Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Vegans Appear to be Manipulative

This post is not really related to Natural Hygiene but in a way it is because the best diet for natural hygiene is a strictly vegan diet. Many vegans and vegan groups are criticized for being too manipulative or even extreme.

Ask any typical meat eater and they often say that they would be interested in hearing what vegans have to say but that they find them too extreme in their politics and tactics.

Certainly some of the vegan organizations are too extreme. Some will go to any extent to make their point, even to do illegal activities. I do not support doing anything illegal to make a point regardless of the situation.

The reason why vegans and vegan organizations must be very forceful and do activities that seem to be extreme is because they are speaking for those who can not speak for themselves. If animals had the ability to speak the entire animal products industry will cease to exist.

An analogy of this is like having a large family and many of your family members are either mentally retarded or unable to speak or communicate the way other humans do. They can not tell anyone when they are happy or sad, when they feel comfortable or feel pain, when they are scared or worried, etc.

The animals of this planet are exactly like this, they are a living breathing and feeling beings but they do not communicate in human languages. Each animal has it's own developed mental and physical strengths which it needs for the environment it evolved into. Humans have their own strengths which are different than the ones of animals.

These beings share this planet with us and are here for other purposes than to be a commodity for human industry and entertainment. If they can not speak for themselves then someone who is human must speak for them.

These humans who speak for animals are called vegans. Before laws were changed allowing slaves to be free, these humans were treated the same as animals are today, eventhough they could speak and communicate with others.

Vegans are not too extreme or manipulative at all, in fact all people who abuse animals by wearing their skins, eating parts of them, or are abusive in any other way to animals need to listen to the spokespeople of the animals.

Just like the trend in laws for protecting humans continues to evolve so will the trend protecting human's cousins, the animals.

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