Sunday, September 6, 2015

Food Combing Principles were Debunked Years Ago!

Recently I have been reading articles online about how the food combining rules which most of these articles are not even accurate on, have been debunked and that there is no scientific evidence of it's existence. Other articles have been written by people who either have no training in health or training in health by the pharmaceutical corporations.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned about these articles is that the authors do not seem to be interested in health in the least. From their attitudes and the limited information about them, they all seem to be simply consuming the usual standard western diet that is causing the average person to die of atherosclerosis, cancer and many other chronic and acute diseases. Without being educated in what a healthy human diet is and not following one, how can these people claim to know whether food combining is real or not?

When your food consists of well over 90% cooked foods, animal product foods such as meats, dairy and eggs, processed foods such as breads, cereals, potatoes, rice and limited water filled and fiber filled fresh, raw, ripe fruits and vegetables, it's quite obvious that these people will not be able to sense the difference between eating a healthy properly combined meal versus a pile of junk foods. Having been on the other side of the fence, when I used to eat the standard western diet, I would have agreed with these individuals. I wasn't able to tell if what I ate was well combined or not because my body was just ravaged with the toxic foods that I was eating. After changing my diet to a clean, fresh, raw, ripe, organic and whole fruit and vegetable diet where I eat nearly all of my meals as mono-meals for over 9 years, I certainly can feel the difference between a well combined meal and one which is poorly combined.

You might be asking what do I mean by this? Why would it make a difference when someone is eating a clean diet or a standard western diet to the food combining being correct or incorrect? The food combining will still be either correct or incorrect but the person won't feel the difference until they have been on a healthy near mono-meal diet for some time. The human body has amazing abilities to adapt to very poor situations and sustain that situation. For example when a teenager is about 15 years old and they attend high school, often they are pressured to try smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. For those who have tried these, I'm sure you probably remember your first cigarette or beer. You probably wanted to throw up after the first time you inhaled tobacco smoke or tasted a beer. I sure did. Go to any bar and see men over 18 or 21 depending on the laws in your country and see them drink beer after beer and smoke cigarette after cigarette. Do they feel like throwing up every time they taste the beer or inhale the tobacco smoke? No, they do not because their body has gotten so used to the damaging toxic products coming in every so often that the real sense to make them sick is gone. This is the same for the food combining issue, without being in a healthy state, the body just doesn't create the symptoms of illness when poorly combined foods are consumed.

Healthy people who adhere to a raw, mostly mono-meal diet made up of fresh, ripe, organic and whole fruits and vegetables will always know the difference between a properly combined meal and a poorly combined one. It's like a total layman trying to explain how to fly a rocket-ship through the atmosphere of Earth. Unless they have experience with healthy lifestyles, they really can't be a judge of something that requires a health lifestyle to understand.

These articles mention that there is no scientific evidence to support food combining. Again the science of food combining is overwhelming, elementary chemistry proves that combining 2 chemicals that react violently with each other together in a test tube which is no different than combining them in the stomach results in extremely violent reactions. Mix an alkaline liquid or semi-liquid with an acid liquid and the result is very violent. There will be bubbles, smoke, unrest and the original substances will be converted into other possibly more toxic substances. Don't forget that the stomach also will have several other chemicals in it besides the foods added, it will have various amounts of hydrochloric acid plus several enzymes that will be excreted by glands in the stomach and other organs. This environment can be duplicated in a laboratory and any non-believer could try these experiments themselves. What they will find might surprise them.

One of the reasons used to debunk food combining is that the stomach contains hydrochloric acid which neutralizes everything. First of all the stomach does indeed contain this acid but the amount in an average person's stomach is only 20 to 100ml, and is usually closer to the low end as most people's stomach acid is weak due to their poor diet. This amount of acid is not enough to destroy all of the microbes in the food nor is it going to be able to acidify all of the foods eaten as some of the surfaces of the ingested food will be difficult to reach.

Also, once the food gets into the small bowel it is mixed with sodium bicarbonate, which neutralizes the acid because the small bowel would be damaged by the high acidity of the stomach contents. This is where there are many active microbes which will start to ferment the foods which are only partially digested, as well as putrefy the proteins.

