Sunday, November 20, 2011

How I Got Started in Natural Hygiene

Unfortunately for many of the people who are now living a natural hygienic lifestyle, starting off was not by choice. Many of the people I have met who live within the laws of nature were very sick at one point in their life and they seeked out a way to heal themselves.

Of course my path to natural hygiene was similar to these people. I found myself with a very serious illness and the usual channels for help were all roadblocks. I saw so many doctors and specialists that I can't even guess at the number.

All of them were the same. They all gave me the same prepared speech that they give to anybody who is asking. "There is no cure to your disease and we hope that some new drug will come out that will help". I still remember one of the first doctors who I saw and I asked him how long did he think it will be before there is a cure.

His answer was ten years at least. Well now it is 25 years later and there still is no sign of anything close to a cure. For those who do not know what I am talking about, it was ulcerative colitis that I had back then. The name of the illness is not important because it is just another self-inflicted fake illness that nobody ever need to suffer from.

All cases, that is 100% of all cases of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are due to a very poor selection of food and lifestyle. To try to attempt to cure this is quite insane. It's like sticking a knife in your finger every morning and wanting a cure to the pain and bleeding.

All one needs to do is to stop sticking the knife in and soon enough, in a matter of days the pain and bleeding will stop forever. This is the same for UC and CD. Stop sticking the knife in your gut with the poor selection of food and start to love yourself and respect yourself by treating your body as an important part of your life instead of as a dumpster where anything and everything that your eyes can see is considered food.

That is my story on how I entered into the natural hygiene world. After I saw how amazing it worked for healing my colon up to the point where it is way better today than even before I ever had ulcerative colitis, I decided to research it much deeper. I also noticed how I get sick so much less often. I used to get terrible sore throats at least 3 or 4 times a year. I would have a high fever and could not go to work for at least 3 or 4 days.

Since 2005, I have not had one occurence of a sore throat and I had only 1 short lived cold since the middle of 2009. People all around me are sick and coughing and are talking about how they got it from someone and then passed it to someone else. This is absurd as I am right next to these people all day long and I take no extraordinary precautions to avoid getting sick. I never get what they all have.

I do not use any of the anti-bacterial crap that they pass out at work. I don't cover my mouth when people cough or sneeze. I simply wash my hands with plain water when I go to the bathroom. I do not avoid touching my eyes or nose to avoid getting sick.

Besides all of the above, I also feel much more energy and light. I never feel like I ate too much or get indigestion. I wake up refreshed every day and just get off of the bed and get dressed and go start the day. I never use drugs like everyone else who drinks caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea.

Most every day I am just as wide awake at the end of the day as I was at the start. I don't need any energy drinks at 3p.m. to get me through the day. I find that my skin complexion is much better also. I used to get pimples very often and they would stick around for weeks. Now I rarely get them and when I do they are gone in a couple of days.

One of the best things that happened to me is that I also used to get depressed on occasion. Once in a while I would have a long lasting depression, sometimes for weeks. Since 2005, I have not been depressed at all and feel that I am totally in control of my emotions. I do get sad from time to time but these feelings are usually due to events in my life and I get over them as fast as they come.

Another important change is my weight. Not that I ever had a weight problem before but now I can eat as much food as I feel like and I never gain or lose weight. I reached a stable weight and it just stays where it is. So many people have the mid-life belly gut but my body looks like that of a teenager. I am older than most of the people I see who are overweight, obese or just have a huge gut. I don't need to do anything to stay fit.

Of course I do try to maintain a regular exercise program as often as possible. When I find the time I will jog for about 4 or 5 miles. I also use a weight room when I have access to one. Sometimes I just do some situps or pushups, or even jumpingjacks.

The best part of natural hygiene is trusting your body. I never need to have a conventional checkup from a doctor because they have no idea what health is. They will tell me that my x is too high or my y is too low but there is no reason whatsoever to have x or y in any special range if you are getting all the nutrition needed and you are getting all the other required natural inputs such as sunshine, fresh air, exercise, sleep, and the rest. When things start to feel wrong I know it and I will adjust my lifestyle appropriately.

Now I allow my body to guide me to health. If I feel I need some extra sleep, I go to sleep an hour early. If I feel I need more exercise I will go on a long fast walk for an hour or two. When I feel I need a break from the routine I will go on a vacation to a secluded spot in nature to get a dose of peace and tranquility.

Give it a try now before you find that you are forced to do it. Start on a natural hygiene path and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Vegans Appear to be Manipulative

This post is not really related to Natural Hygiene but in a way it is because the best diet for natural hygiene is a strictly vegan diet. Many vegans and vegan groups are criticized for being too manipulative or even extreme.

Ask any typical meat eater and they often say that they would be interested in hearing what vegans have to say but that they find them too extreme in their politics and tactics.

Certainly some of the vegan organizations are too extreme. Some will go to any extent to make their point, even to do illegal activities. I do not support doing anything illegal to make a point regardless of the situation.

The reason why vegans and vegan organizations must be very forceful and do activities that seem to be extreme is because they are speaking for those who can not speak for themselves. If animals had the ability to speak the entire animal products industry will cease to exist.

An analogy of this is like having a large family and many of your family members are either mentally retarded or unable to speak or communicate the way other humans do. They can not tell anyone when they are happy or sad, when they feel comfortable or feel pain, when they are scared or worried, etc.

The animals of this planet are exactly like this, they are a living breathing and feeling beings but they do not communicate in human languages. Each animal has it's own developed mental and physical strengths which it needs for the environment it evolved into. Humans have their own strengths which are different than the ones of animals.

These beings share this planet with us and are here for other purposes than to be a commodity for human industry and entertainment. If they can not speak for themselves then someone who is human must speak for them.

These humans who speak for animals are called vegans. Before laws were changed allowing slaves to be free, these humans were treated the same as animals are today, eventhough they could speak and communicate with others.

Vegans are not too extreme or manipulative at all, in fact all people who abuse animals by wearing their skins, eating parts of them, or are abusive in any other way to animals need to listen to the spokespeople of the animals.

Just like the trend in laws for protecting humans continues to evolve so will the trend protecting human's cousins, the animals.