Friday, May 6, 2011

What Foods are Most Difficult to Quit?

Foods are some of the most difficult things to break addictions to. Most people would say that drugs or love or some other behavior is most addictive but in reality foods are the most addictive.

In one of my previous posts I discussed opioids in foods and why they are so addictive. With this post I am updating that and giving out real world data which I have noticed.

I recently joined a community on one of the Islands in Hawaii. The members there are all supposed to be consuming a fresh, whole, ripe, raw and vegan diet. I have not spent a lot of time with the other members but I have already come to a conclusion of which foods are most difficult to give up.

Some people would think it was the ones containing opioids like dairy, breads and meat. I'm sure some of the members are partaking in these foods when they are off of the community property but there are other foods that each and every single member still consumes even while they are on the community property.

Which foods are they? Some people call these the excitotoxins, others call them condiments. The foods that seem to be consumed by every single member of the community are totally vegan, totally raw but also totally poison and dangerous to our health.

These are foods like garlic and all of it's relatives such as onions, spices, radishes, spicy peppers, ginger, etc. Not only do I see them physically consuming these foods but I can smell it on their body sometimes as long as 3 to 4 days after they consumed them.

Anything that your body spends several days trying to remove just can not be helping create better health. The body will not use so much precious energy to remove the toxin if it was alright for your health. There is just no way possible that these foods are good for our health.

The other reason which certainly indicates that these are unhealthy foods is that they all have a very strong and horrible taste. Give these foods to a newborn baby and they will reject them. Give them to a wild animal and they too will totally reject them.

Only people who are still addicted to these foods can still consume them. Once someone has created a healthy environment in their body they will also reject these foods and will no longer be able to consume them due to their terrible taste.

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