Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everyone is a Protein Expert!

Most vegans, vegetarians, and of course lfrv dieters know full well the number one question received from SAD dieters is "where do you get your protein?"

It seems like the world is full of protein experts who are so sophisticated and educated that they have this very important question on their minds. They are so proud of themselves when they ask this question because they are certain it will stump the vegans and vegetarians.

It's never "where do you get your amino acids?" which by the way would be much more appropriate as the human body is not able to use whole proteins at all. The proteins must be broken down into the amino acids that they are made of.

In fact the majority of protein that the SAD eaters consume is nearly impossible to break down into it's component amino acids because the protein was cooked. Most of the bonds (a very difficult word for most SAD eaters) become more difficult to separate and the body is not equiped with the right enzymes and digestive juices to do the job.

The amino acids become fused together and the whole protein is unusable. This causes major problems for the body since the protein is no longer useful it must be eliminated by the body. The cooked proteins usually wind up in the colon where there are billions of tiny life forms who also try to break the toxic mess down into more useable components.

This toxic product is not a welcome food for the healthy bacteria in the colon so the bad or dangerous bacteria start to reproduce like crazy. These bad bacteria will eventually consume the toxic proteins but at the same time they produce some toxic products of their own. Some of these toxic products are carcenogenic to humans, which explains why so many unsuspecting SAD eaters eventually get colon cancer.

I would assume these SAD eaters would at least know that the protein that they eat is not helping them stay healthy at all. It is in fact hurting them. Of course not all of the protein they consume is sent to the colon, some of it leaks into the bloodstream through the digestive system. This is commonly known as "leaky gut".

When this unuseable deranged protein gets into the blood it can cause worse symptoms than if it stays in the colon. In the blood it is now seen as a pathogenic invader. The various immune systems in the body will react to the protein and start an attack. There will be a huge increase of white blood cells and many other immune cells to try to destroy this invader.

This can cause several acute and chronic problems, some of which are leukemia, allergies, lupus, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Of course these protein experts should have already known about all of this since they are self proclaimed protein experts.

The funny thing I found about these protein experts is that they don't seem to know the answer to one of the simplest questions I can think of in regards to protein. There is no mystery about this question at all, in fact it can be measured nearly any day and the results always come out the same. The question I have is: "how much protein is in human mother's breast milk?"

Not one of these protein experts ever knows the answer to that one. In fact that would be the first question on the protein expert exam. If you can't answer that unbiased and simple question about protein, then you probably have no right to ask another question with respect to protein. The protein experts who think they are so intelligent throwing out 'the' protein question can't even answer a truly simple question about protein. It's no wonder they call them SAD eaters!

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