Saturday, February 26, 2011

Isn't it Funny How People Are?

I find it very amusing how people behave, especially when it comes to diet. People who eat a certain diet, which of course is always the best diet in the world, will recommend to others to eat the same way that they do.

Why is this so? I suppose it is because people are so insecure that they need to see others doing the same as them in order for them to feel like what they are doing is okay. If they can convince others to do as they are doing it must be right.

I see so many people who are 'experts' in one diet or another who recommend the diet that they eat. What made them experts in the first place is that they started to eat that diet. It's like a young child strapping on a pair of ice skates and they fumble around the skating rink, sort of just walking with the skates and after one week he or she is an expert in skating.

The majority of these experts are really just that, someone who tried a diet for a period of time and after a week, a month or in some cases maybe a year or so they are now the world's expert on diet and everything ever known about diet and nutrition is second nature to them.

They have such a huge ego that they 'know' their trial of a diet is the best and only valuable diet for any human on the planet. If they felt a bit sick or something just wasn't right at the beginning they would make a slight change, such as adding in some goat milk or raw meat and suddenly everything is back to 100%, eventhough it takes decades or even a lifetime of consuming a diet before one can have any idea of it's real value.

Why do people behave this way? Why can't they just study nutrition, observe humans on different diets, look in the world of nature and see what other similar species to humans are eating and absorb objective information before they start rambling on about how their diet is the best in the world, when it is really their ego that is the biggest in the world.

Most people in the western world were raised on a similar diet that includes meat, dairy, grains and lots of processed junk food. Most of these diet experts were successful in reducing some of the really health destroying food groups but were still addicted to some of the others. This of course allows them to make the claim that they are consuming the best diet in the world, when they know full well that they still consume a lot of very bad foods.

Let's analyze these clowns and understand that they are not making diet recommendations based on true health but based on their own addictions. If they say that they 'reduced' the meat or dairy in their diet read that as they are still addicted to meat and dairy. Eliminating meat and dairy is one huge step beyond where they dared to go.

If they say that eating 75% raw is all that is needed, this can be interpreted as them saying that they are still addicted to cooked foods and eating 100% raw is way better than eating 75%. If they say that some condiment is okay to consume but in a small amount, such as sodium, garlic, onions, etc. take that as meaning the best diet has zero condiments but they themselves are still addicted to these condiments.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Diet Dogma

One of the most amazing things about humans and human cultures is that a person's diet is extremely sacred to them. In fact many more people will change nearly anything in their life before they will change their diet. You can refer to my post about more people changing sex than diet for more references.

What a person eats is like their persona. It is part of their life. It is similar to the features of their face and body. Over the course of their life they developed a certain style of eating and they know that it is the only one that works for them.

I watch people who put condiments on their food even before they taste it to see if it needs any condiments. I watch people who eat a certain food every day and after eating it they complain how sick it makes them, but then they will repeat the same behavior the very next day.

It's almost as if the food causes a memory lapse. Then there are the adventurous eaters who are willing and ready to try almost anything anytime. If they see the menu lists something that they never tried before it will certainly be on the top of their order.

Some of the least suitable foods and most dangerous to the human body are the most popular. Often these foods are full of addictive substances such as opioids. This leaves one to wonder if these eaters are really enjoying the food or are they just addicted to the substances.

Added to all this are the various cultures of the world. Every culture, religion, ethnicity, nationality, province, state, city, county, region, area, creed, family, etc. have their own dietary guidelines that must be observed. Obviously these are the best dietary guidelines in the world and there is no reason to stray from them.

Even those people who obviously are seriously hurting themselves with their diet such as the severly obese and overweight, those with reversible diseases such as type II diabetes, elevated cholesterol readings, heart problems, digestive tract problems, arthritis, and many others will not ever consider that they have caused their own illnesses and could reverse them just by changing their diet.

In fact many more people are open to new concepts in many aspects of their life such as trying a new career out, moving to a new city, state or even country, even accepting a new religion but most will not ever consider a change in diet except possibly for a very short time as in a 30 day period.

Food is much more important to us than it should ever be. It is how we sustain our lives but it should not be part of the very fabric of ourselves. It is playing so many parts in our lives.

Food is our entertainment, it is used to control us, it is used to divide the rich from the poor, it is used as a sport, it is used in countless traditions and ceremonies, it is used as medicine, it is used as a mood adjuster, it is used for communicating with others, it is used for too many things beyond what it is really meant for, which is the daily caloric and nutritional supplement to sustain life.

If food was a scarce commodity like it is for most of the animals that live in nature, we would appreciate it much more for the value it brings to us. We certainly would not be bored of the every day food we eat and we would not be searching for newer and more exotic foods and combinations of foods.

If we needed to actually search for our food and we could only eat when we find it, then all the unnecessary uses of food will instantly go away and humans will again return to the health they once knew.