One thing that is true is that the stomach will secrete a package of enzymes to digest whatever is coming into the stomach. The stomach has no idea what is coming in so it just secretes all the enzymes it needs to digest everything. Unfortunately humans were mono-meal eaters for most of their existence and these packets of enzymes were meant to digest one kind of food and not a poorly combined mishmash of foods. This means the packet of digestive enzymes will work for high carbohydrate foods, high fat foods but not work very well for high protein foods. The sub-products of digesting a poorly combined meal will react with some of the other substances in the stomach which would not be present if the foods were eaten as a mono-meal.

If one looks to nature to see what is going on there, which is what a scientist should be doing as nature explains nearly everything about life, we see that it's almost unanimous that every creature on Earth eats mono-meals almost every time. Next time you see a bird that dives into the sea for a fish and then lays it on the ground to go get a worm or another kind of insect, please get a picture so I can update this article. Animals will eat one kind of food until satiation. It's quite obvious that humans, which are another creature on Earth, ate mono-meals at some point and strayed from that to get to the diets of today. Modern diets are so poor that the number one reason why people visit doctors, emergency rooms and medical clinics worldwide is for digestive system issues.

The articles that debunk food combining quote that no intelligent person with credentials ever agrees with food combining. In reality there are hundreds or more extremely intelligent people with tons of credentials who advocate food combining. People like Dr. David Klein, PhD, Zarin Azar, MD, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, MD, all have high credentials from accredited schools. As mentioned earlier, people who follow poor diets will not support food combining because they will have never experienced a smooth digestion that human bodies are meant to have all the time.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why Raw Till 4 is a Bad Idea

About a year ago a new diet (not really a new one but the same old one with a new name) came onto the scene. It was coined by Durianrider and Freelee of Australia. They started a site called 30Bananasaday in the mid 2000's to promote veganism and raw food. The site was run by a group of overzealous young people who listened to everything that the two creators told them. They would ban anyone who posted anything about cooked foods or animal products. Anything that went against their set rules would be removed from the site. If there was a post that criticized any of their made up fairytale diet and health world or them it was soon removed and the poster was banned from the site.

This is the way these two think is the right way to work in the online community. If you don't like something just make it go away. Remove it. Delete it and soon you can go back to the brainwashing and bullying.

In 2011 the Woodstock Fruit Festival was created. It is an event that a runner named Michael Arnstein created to bring people together who either were a part of the raw fruit and vegetable diet community or at least were interested in knowing more about it. There were many people who were invited to this week long festival to be what they referred to as pioneers. Many of these pioneers had very little real world experience and even less real credentials as health practitioners. Some were only trying the diet once in a while and were really not consuming anything close to the diet most of the time but still were invited to be leaders and speakers at the festival. Some of these pioneers were as young as 23 years old and had only started on a raw fruit and vegetable diet maybe 1 year earlier.

In 2013 after Durianrider went to the Woodstock Fruit Festival as a pioneer and then started to promote the use of processed sugars, cooked highly processed junk foods like pizza, white rice and Thai food as a healthy part of a vegan diet the management of the Woodstock Fruit Festival decided to kick Durianrider and Freelee out as pioneers from the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

The couple took this very hard and soon started to bully and lash out at the managers of the Woodstock Fruit Festival who they thought were responsible for their ill fate. They started to create videos on Youtube that showed dirt on people like FullyrawKristina, Doug Graham, and Dan McDonald. They also started to create a lot of new posts on their 30Bananasaday site to make these people look bad.

Not long after all of this they decided to start their own festival in Chiang Mai Thailand called the Raw Till 4 Thai fruit festival. This would be an event that was totally free and would take place over a 2 week period in July 2014. Most of the people at the festival were overweight and several were simply obese. In fact even after over 1 year the same people who were at the first year of the festival were more fat and obese than they were in the first year (year 2 was held in June 2015).

