Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it Comfort Food or Discomfort Food?

plate of comfort food
Many people have heard of the term "Comfort Food". Usually the foods that come to mind are the traditional standard foods that many people consume often. These foods include things like casseroles, which are generally made with animal meats and potatoes or some kind of pasta, roast beef sandwiches, cornbread, all the way to simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Most of the foods that are considered Comfort Foods are poorly combined and full of processed and extremely toxic substances. In general they contain the foods that are addictive like dairy, meat and grains. These are the foods that contain opioids which are opium-like substances that act on the brain and nervous system in the same way that opium does.

This is probably why these foods are considered comfort foods. They will leave most people who eat them in a very comfortable state. A very comfortably numb state is a better description of the situation.

Actually when these opioids act on the nervous system they cause a feeling of well bring and drown out the emotions, both positive and negative emotions. We are left in a complete state of unemotional numbness.

Most people do not consider themselves drug addicts but those who continue to allow their addiction to comfort foods to continue are just that, drug addicts. They use food as their drug.

For some people this addiction is so powerful that they need to go through therapy to be able to get off the addiction. Don't be too upset if you are attempting to stop eating these kinds of foods and always find yourself returning to them. It is a difficult habit to break.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that for every time that someone numbs them self with their food, there is a time when their body needs to recover from the numbing and they will suffer a higher than normal emotional experience. This can often lead to unexpected consequences such as being very happy or sad unexpectedly.

People who experience these periods have an erratic personality with emotional highs and lows instead of a more constant even personality having a better understanding of their emotions.

Try to refrain from the usual comfort foods and see how much better life is when you experience it real time. Handling life is just much easier when you do not need to get high or low on opioids. Have a bunch of bananas instead.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Natural Hygiene and Pets

raw food for dogs
I learned about natural hygiene about 5 years ago. At the time I realised that it was the way of nature and that following the laws of nature was the best thing a human can do. It is very powerful and freeing to understand that everything in nature is self-healing, that includes the ever fragile environment, biodiversity on the planet and of course our own health.

All of the benefits that come to nature in general will be enjoyed by everyone who gets as close to nature as they can. As long as we follow the laws of nature we will reap a benefit.

It wasn't until I heard about a dog that belonged to my brother who was put to death because it was suffering from cancer that I associated the treatment of pets with natural hygiene. I did not see the correlation between humans and pets until that day.

Most people who own a pet will usually follow the standard protocol and simply treat it the same way the majority of the people treat their pets. This usually includes the feeding of off the shelf pet foods available in supermarkets and pet food stores, or even at veterinarian's offices.

Even many people who follow the natural hygienic lifestyle continue to feed their pets these very toxic and health destroying foods. Most of the food sold for the consumption of pets are made with profit in mind. They use very low quality ingredients and are extremely processed. In fact most of these foods are made with waste products from other industries. It is a rather easy way to get rid of the waste products and earn money off of it at the same time.

These companies use marketing to get their products sold to people who purchase them without understanding the serious consequences that feeding such low quality food to their pets is doing to them.

A bowl of unknown brown color pellets doesn't resemble anything ever seen in nature, yet the package they are sold in highlights how healthy and nutritious the food is for our pets. People see their pet consume these foods and assume that their pet is enjoying the taste and they believe all of the market hype and assume their pet is getting the nutrients it needs.

Of course this is all incorrect. Nowhere in nature is there a pellet with all the necessary nutrients for an animal of any kind. In nature every single species of animals has it's most appropriate food and that food is never found in a bag or box of any other sort of container. Never are there vitamins or minerals added to any of these foods.

For example a cat would track down and eat rodents in nature. This is one of the natural foods for a cat. It would eat the entire rodent from head to toe. Nothing would go to waste. Even the contents of the rodent's digestive system would be consumed by the cat.

A dog on the other hand has a little more complex diet and would eat plant based foods as well as some small animals. Again they would eat the entire animal from head to toe with everything in between.

