Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Any Ideas How to Get Attention From Leaders?

The title of this post is a bit tongue in cheek. We all know that leaders are not looking to do things the right way or the most effective way. They are there to keep things the way they are because that's what made them leaders in the first place. This way they continue to profit from all of the goodies they get for being our leaders.

This includes more money than most of the rest of the world combined, power, fame, and recognition. Even bad publicity is still good in their minds.

It really makes no sense for them to care about changing anything which is a very sad sitaution. We all know that things really need to be changed and as soon as possible. We are just heading for some major catastrophes if we leave everything as it is.

All of us lfrv dieters know that our diet brings about a peaceful existence. It would change the world so much that most other problems would either be resolved on their own or wouldn't be very important.

The number one priority for every species on the planet is to find reasonable and abundant amounts of food for survival. If we begin using the foods that nature provided for us instead of creating Frankenfoods out of leftover waste from other manufacturing processes, we could stop hunger, reverse pollution, create beauty where there is destruction, create a sense of compassion for others, reverse nearly every known dis-ease, and have a sense of world peace instead of instability and war.

There are no prominent vegans or vegetarians who are leaders. Many wealthy artists, a few sports heros, one or two entrepreneurs are known to be vegan or vegetarian, but few if any powerful politicians are.

How do we spread the enjoyment that the lfrv diet brings to the leaders of the world? If you have any ideas please leave me a comment. I appreciate any kind of suggestion.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Does Everyone who is not Vegan not Know This or do They not Want to Know This?

After seeing video after video of how factory farming is performed, which is where about 90% of the meat, dairy and eggs that are consumed in North America comes from, I needed to ask myself if people who consume these foods are either happy that they contribute to this or are unhappy about it but they are so addicted to the food that they can't change or that they are just plain ignorant of it and believe that the foods come from a family farm where the animals are treated well and then somehow mysteriously they turn them into food.

What I am talking about are videos like Earthlings and this meat video. Even if people haven't seen videos like this, there are countless news articles about factory farming and PETA public announcements as well as undercover videos that surface every once in a while.

Do the 99% of the population that consumes foods that are derived from animals, as well as supporting the other forms of cruelty such as wearing their skins, watching them on television, in the movies, in circuses, etc. and supporting the testing of products on animals all want to be accomplices in this terrible cruelty?

To me this is similar to the German public during the days that lead up to the second world war. Terrible attrocities were being done to their fellow men and women who not only were the same species as they were but were the same nationality, spoke the same language, sent their children to the same schools, lived on the same streets, and worked in the same companies in some cases. Some just turned their heads to it all, some were aggressively helping in the cause and a few, very few indeed tried to do something to help stop it.

This seems to mirror exactly what exists today except instead of these things being done to our same species we now do these to other species. These species are not some aliens from outerspace, they are all extremely similar to us humans. Every one of them feels pain, every one of them has instincts and knows when they are in danger, they all suffer from neglect, they all want to live and enjoy the simple life they were evolved onto the planet to live. These living, breathing and feeling members of our planet's society just want to live the way they are supposed to live, in the environment that was meant to sustain their lives, they want to care for their young and enjoy their natural foods.

In fact most of the animals that we humans use for food are not even carnivorous. We tend to eat animals that do not attack us, we tend to eat animals that do not have sharp teeth, or that can easily just fly away. Most of the animals we have chosen to use for food are in fact quite defenseless and dependent on our trust. We are using that trust to our advantage and we feed them and shelter them just so that we can use their dead carcass when we feel their carcass will bring in enough money.

Back to the original title of this post. Can it be that the 99% of the population that choses to consume these animals and their body fluids do not know the attrocities that they are accomplices to? I doubt it, just as the German population turned their heads to what was going on in Nazi Germany, these people simply turn their heads to this.

They just totally ignore the ideas concerning the derivation of their food and see the food as some products that are created by someone else. They don't want to know where they came from. They see everybody doing the same as they do so it has to be the right thing to do.