Either these people do not follow the recommended Raw Till 4 diet or there is something very wrong with the diet. Most people who eat a healthy diet (I am just using most to be conservative, it is really all) will see tremendous results in a few weeks and in a few months at most. People who are eating a healthy diet for over a year would certainly show a lot of improvement and start to look much thinner if they were overweight. None of this can be said of the participants of the Raw Till 4 diet, they all are just getting fatter if they started out fat and thinner if they started out too thin.

What is wrong with the Raw Till 4 diet? Here are some of the problems: First of all eating tons of fruit all day and then following that with cooked vegan food is a very bad idea. Fruits if eaten ripe and raw and in their natural state digest well only when they are eaten on an empty stomach. If a person eats a bunch of junk foods like rice, pizza, pasta and stir fried foods in the evening and then they wake up and have a meal of fruit there will likely still be some of the junk food in the digestive tract and the fruit will not get digested correctly. The fruit will ferment in the body as opposed to getting assimilated.

The creators of the diet suggest that men must eat at least 3000 calories of food every day and women eat at least 2500. They do not believe that the number of calories that someone eats in a day are related to the size of the person and the amount of activity that they do that day. This is a clear fallacy, every health and diet instructor I have ever heard of says that the number of calories someone needs in a day is related to the amount of activity the person does and their size. It makes no sense for a 75 to 80 pound sedentary woman to consume the same amount of calories as a 170 pound woman who spends the day in the hot sun lifting heavy boxes and working hard. This is a recipe for disaster. Obviously there will be overweight people on the diet.

The diet requires drinking a liter of water upon waking up. It requires 3 to 5 liters of water to be drank in a day. This also is across the board and not depending on the lifestyle of the person. A healthy human shouldn't need to drink more than a little bit of water a day unless they live in a very hot dry climate or they eat some very poor foods which lack water content. It also depends on the amount of physical exercise that someone does in a day. If a person is sedentary and lives in a cold environment and they eat lots of juicy fruit then probably very little water if any at all is required. In fact drinking the amount of water that is suggested will cause damage to the kidneys and other elimination organs with time as they are not designed to eliminate so much water. Also many electrolytes will be flushed out of the body with this immense amount of fluid, leaving the body weak and unable to function correctly.

The biggest problem with the diet is the way many young people grasp onto it without verifying that it is even the right thing to do. Many of these people simply want to be different and just blindly do everything that the diet prescribes. They will eventually find that their health will suffer and some might even get chronic or even life threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks due to the stresses that the diet can create on the organs of the body.

Another issue is that the diet requires people to use vitamin b12 shots. They actually encourage people to buy their own syringes and administer the b12 themselves. This is totally irresponsible as only a qualified medical technician should administer anything to people who have no idea what they are doing. There are risks of infection and spreading of various diseases. The main problem however is that the human body has evolved over millennium to have many systems to protect it from harm such as the coating of skin and to just ignore those systems and force foreign substances directly into the bloodstream is potentially harmful. In fact there is no such thing as 100% vitamin b12, the b12 that is sold always contain additives which, along with the b12 itself doesn't belong in the blood of a human.

Using anything as a prophylactic is never a good idea. Every nutrient in the human body has a certain range that it needs to be in as well it has to be consumed in a certain form and in combination with other nutrients. To just blindly take shots of vitamin b12 without knowing how much vitamin b12 is needed, if any is a dangerous behavior. Teaching people to do this is irresponsible and can lead to dangerous situations. Many people consume a vegan diet who never use any b12 supplements and do not need to, adding this form of b12 to a body that doesn't need any will simply make the elimination organs work to remove the excess.

Durianrider and Freelee have no integrity. In the days when they created the 30Bananasaday site they would ban anyone who even mentioned cooked foods, today they encourage the consumption of not only cooked food but completely processed junk cooked food. In my opinion they never were truly eating 100% raw foods, anyone who was would never fluctuate back to a cooked diet because they would feel so much worse. Nobody would accept that poor feeling every day and continue feeling bad when they know how good it would feel to be 100% raw on just fruits and vegetables. They never got to feeling that way, which means they never were really eating that way for a long enough period of time.