Every species in nature has it's specific diet and in order to thrive they need to consume their natural diet. If you have a pet, know someone who has one or are planning to get one please make sure that at the very least it is getting the foods that it would be consuming in nature.

Try doing some research on the BARF diet for dogs or the equivalent for whatever other pet you have.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eating the Diet that Our Body was Specifically Designed for is Weird

There is an insurmountable amount of evidence that the diet a human body was designed for is just as some of the other blog entries here have discussed in detail. That is one that is nearly totally comprised of raw, ripe, organic, fresh, fruits and vegetables that are eaten one type at a time to satiate hunger and only when hungry. This is a simple way to put it, but it is also a simple diet that was available for us when we first arrived on this planet.

I won’t go into all of the evidence but I would like to mention some of it. For example we are closest in our genetics to the primates. In fact the chimpanzee or to be more specific, the bonobo chimpanzee has nearly 99% of the same genetics as humans.

When these animals are observed in the wild, when they have sufficient varieties of food and there are no external influences such as human activity, they will eat a diet that is practically all composed of fruits and vegetables and some insects. They rarely, but occasionally will hunt for animals but this behavior is not common and the percentage of calories that is from animal fare is close to negligible in their overall diet. Over 95% of their daily amount of calories comes from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

The human body can not handle a diet that is comprised of more than a single digit percentage of calories from fat. This is a scientific and anecdotal fact. In western cultures where the diet is high in fats the amount of heart disease is much higher than in populations with a diet that has a much lower percentage of fat calories. In fact heart disease wouldn’t exist if people had stuck to the original diet that they were designed for.

Many of the institutions of the study of health recommend a diet that is low in fat, most recommend a single digit percentage of calories from fat. The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Association, The American Diabetes Association all recommend a diet that derives little of it’s calories from fat. A diet such as one very low in fat is known to reverse these diseases, and prevent them if they did not already exist.

There are several well known doctors such as Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Fuhrman, and others that all recommend a low fat diet that gets less than or equal to ten percent of it’s calories from fat in order to reverse heart disease and stay healthy.

T. Colin Campbell, a highly renowned scientist in the field of nutrition recommends a low fat diet also. His studies have shown that a diet that is high in protein is carcinogenic. Generally when a food is high in protein, it is also high in fat, unless of course the food is highly processed. Natural foods which contain a lot of protein also contain a lot of fat.

These are just a small number of reasons why the human body is designed to thrive on a very low fat diet. There are many more reasons, but in a short blog post there is not enough space to go into a lot of detail.

Since the human body is designed to consume a low fat diet then it follows that the best foods for humans are those that have sufficient calories to maintain our weight and to accomplish our daily tasks but do not contain a lot of fat. The only foods that nature provided for us that fit these requirements are fresh fruits. Vegetables are very high quality foods and do not contain a lot of fat but they are lacking in calories.

Animal foods such as flesh, eggs, and dairy, all contain more than the recommended amount of fat and are overall a poor supply of vitamins compared to fruit. They also are void of fiber, which is a requirement for the human digestive system to function correctly.

There is one more type of food group which might be a good candidate for a human diet and that is starches. Starches are found in root vegetables such as potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, yams, etc. They are also found in grains such as rice, wheat, rye, barley, and all the others. Beans and legumes also contain a lot of starches but they also contain a lot of protein which when combined with starches cause dificulty in digestion, this is why bean eaters are known to pass gas.

Why are starches not a suitable part of the human diet? First of all they are nearly impossible to consume without heat. In fact potatoes are considered poisonous until they are heated. Grains also are difficult if not impossible to digest without heating them. Since humans arrived on the planet without heating utensils or even the ability to produce a fire that was under control it is highly unlikely that the human body was designed to exist on these foods. Were humans supposed to fast for as long as it took to develop the skills to heat food? I don’t think so, no humans were consuming the easy to digest and easy to find fruits and vegetables for millions of years before the invention of and control of fire occurred.

Besides this, the human body has little of the enzymes that are needed to digest starches. This is because there are only traces of starches in ripe fruits and that is all that is needed to digest this little amount.

