Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Most Popular Road-side Junk

I don't have the opportunity to walk along the roadside very often but recently I was walking a couple of miles along a two lane road and I saw what most of the garbage along the road is made up of.

I suppose it would be very obvious that a lot of what people throw out from their cars would be. Probably the most likely items would be the wrappers from fast food restaurants.

There was a lot of that. I saw tons of wrappers and drink cups from every known fast food outlet known in the area. By far the most prevalent variety of garbage was the drink cups from all of the fast food outlets.

These were not the number one most popular item. It also was not coffee cups, which were the second most popular item. There were coffee cups from most every place that sells the stuff.

I saw tons of coffee cups from McDonald's, many from Starbucks, a bunch from the corner stores like 7-11 and the like.

The number one most popular trashed item I saw were cigarette packs. In fact there were hundreds and hundreds of cigarette packs all along the highway.

I saw the most popular brands and in all the various varieties. It seems like people addicted to smoking are also addicted to polluting the highways. Not only do they pollute their own body and the air, but they also have the strong urge to pollute our roads and highways with their disposed cigarette packs.

Along with the cigarette packs of course were tons and tons of used cigarette butts. Of course there are heavy taxes on every pack of cigarettes, so these smokers are paying for their addiction in many ways. I don't think that they are paying enough when they leave such a mess around on the roads.

I can see that the taxes are not being used to clean up the sides of the roads which are covered with cigarette packs. I think that maybe this is one thing that needs to be added to the price of a pack of cigarettes.

In fact the price of disposal of everything that is produced needs to be added to its price. Then those funds need to be used to actually clean up and properly dispose of each of these items after they are no longer in use.

What do you think? Do you have an addiction that leaves trash or other traces around?

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