The Raw Till 4 diet is not raw at all. By the very nature of the diet, eating raw all day and then starting to eat cooked food at 4 p.m. is like being sober until 4, or being sexually abstinent until 4. Is it really raw? Most people are addicted to cooked food and therefore they would skip all of the raw food or eat a small amount during the day, saving their stomach room for the 4 p.m. cooked meal when they will stuff themselves with tons of cooked junk foods. This is a totally cooked diet and not raw at all.

I believe that Durianrider and Freelee just plagiarized a book by Mark Bittman called VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 , which came out in May of 2013, just around the time they were kicked out the the Woodstock Fruit Festival. They did not use exactly the same name but it is quite obvious they did not think of this one on their own.

The diet doesn't differentiate between whole foods like beans, lentils and quinoa and processed foods like white rice or processed sugars. There is a lot of scientific data on the way processed food versus whole foods react with the human body. All show that processed foods are always the worst choice and whole unprocessed food is always the best choice. Avoid the processed foods like white rice, processed sugars, salt (which is not even a food at all) and junk foods like pizza and all the other crap that they are seen scarfing down on their Youtube videos.

Cooked foods are always poorer in quality, they always contain less or none of the nutrients that the uncooked food contained before it was cooked. Even the lycopene example where the mainstream seems to prefer cooked foods because the lycopene is more bio-available doesn't mean that it is needed in that form, or in the quantities it is provided in the cooked form. There is sufficient bio-available lycopene in an uncooked version of the food to keep people healthy, adding more is not a good thing and it has to be at the risk or loss of something else.

I do not support the cooking of food as this is a natural hygiene blog but I leave it up to the reader to check into a much better cooked food diet called the Forks Over Knives diet, which incorporates 100% whole foods and low fat foods which would make a much better transitional diet towards a totally 100% raw whole foods and low fat diet.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Do You Get Your Nutrition Advice From the Back of a Bus?

Unfortunately I believe that most people who even care at all about their health get most of their advice about nutrition from places like the back of a bus or even worse, the TV, newspaper, magazines or from popular websites that are really there to earn the website owner lots of money. Sadly we all live in a world where everything is biased when it comes to nutrition. Why do I say that everything is biased when it comes to nutrition? Well, diet and nutrition is one area where every single human on the planet must participate.

When somebody consumes a certain diet they assume that it is the greatest thing for their health and that there is nothing better in the universe. This seems to be the case with most people, especially those who advise a diet that is different from the mainstream diet. Rarely do you find someone who is a trusted figure on diet who eats one diet but suggests a different one. We all suggest a diet that is the one we are eating right now, who would do otherwise?

Another big issue is that we all are people who have to eat every single day and everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to food. We tend to eat the things that we like the taste of over what is actually healthy for us. Some people have figured out how to enjoy the taste of healthy foods and somehow avoid the foods that taste good to them but are unhealthy.

There is also so much conflicting information about diet that it is nearly impossible to keep up with the latest ideas from the top scientists and what is the best diet for human health. There are new books written on the subject almost every day, so much information overload is a bad thing. There also are so many stakeholders who have something to gain by having the diet recommended include certain foods or supplements.

The ad on the back of the bus seems to encourage meals under 500 calories. A meal of 500 calories is not going to fill up the average person. A normal size man of about 5 foot 10 inches who weighs around 150 to 175 pounds will require about 2700 calories a day if he is not very active. A meal of 500 calories falls far short of the minimum of 900 that he will need for each meal. The person who follows a diet plan like this will be craving calories all day and will certainly give in to the cravings by eating large amounts of potato chips, ice cream, or some other health destroying foods.

The only diet that will satisfy someone is one that provides sufficient calories as well as one that gives the person the feeling of a full stomach which also tastes good. If a person consumes nearly all of their calories from the plant world and chooses to eat nearly all of their food whole and ripe from nature, they will be able to feel satisfied, get enough calories and taste and never have to worry about gaining weight.