Now that the evidence has shown that humans’ natural diet and the foods that the human body was designed for is fruits and vegetables with an occasional nut and seed, why do most humans ingest most of their diet from other foods?

The answer is not simple, there are many reasons but the main reason is that the human population left the fertile tropical regions of the planet and found limited amounts of fruits that were available for consumption. They soon began to experiment with what types of food existed in that part of the world. Eventually they found ways to adapt to the new kinds of foods and ways to prepare them. This however does not mean that the human body and digestive system adapted but that it tolerated the change in diet.

Certainly around that same time there were many changes going on. Agriculture is one thing that was developed. Humans were no longer foraging for food but were now specializing in creating foods for an entire city of humans. There was little high speed transportation available so the shipping of tropical fruits from the tropics to the colder climates was not an option. Humans were not seeking to thrive at that time but to survive. The new foods and the new preparation of foods allowed just that, the survival of humans.

This explains how the human population started to eat foods that were not totally appropriate to them but still managed to survive. Certainly there were obvious changes in the human population such as new diseases that appeared and many other issues but these were overlooked at the time because survival was more important than worrying about a few cases of heart attacks or cancer.

Going back to the original topic, why do humans look at people who consume the diet that their body was designed for as weird while their totally deviant diet that is simply a survival diet seen as not weird? Just because there are huge numbers of humans eating the survival diet does not make it weird of someone doing what the human body was designed to do.

What do you think?

Circumcision : Healthy and Hygienic or Mutilation?

baby holding finger up

After nearly 3 years I finally got around to the whole circumcision debate. It’s quite a hot topic to many people because this procedure is very common for certain religious affiliations. To the best of my knowledge, both Jews and Muslims require that all males have this procedure at a certain time in their life.

Jews actually have a celebration when a child is circumcised, called a brith (pronounced like briss). This ‘celebration’ is usually performed on the 8th day after a male child is born. Often the entire family attends the event and gifts are brought for the victim, I mean child.

Muslims also have a ceremony associated with circumcisions that usually takes place in the first few years of a male child’s life. Some Muslims wait until the child reaches puberty or around the age of 10 to 12 years old to have the procedure.

Many people who are not associated with these religions will still have their child undergo circumcision. The procedure is seen as a way to avoid health problems and as a hygienic necessity. In fact as many as 80% of males in the USA are known to be circumcised.

Is this really a necessity? Does it really promote health in any way? Sadly the answer to both of these questions is no. Similar to many of the other pieces of misinformation that are floating around in society, circumcisions are in no way beneficial to anyone, under any circumstances.

The procedure certainly promotes a solid financial benefit to the doctors and other practitioners (such as the Jewish mohel). It doesn’t have any benefit to the child or receiver of the surgery. In fact it is just a form of mutilation that causes severe pain to the victim as well as long term psychological damage.

An 8 day old child is certainly not prepared to go through the pain and agony of having it’s most intimate part of it’s body mutilated. Especially not in front of many unfamiliar people, by a complete stranger. A young child is expecting to be held and nurtured as much as 24 hours a day.

In fact there is no part of the human body that doesn’t have a purpose. Scientists and doctors seem to believe that we have many extraneous parts on the body that have no purpose. Nature is not going to create anything on the body that has no purpose. Everything is there for a reason. The exact reason is not always obvious, but there is always a purpose for every part of our body.

Studies have shown that men who have their foreskin intact enjoy sex better than those who have been circumcised. Also their partner’s have more pleasure and less pain. The female vagina has been designed to accomodate a penis that still has the foreskin attached and not one that has been mutilated.

In fact some women experience severe pain and actually have their vaginas damaged by having sex with a man who has been circumcised. Nature is not flawed, nature is perfect, there are no extra body parts in any natural being.

If you are a believer in one of the religions that has the ritual of circumcision or if you are planning to have a child or already have a male child that has not been circumcised, please consider not performing this barbaric mutilation on your child. He will thank you in the future for your consideration.

