Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More People will Change Sex than Diet

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Even people who are on death’s doorstep and have been advised by physicians, counselors, nutritionists, friends, relatives and even acquaintances that they need to change diets, will not change it. It seems that we generally adapt to a certain routine of nourishment and it is very difficult to modify it.

One of the reasons for this is that many of the foods that people consume are laced with drugs and these drugs are very addictive. For example as was mentioned in older posts here, animal flesh, dairy and grains are all filled with opioids. Processed foods usually also contain many unnatural and addictive ingredients to keep the customers who consume the products coming back for more. Obviously chocolate, coffee and tea are full of caffeine or caffeine-like substances, which is definitely considered a drug.

I was at a local Whole Foods Market the other day and I noticed that they put up a new raw food section in the store. I looked at the foods that they were offering and every single one, 100% of them had garlic in the list of ingredients. Many also contained salt and other toxins. This just reinforces my point that most every food people eat is full of drugs and toxins.

I also hear every few minutes on the radio an advertisement for a surgical method to lose weight. It’s called the lap band which is a surgery that installs a rubber band around the stomach thereby making it’s size smaller and forcing the person to consume less food. In fact nearly every billboard on the freeways of Los Angeles and Orange County, California have an ad for this same procedure.

It seems that people rather have this very dangerous and risky surgery than to make a simple lifestyle or even just dietary change. Eventhough the people who have had this surgery do not look healthy at all, I still see so many ads for the surgery that there must be a lot of demand for it.

I don’t know what the statistics are for sex or gender changes but I’m quite certain that more people have sex or gender changes than change their diet to a healthier one. Certainly there are people who change to a less healthy diet but there are few that change their diet to one that is acceptable to their body.

The hardest part of changing diet to a healthy one is the cravings, in many cases people crave their old diet and some in a big way. The only way to beat cravings is to get enough of the right foods and all of the other requirements such as sleep, exercise, sunshine, and the others. If all habits are good ones the transition will be easier. As one gets closer to their goals they will find it easier and easier to stay on track and the cravings will disappear.

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