Why would anyone dispute a diet that can do all this? Only the ones who have some kind of agenda or financial gain by confusing the people.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Simple Way to Determine if a Species is Designed to Eat Animals

In a world full of billions who consume a diet that consists of both plant and animal products it is difficult to separate what we see and do from what really makes any sense. It can be said that humans were "designed" to drive automobiles or fly in airplanes but if the speaker has any logic, these statements are simply untrue. In fact it is the opposite, automobiles and airplanes were designed to carry humans and not the other way around.

What was the human body designed to consume? Most will say both animals and vegetables. Okay so if we are designed to consume animals then why do we rarely, in fact almost never chase down, kill and consume an animal that we see in nature somewhere? Now I am not talking about the use of a weapon like the hunter who uses a shotgun or a bow and arrow to hunt down an animal but I am talking about using the body parts that we humans were born with.

We live on a planet with thousands of other species of animals and the general rule an observer can see in these animals when still in nature will have everything that they need to find, track down, chase, capture and kill their food on their body. Most of the time they will eat their kill right on the spot that they killed it.

Have you ever watched a cat capture kill and eat a mouse or a rat? They have a sense that drives them to movement, in fact cats do not see colors well but they catch movement very well and will be alerted as soon as some sort of possible prey is moving close by. Suddenly they start to salivate and their tails will prop up. They will accelerate quickly to get to the mouse and then have their paw or teeth on the mouse in seconds. Soon the mouse which is scared for it's life will either try to run or it will try to play dead and stay in one place. The cat is smart enough to know this and will probe the mouse with it's paw to find out if it will take off running. As soon as the motion starts the cat will attack again and will repeat this until either the mouse is dead or close to dead and can't continue trying to escape. Once the mouse is dead the cat will find a quiet location to sit with the mouse and he or she will tear it apart and consume every part of the mouse from the tail to the whiskers on it's face. In fact the cat eats everything, including the stomach contents and the contents of the colon (defecation) of the mouse. He or she eats the claws, the nails, the bones, the hair, the flesh and even the cartilage holding the bones together as well as the tail, ears, eyes, head etc. The cat seems to relish eating the mouse and enjoys every single part.

Humans on the other hand will eat only certain predetermined parts of an animal, such as the muscles of the torso or the leg and then of course these specified parts are almost always cooked and many kinds of flavorings are used to make the flesh of these animals palatable. Few people will just eat a piece of an animal's body without any kind of sauce or at least some salt, pepper, marinade or some other flavoring like garlic, onions, spices and vegetables. Sugar is often used in many recipes to make the flavor more like what our body was really designed for which is fruit. Even the cooking method is there to hide the fact that it is an animal being eaten and to change the flavor. For example many people enjoy grilling animal bodies so there is a black coating on them, which changes the taste of the flesh giving it a smokey flavor. Often the entire piece of flash is hidden in a stew or a curry so that it is totally unseen and is covered by a spicy sauce that hides the fleshy nature of the animal's body.

All species on Earth have all the facilities to track, capture, kill and eat the foods that they were designed to eat. Humans need to create tools to do this and nearly never eat the animal in the form that it was killed in, raw and still covered in skin, fur and with all of the internal organs intact. Humans almost always "clean" their kill by removing the internal organs. These internal organs are not dirt but are parts of the animal and if a human was designed to eat animals they would relish eating these as much as a cat does eating them from a mouse.

Except for one single Youtube video I have seen, I have never seen a human kill and eat an animal with his or her bare hands and teeth. In fact I would be willing to bet that many humans would stop consuming animals if they had no other choice but to chase down their own prey with bare hands and kill it with their teeth and then eat it without any tools whatsoever. We would soon be in a nearly vegetarian world if this ever happened. People just do not have the will or desire to do this in order to eat an animal, they want to eat the select parts that they have been eating in the manner they have been eating it, killed by someone else and prepared to taste in a certain way and look a certain way.