Ways to Get Sunshine When There is None

cartoon sun

Sunshine is an important nutrient for optimal health. A healthy person with healthy skin and who is on a healthy low fat and low toxin diet needs to get solar exposure. The problem lies in having little access to the sun during the long winter.

Most of the world population is currently in winter now and therefore are unable to get enough sunshine on their naked skin. The fortunate few who live in the tropics and the southern hemisphere are still bathing in sunshine every day and they don’t need to worry about this until about mid to late June when the seasons reverse. The ones who live in the tropics actually don’t ever need to worry as they have access to sunshine all year around.

There is no trick to getting sunshine. The body actually can store enough vitamin D in the liver to last the entire winter. If there was enough there at the start of winter there would be no problems. This means that you should get enough sunshine while you have it so you can stay healthy during the winter.

Whenever possible and when the sun is shining, even if the temperature is well below the freezing point, get outside and absorb as much as you can. The angle of the sun greatly reduces the intensity in the winter but at least get some exposure to the face and if possible hands, and arms. The reflection from the snow (if there is any) will actually help with this.

Another suggestion is to take a fews days off and go somewhere that has the sunshine and warm weather that delivers the needed vitamins and cleansing activities that only the sun provides. Find a place that your budget can bear and spend as much time outside with as little covering as possible during the times of day when it is safe to be exposed.

These times are usually from sunrise to about 11AM and from 3PM until sunset. As long as the 11AM to 3PM danger zone is avoided, most people can get benefits from being in the sun the rest of the day. Try to stay out of the sun during the 11AM to 3PM period, if that is not possible then cover as much of your body as possible during that time. Wear a hat, a long sleeve shirt and pants until it is past 3PM.

Do not use artificial forms of sunshine such as tanning beds or any other artificial form of exposure. These forms will always do more harm than good. The only natural form of sunshine is actual sunshine.

Just to repeat the best ways to get enough sunshine:

1. When your part of the world is in summer, get as much sunshine as you can during the safe times of the day.

2. When it is winter try to expose as much of your body as possible to sunshine whenever possible at any time of day.

3. If possible, take a vacation to a location where there is a lot more sunshine and spend as much time in the sun as possible during the safe times of the day.

4. Do not, under any circumstances use any kind of artificial lighting or sunshine to replace the sun. It’s better to get no sunshine than to use an artificial source.

See you at the beach!

More People will Change Sex than Diet

fruits and veggies

Even people who are on death’s doorstep and have been advised by physicians, counselors, nutritionists, friends, relatives and even acquaintances that they need to change diets, will not change it. It seems that we generally adapt to a certain routine of nourishment and it is very difficult to modify it.

One of the reasons for this is that many of the foods that people consume are laced with drugs and these drugs are very addictive. For example as was mentioned in older posts here, animal flesh, dairy and grains are all filled with opioids. Processed foods usually also contain many unnatural and addictive ingredients to keep the customers who consume the products coming back for more. Obviously chocolate, coffee and tea are full of caffeine or caffeine-like substances, which is definitely considered a drug.

I was at a local Whole Foods Market the other day and I noticed that they put up a new raw food section in the store. I looked at the foods that they were offering and every single one, 100% of them had garlic in the list of ingredients. Many also contained salt and other toxins. This just reinforces my point that most every food people eat is full of drugs and toxins.

I also hear every few minutes on the radio an advertisement for a surgical method to lose weight. It’s called the lap band which is a surgery that installs a rubber band around the stomach thereby making it’s size smaller and forcing the person to consume less food. In fact nearly every billboard on the freeways of Los Angeles and Orange County, California have an ad for this same procedure.

It seems that people rather have this very dangerous and risky surgery than to make a simple lifestyle or even just dietary change. Eventhough the people who have had this surgery do not look healthy at all, I still see so many ads for the surgery that there must be a lot of demand for it.

I don’t know what the statistics are for sex or gender changes but I’m quite certain that more people have sex or gender changes than change their diet to a healthier one. Certainly there are people who change to a less healthy diet but there are few that change their diet to one that is acceptable to their body.