Obviously some of these people really enjoy causing pain and suffering to another being. They secretly wish to inflict pain to their fellow humans but since that could lead to some severe consequences and inflicting pain and suffering to other species is not only legal but encouraged they choose the latter.

These people are the ones who are employed at the factory farms and slaughterhouses throughout the nation. Others engage in a sport that they call hunting, or fishing. Some use traps to capture their animals, some will simply use some sort of weapon like an automatic rifle to just kill for no reason. Many will just kill animals in the forest and leave them there. They wanted no more than to cause the animal to suffer and watch them die. Some use poisons or elecricity to kill.

The rest of the people who are accomplices in all of this cruelty are just as guilty as the ones actually performing the deeds. They just plead that they did not know about it and go on.

As everyone who understands natural hygiene knows, the people who consume these foods are not only guilty of the attrocities against our fellow earth-mates, but they are in turn causing attrocities against themselves. They constantly consume foods that are incompatible with their own body. Many of them suffer with great acute and chronic illnesses.

After so many decades of these terrible attrocities, isn't it about time we stopped and created a win-win situation for everyone? If these people would simply adopt a vegan lifestyle they would stop hurting themselves and our loving earth-mates. There are countless other problems that will simply disappear when people adopt a vegan lifestyle, these include the cessation of man made global warming, the destruction of our planet's resources, and many other problems.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Organically Grown?

It seems like the term organically grown is a new trend. I get advertisements every Tuesday from the mailman in my mailbox. Usually they go directly into the recycle bin but once in a while I flip through them. Recently I see a new trend.

Many stores and restaurants are using the word organic in their advertising. I see some businesses advertising foods that are organically grown. These foods are not necessarily fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds but most often they are processed foods such as pancake mixes, slices of animal flesh, or processed dairy and or egg products.

First of all, the term organic is a relatively recent invention. It was coined in the late 1930s when the world of agriculture had turned to using the leftover products from the war for crop production. Prior to that time most every crop was already organic.

Organic really implies that the food was raised without artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and other products that have a direct affect on the food. This doesn't mean that the crop is totally raised naturally but that the 'cides that are used on the crop are of an organic nature.

I saw an ad in a magazine that was advertising wine. The top of the ad said that prior to 1945 everything was organic. Wine is not a food or a drink that is really important to the nutritional state of humans so it's not really important if wine is organic or not since it is already a poison. It doesn't matter if a poison was created in a less poison environment because it can't really get less poison than poisonous.

The other foods certainly do make a difference. Unfortunately when dealing with processed foods or animal foods, organics really loses most of it's meaning. The idea behind organics is to have food that is as close to the way nature would have created it in the first place.

Processed food and animal products are already foods(?) that have been modified from what nature provides for humans and therefore using the term organic to describe them is not really in the spirit of the intention of the term. In these cases it is more being used as a marketing term and not a term to describe how close the food comes to being grown in nature.

In general when I select foods to consume I will opt for the organic version as often as is practical. When the price is totally outrageous for the organic variety for example of blueberries I will either pass on them or occasionally I will opt for the conventional variety. A good compromise is buying from the farmers at the local farmer's markets who assure me that they do not use any pesticides on their produce.

These methods are acceptable to me since I feel the pesticides used on the plant are more likely to cause problems with my health than the fertilizers, which the plant can 'choose' which part of them it needs and which it doesn't need. Plants will naturally grow roots towards the minerals and organic products it needs in the ground and away from the products it doesn't need or which can be harmful to the plant.

The most important point I wish to make in this post is that we actually need to seek out and pay extra for organic foods these days while from the beginning of time until about 1939 or so there was nothing but organics available for our consumption. Does this make any sense? Why isn't it the other way around and we grow everything organic and take a small percentage of the food and grow it in a 'conventional' way and charge extra for that? Doesn't that make more sense? If people take a liking to toxins in their food grown in an extremely unsustainable way they should be able to choose these but to force this on the entire population is outrageous.