Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Natural Urges

I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss a bit about the reasons why so many people are overweight and obese. In a pure and natural world which is the one our body was developed in and developed for there are very few ways to get fat or obese.

There were no stores, bakeries, no offers from marketing companies, there were no shelves filled with inappropriate foods that do not belong in our bodies. In a natural world we would need to seek out the foods that we know are tasty and appropriate for our body.

This would entail a lot of walking and hiking up and down hills, through meadows and rain forests. We would probably need to even wade through some water or maybe even swim once in a while to get where we need to go.

There would be animals all around, some of which might be a threat to us. We would have to avoid them or run from them. This would help get exercise where today we just hop in the car and drive to the corner to get our food.

The foods of nature look very different from the ones people eat today. There are no cooked or processed foods in nature at all. Even fatty foods like nuts and seeds are difficult to get in large quantities in nature since they usually are in a shell that takes a lot of effort to open.

Avocados are also a fatty food but they do not ripen on the tree and we would need to pick them or take them from the ground and wait several days until they soften. The way nature has made it is that these trees would be quite sparse compared to the more easily accessible sweet fruits. They also are not very sweet so they wouldn't satisfy our sweet tooth.

During the time we would be seeking our nutrition it would usually be sunny or at least overcast and we would be getting all the sunshine we need. Sometimes it will be raining and those days will be much needed to avoid getting too much sunshine.

Our natural urges would be to gather as much high dense, high calorie foods that we can find. This would lead to a lot of sweet dense fruit in nature, such as bananas, mangoes, papayas, jackfruit, durian, and other sweet tropicals. Occasionally we would eat avocados or nuts but these are difficult to find and to get to the edible part so most of the time we will keep searching for the sweet fruit.

In the modern unnatural world we have way too many unnatural things to eat and choose from. We still have the same instinctive urges to get the highest most dense and calorie filled foods but now we have no jungle to find them in but we have restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, meat markets and our own homes.

Our instincts have not adjusted to this change. The environment is totally changed. It's a wonder that there are even any people who are not obese. I suppose there are some people who have experienced some serious illnesses and have learned to avoid the urges. Others are motivated by strong performance in their sport or they are just very interested in health and the natural way of life.

Next time you have the urge to fill yourself up with high density food like whipped cream covered cheesecake, think about why you have these urges and what they used to mean before the advent of our modern society.

Follow the urges but with natural foods like bananas and mangoes and you will be grateful. Your health will improve exponentially. Reach for the bag of bananas instead of the chocolate cake and ice cream.

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