The hardest part of changing diet to a healthy one is the cravings, in many cases people crave their old diet and some in a big way. The only way to beat cravings is to get enough of the right foods and all of the other requirements such as sleep, exercise, sunshine, and the others. If all habits are good ones the transition will be easier. As one gets closer to their goals they will find it easier and easier to stay on track and the cravings will disappear.

Who Really Owns the Hollywood Studios?

Coming off a new year and all I had a lot of time on my hands when I was away on holidays. I was in Thailand for a couple of weeks with access to a DVD player. As most people know first run movies can be purchased on the streets of Bangkok for about $1 or so. I suppose the legitamite DVD distributers know this and correspondingly reduce the prices on their legal DVDs.

I was able to pick up many older but still quite good movies for about $2.50 each. I managed to see about 15 movies that were produced in the late 90s to the middle of the last decade. I also saw a couple of the currently showing films in the theaters.

The one thing I noticed about all of these movies was that there is an awful amount of tobacco smoking displayed on screen. In fact, out of about 16 or 17 movies that I saw, only 1 did not have any tobacco smoking scenes in it at all.

In most of the movies the cigarette smokers were the main stars of the movie. Regardless of them being male or female, the likelyhood of the main star of the movie smoking cigarettes was quite high.

In some of the movies the brand of cigarette was very prominent but most of the time the brand was not easy to see. It seemed like the star of the movie would glamorize smoking by lighting up when things started to look up for them. In a few cases the star would smoke when things went wrong to drown their sorrows.

Most of these movies were not rated adult or restricted, in fact none of them were so rated. A couple even were aimed at children and still depicted main characters who lit up cigarettes.

There are many studies that can be found online that link the glamorization of smoking in the movies with an increase in teenage and adolescent smoking. All this is known and still about 99% of the movies show some or even a lot of smoking.

This can only mean one thing, and that is big tobacco owns or has a significant investment in the Hollywood studios.

Many of the popular movie stars support a lot of the public awareness campaigns, yet they still smoke on screen. The only answer I can see is that big tobacco is pulling the strings and nobody else can veto them.

In fact only about 25 to 30% of the population smoke but close to 95% of the Hollywood movies that I saw over the last 2 weeks showed a major role smoking. No, not all of the actors were smoking but enough of the main characters and important characters were.

I already do not spend much money on seeing movies, but now I really feel like any money that goes to the Hollywood studios is going directly into the pockets of big tobacco. I will limit or even totally boycott movies unless I know beforehand that there will not be any glamorization of smoking tobacco in the film. Is anyone with me on this?

Where Would You Rather Be?

cartoon of man on toilet

I was just thinking back of one of my coworkers and friends from a few years ago who was not all that healthy. In fact his health was so poor at the time I am thinking of, that he has now passed away, actually he passed away in 2008.

I did not know at the time that he had developed cancer and it was spreading throughout his body. I don’t even think he knew about the cancer yet as I later found some evidence of the timing of when he was diagnosed on his computer. I found this when I was tasked with executing some of the software that he used to execute when he was out on sickleave.

I was already on the natural hygiene lifestyle at that time and it is quite obvious to the people who sit near me that I live a very different lifestyle from most people. While others have a burger and fries or pizza for lunch, or at least bring in some leftovers in tupperware and heat them up in the micro-cancer machine, I always have farm fresh ripe organic fruits in quantities that most standard eaters wouldn’t consume in a month’s time.

Of course my diet came up in our conversation once in a while. He was kind of interested and once made the comment that if he would adopt my diet that he would be in the toilet all day long. I did tell him that I too had a similar issue at the very beginning and still do get a day here or there where something I ate caused me to spend a little more time in the toilet than usual, but these periods all passed very quickly and about 99% of the time I have no problems whatsoever with my toilet habits.

In fact when I think back of the days when I was still consuming the standard western style diet, I had a lot more problems than I do now. I used to have difficulty moving my bowels at times and in the late 1980’s I developed a case of ulcerative colitis.

