried a diet for a period of time and after a week, a month or in some cases maybe a year or so they are now the world's expert on diet and everything ever known about diet and nutrition is second nature to them.

They have such a huge ego that they 'know' their trial of a diet is the best and only valuable diet for any human on the planet. If they felt a bit sick or something just wasn't right at the beginning they would make a slight change, such as adding in some goat milk or raw meat and suddenly everything is back to 100%, eventhough it takes decades or even a lifetime of consuming a diet before one can have any idea of it's real value.

Why do people behave this way? Why can't they just study nutrition, observe humans on different diets, look in the world of nature and see what other similar species to humans are eating and absorb objective information before they start rambling on about how their diet is the best in the world, when it is really their ego that is the biggest in the world.

Most people in the western world were raised on a similar diet that includes meat, dairy, grains and lots of processed junk food. Most of these diet experts were successful in reducing some of the really health destroying food groups but were still addicted to some of the others. This of course allows them to make the claim that they are consuming the best diet in the world, when they know full well that they still consume a lot of very bad foods.

Let's analyze these clowns and understand that they are not making diet recommendations based on true health but based on their own addictions. If they say that they 'reduced' the meat or dairy in their diet read that as they are still addicted to meat and dairy. Eliminating meat and dairy is one huge step beyond where they dared to go.

If they say that eating 75% raw is all that is needed, this can be interpreted as them saying that they are still addicted to cooked foods and eating 100% raw is way better than eating 75%. If they say that some condiment is okay to consume but in a small amount, such as sodium, garlic, onions, etc. take that as meaning the best diet has zero condiments but they themselves are still addicted to these condiments.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Diet Dogma

One of the most amazing things about humans and human cultures is that a person's diet is extremely sacred to them. In fact many more people will change nearly anything in their life before they will change their diet. You can refer to my post about more people changing sex than diet for more references.

What a person eats is like their persona. It is part of their life. It is similar to the features of their face and body. Over the course of their life they developed a certain style of eating and they know that it is the only one that works for them.

I watch people who put condiments on their food even before they taste it to see if it needs any condiments. I watch people who eat a certain food every day and after eating it they complain how sick it makes them, but then they will repeat the same behavior the very next day.

It's almost as if the food causes a memory lapse. Then there are the adventurous eaters who are willing and ready to try almost anything anytime. If they see the menu lists something that they never tried before it will certainly be on the top of their order.

Some of the least suitable foods and most dangerous to the human body are the most popular. Often these foods are full of addictive substances such as opioids. This leaves one to wonder if these eaters are really enjoying the food or are they just addicted to the substances.

Added to all this are the various cultures of the world. Every culture, religion, ethnicity, nationality, province, state, city, county, region, area, creed, family, etc. have their own dietary guidelines that must be observed. Obviously these are the best dietary guidelines in the world and there is no reason to stray from them.

Even those people who obviously are seriously hurting themselves with their diet such as the severly obese and overweight, those with reversible diseases such as type II diabetes, elevated cholesterol readings, heart problems, digestive tract problems, arthritis, and many others will not ever consider that they have caused their own illnesses and could reverse them just by changing their diet.

In fact many more people are open to new concepts in many aspects of their life such as trying a new career out, moving to a new city, state or even country, even accepting a new religion but most will not ever consider a change in diet except possibly for a very short time as in a 30 day period.

Food is much more important to us than it should ever be. It is how we sustain our lives but it should not be part of the very fabric of ourselves. It is playing so many parts in our lives.

Food is our entertainment, it is used to control us, it is used to divide the rich from the poor, it is used as a sport, it is used in countless traditions and ceremonies, it is used as medicine, it is used as a mood adjuster, it is used for communicating with others, it is used for too many things beyond what it is really meant for, which is the daily caloric and nutritional supplement to sustain life.

If food was a scarce commodity like it is for most of the animals that live in nature, we would appreciate it much more for the value it brings to us. We certainly would not be bored of the every day food we eat and we would not be searching for newer and more exotic foods and combinations of foods.

If we needed to actually search for our food and we could only eat when we find it, then all the unnecessary uses of food will instantly go away and humans will again return to the health they once knew.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The World is Obsessed with Death

It's everywhere. You can't seem to go very far or do very much in this world without seeing or hearing about death. Death seems to be a popular subject throughout the world.

For example if you walk into a grocery store the first thing you see is a refrigerator or freezer filled with death. There are dead fish piled up high, dead shrimp, dead clams, dead crabs. In another section of the same store there are parts of muscles of dead animals. Pieces of animals' legs, chests, rumps, thighs, and even some entire bodies or heads of animals that are dead.

If you go to the cleaning products aisle there are products that that say that they kill 99.9% of germs. There are products that say they kill viruses, they kill pests like rats, mice, insects and the like.

There are stores totally devoted to killing that sell 'sporting' goods to kill anything and everything in any size. There are handguns, shotguns, bows and arrows, electical guns, poisons, traps, and other assorted killing equipment.

Most people will sit down to 'enjoy' a plate full of death. There are dead animals in most of their dishes as well as other assorted dead foods that have had their life forces destroyed by heat from cooking.

Everything that has been cooked or heated is dead and has very little value to the human body in that state. Few if any life forms will consume these dead products. Most carnivores will only eat a dead prey animal after it has recently been killed. They rarely will eat an animal that was already dead except in a situation where they are nearly starving to death themselves.

Of course there are a few exceptions such as vultures which survive off of the scraps of already dead animals but few species behave this way.

Why then are humans so obsessed with death? We have death sports like hunting and fishing where the primary objective is to kill another being for the purpose of sport and entertainment.

Most humans however do not and will not participate in the killing of their food. They prefer to have someone else do the dirty work and kill by proxy. They allow the butchers and slaughterhouse employees to do the killing for them. This is still killing but most people will never admit to being a killer.

Besides all of this there are dog fights that usually end in one or more of the dogs dying. Hundreds of people will pour into a basement or an outdoor ring to watch these dog fights and see violence and death.

Besides the dog fights are the chicken fights. People actually train chickens to peck each other to death when they meet another fight chicken. Eventhough these are illegal in most of the USA still there are many illegal chicken fights still in operation in most of the country.

In cultures such as the hispanic culture there are bullfights. These 'fights' are not really fights but an unecessary slaughter of a helpless bull. The bull fighter is equipped with swords and other lethal weapons but the bull is only equipped with it's natural defenses which are it's strength and it's horns. There is practically no chance of one of these bulls ever 'winning' one of these competitions. Still thousands or even millions of people attend these bloody events in the name of entertainment.

On the streets of Asia you can see the sales of sometimes live and often dead animals to be used for food or other possibly religious ceremonies.

Nearly every Hollywood movie is chock full of violence and death. There are vehicles blowing up, people being shot, stabbed, burned, hung, run over and killed in every new creative way possible.

When a convict is killed everyone wants to see the procedures in countries and states where the death penalty is still legal. The obituary pages of the newspapers of the world are some of the most popular pages of the newspaper. In fact my parents look at that section before they look at even the first page of the newspaper.

What is so exciting about death? Why don't we have a world that is obsessed with life? Why can't we all agree that life is the way to go and eliminate all of the death? Of course death is totally natural and is the end of life but we don't need to be so obsessed with it. In order to actually have a healthy and happy life, no death is ever needed, we can eat healthy and tasty food that totally comes from plants in their natural state. We can enjoy many sports that do not require another being to suffer or die. There is no need to present death as a glamorous way to entertain ourselves.

Death is not something to sensationalize, it is something we need to recognize but then move on and concentrate on life and the living. Does anyone disagree with this?