All that I meant was that if he did switch to a natural hygienic style lifestyle and diet that the time where he had issues with toilet habits would quickly pass. In fact many people do not even have any issues with it at all and the ones who do find that they resolve quite quickly. In fact a couple of days to maybe a week is the average time that someone who switches to a natural hygienic style diet will have any such issues.

In his case the alternative to surviving a couple of days ‘in the toilet’ to where he is now, in his grave for eternity, I think I would prefer the former. What about you?

Diet Soda - Perfect Name!

can of diet soda

… if they stopped after the first 3 letters (die soda). The majority of these fantastic money making drinks contain artificial sweeteners which have been linked to as many as 100 different diseases from cancer to skin lesions and neurological problems.

I think more people are addicted to the diet versions of these drinks than the original sugar laced versions. One of the reasons for this is that many people believe that the word diet on the name of the product indicates that they will not gain weight from using them. The facts are the opposite however because the chemicals used to sweeten these products actually cause the person who uses them to crave more and more calories and they therefore gain a lot more weight than someone who consumes the regular sugar filled product from the same company.

The chemicals contained in these products are more habit forming than the known street drugs such as opium, heroin, and cocaine. At least when people use these street drugs they are known to have an illness and society provides help for them so they can withdraw from them. People who consume diet beverages are generally not considered ill and therefore their addiction goes on undetected, at least undetected by most of the world. Nobody ever was admitted to a detox facility for diet soda use.

These consumers will just continue their habit of using these legal chemicals until they get really sick and are finally forced to do something about it. By this time many of their organs and tissues will have irreversible damage and they might have a number of tumors and other illnesses that are known to be caused by these products.

Some of the most common symptoms from consumption of diet soda, which have been reported to the FDA (food and drug administration in the US) are: headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, weight gain, rashes, depression, fatigue, irritability, tachycardia, insomnia, vision problems, hearing loss, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, loss of taste, tinnitus, vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain.

A few of the illnesses that have been known to be caused by diet soda are: brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s, mental retardation, lymphoma, birth defects, fibromyalgia, and diabetes.

The sweeteners used in these products are known as excitotoxins. This term means that they cause the cells of the brain to fire incontrollably and eventually cause the cells to die prematurely due to overusage. This causes millions of brain and nervous system cells to die. Eventually the consumer will exhibit neurological symptoms that can not be reversed.

A few years ago a woman whose family was consuming a large amount of these diet sodas did a simple experiment on two groups of rats. One of the groups was fed their normal diet with water and the other group was fed the same food but the water was mixed with the sweetener used in diet sodas. After several months of the experiment she found that the group of rats that were consuming the sweetener with the water had many more times the number of health problems than the non sweetener consuming group. Many had huge visible tumors and most of them did not survive as long as the non-sweetener consuming counterparts.

Evidence that Diseases are Not Genetic

strand of DNA

As promised in a post a little while ago, here is the continuation of the theme. In the previous post I just touched on the fact that most if not all of the serious illnesses (both acute and chronic) that people eventually get inflicted with are not genetic but are actually due to the patient’s lifestyle. A partial list of the most common illnesses includes heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, gout, obesity, Alzheimer’s, digestive disorders, almost all of the newly named diseases such as ADHD, bi-polar disorder etc.

A recent discovery that links most of the known illnesses that people become afflicted with is inflammation. Inflammation is a condition where tissue or organs become swollen, filled with blood or other fluids, and the tissue becomes less capable of doing it’s designated function.

The known cause of inflammation is from irritation. The irritation is caused by substances that have been introduced to the body which are not compatible with the human body. These substances include the usual foods that most of the world population eat on a daily basis. The types of food which cause inflammation are all cooked foods, animal derived foods such as meats, dairy products and eggs, grain based foods such as breads, cereals, rice, beans, condiments such as vinegar, salt, pepper, spices, processed foods like white or brown sugars and trans fats, pasteurized foods, etc.

Slowly the medical community is finding that inflammation is the underlying cause of more and more known diseases. Eventually the facts will be known that nearly all of the diseases known to man will have some sort of inflammation associated with them. Once this is accepted by the medical community, then and finally then the stupidity of genetics being the cause of disease will be dropped and the real cause of inflammation (which in turn is caused by diet and lifestyle) will be accepted as the cause.

For those of you who are interested in this important topic, there are many articles available to be read online about this subject. I will not display the links here, I will leave it to you to do your own searches. If you need some guidance, please leave me a comment and I can help guide your searches.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is Eating a Cooked Vegan Diet Really Vegan?

plate of tempeh

There hasn’t been much controversy for a while on this blog so I decided to stir the pot (no pun intended) a little. I occasionally follow some of the cooked vegan recipe and restaurant blogs. I used to consume cooked vegan food and still enjoy seeing what that segment of the world is up to.

I have seen many of the foods that are used in vegan cuisine and these include things like tofu, tempeh, many different gluten based products, soy beans, corn products, and several ‘chemicals’ such as the seaweed known as carageenan. These are regular parts of most vegan cooked meals. Certainly there are many cooked vegan food eaters out there who will never consume these and instead eat whole foods, but many continue to eat the above foods and still consider themselves to be vegan.

These foods are totally derived from plants. That is not the issue here at all. These foods are not at all natural or whole in any way and are extremely processed. They are not healthy at all as only whole foods which are eaten as they are found in nature are healthy for a human body. This also is not an issue as most of these cooked vegan food eaters do not concern themselves with their health but only with the moral and ethical stance they take on causing the suffering of animals for their diet.

Unfortunately in trying to eat a diet that is consistent with their ethics and morals they are often overlooking many things. These foods are all made with excess production from the very same industries which are causing the suffering of animals on this planet. What does this mean? I will give an example. Tofu, for example (as well as tempeh), has soybeans as a main ingredient. The reason why soybeans are grown by most farmers is as a feed for farm animals. Whatever amount is leftover from their production of animal feed is used for human consumption.

When people demand foods that are made with soybeans such as tofu and tempeh, they are adding money to the pockets of the animal farmer’s and the suppliers of the feeds to keep the animals fed. The same farmers who sell soybeans to the feedlots also supply the soybeans for tofu and tempeh production. In fact soybeans and soybean oils are used in many foods and products besides tofu and tempeh, but these two foods consist of mainly soybeans.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of economics will understand that creating alternative methods to sell your product is always a good thing to producers. There is also a term called ‘economies of scale’ which brings down the production costs to the producer when the demand for his products goes up. This will help the producer’s bottom line or profit. He will be able to produce more product for less money and therefore earn more money.

Hopefully you now see that eating tofu and other soybean products is not vegan at all but actually contributing the the suffering of animals, almost as much as actually eating the animals. The same is true for the other kinds of feed that are fed to farm animals. This includes the poor quality corn products that are used in things like cornbreads, and many baked and highly processed foods that contain cornstarch and corn oil. Fresh raw corn on the cob is not contributing to the suffering of animals because it is not what is used to feed the farm animals. It is mainly the GMO starchy corn that has no sweet taste to a human that is used. Some animals are also fed wheat, which again is another food that is often processed into vegan ‘meats’.

Carageenan is a chemical that is derived from a seaweed. It is used as a thickener and a filler in many of the fake meaty products that vegans like to eat. It is also known as a vegan product. Is it really vegan however? Carageenan is used to bring on the symptoms of ulcerative colitis in animals. This is the main reason why the product was invented. It was also discovered that it is a great thickener for vegan foods and therefore it’s excess is sold to vegan food factories. This is exactly the same situation as the soybeans. This is a chemical that is used to cause the suffering of laboratory animals. In fact the laboratory animals must endure more abuse than even the farm (factory farm) animals.

In effect vegans who eat the myriad of non-whole food vegan foods are indirectly contributing to the suffering of animals. Unfortunately they will argue that they eat 100% vegan so that they do not cause the suffering of animals but looking a little more closely one can see that they are totally mistaken.