Until I see this as the norm in human populations, I will have to go with logic and not with the numbers as I certainly can not see how animal flesh is a food that a human body was designed for. Further information about this is in the last post where I explained that eating a diet that our body is designed for will not cause harm to our body, this is a big false when it comes to animal flesh and humans, most of the modern diseases are absolutely due to a diet rich in animal flesh and other animal products. The wealthier the country, the more animal products are consumed, the more cases of specific disease are found.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Gout is a Common Problem in Human Meat Eaters but so Many People Seem to Think we are Omnivores

By definition an omnivore is an animal that eats both plants and other animals, which many people, in fact most people will accept this as the category where humans fit in. The reason for this is because when we look around a bit we see humans eating both plants and animals. In that respect I suppose this is true, we humans eat both plants and animals.

If you change the definition of omnivores to the category of eater that has a body that is designed to eat both plants and animals then humans certainly do not fit in that group at all. As I explained in a previous post, we do have so called canine teeth but so do many other animals who do not eat much meat at all, in fact some eat no animal products and have huge canine teeth, which make the rather weak and flat ones in a human mouth look like they are not even canines. Tearing up fruits and vegetables are a much better use for these than tearing into a live animal in order to kill it and consume it. We would have a very difficult time getting through all the bones and tissues in most animals with only our teeth.

Why would we have a body designed perfectly to consume plants but lacks in it's ability to consume animals but still are designed to eat both plants and animals. There is no argument that bears and pigs are omnivores. Ok, maybe some of you will argue this but most people accept these facts. Compare the body of a bear or a pig to a human and we get few similarities. Our digestive tract is way too long. If we are meant to consume meat or animals if I may, then why would we have such a long digestive tract that we find meat putrefies before it is digested. If you don't believe me, then spend some time in a public toilet in a fast food restaurant, or in most any restaurant that serves meat and you'll soon find out. The stench of rotting flesh is in the air as soon as a meat eater sits down for their once a week bowel movement, ok so maybe it's once every 2 or 3 days but I remember when I was consuming animals, I rarely was able to produce a bowel movement more than once every other day.

Then of course there is the rarely mentioned fact that an animal's natural food will not make them sick. In fact a dog or cat can consume meat from freshly killed animals every single day of it's life for every single meal and they do not get heart disease, nor strokes nor any other meat related diseases. Bears and pigs are similar, they can eat lots and lots of meat and still never get health problems.

Why then do humans often get sick from eating meat? If meat is in fact a natural food of humans it should never have any negative effects on a human body, never. If you are not convinced, then I ask the reader to simply do a search with any search engine you please and find all of the studies that support that the cause of many cardiovascular issues in humans is related to the consumption of meat.

Gout is a serious cardiovascular disease that is caused by excess uric acid in the body. Uric acid is created when our body digests purines. Purines are in almost every food, both animal foods and plant foods. The only thing is that "purines from meat and fish clearly increase our risk of gout, while purines from vegetables fail to change our risk". The quoted part is from http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=george&dbid=51 which is scientific factual information about purines.

How is it that our bodies are designed to consume meat (if they are so designed then there should be no problem with eating meat every day or even for every meal) but many people develop gout? No other species of omnivore has ever developed gout or any other food related disease that comes from a food that their body was biologically designed for. I wonder why our designer messed up so badly and made such huge mistakes in our design that we can't even enjoy the food we were designed for?

Oh, I know why, we need to eat meat in moderation. Yes, I have heard that one often, "everything in moderation"...ok yes we need to moderate our food consumption. I'm certain that we as humans are supposed to skip eating every other day so that we can enjoy that delicious animal carcass that we had a couple of days ago. I have never seen a cat or dog take a few days off because it needs to eat in moderation. This is simply craziness, we need to eat every day and the foods that our body was designed to consume will not make us sick, even if we eat it every day and for every meal.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Farm Subsidies

I don't know what the situation is like outside of the US, but here there is a department of the government called the USDA (US department of agriculture) that actually helps the farmer's market their products and subsidizes them by giving them favorable tax rates, cheap or free loans and discounts on supplies and labor.

Most of these subsidized farmers are not growing food for direct human consumption, they are either raising animals for human consumption or they are growing plant foods such as soy and corn for animal consumption. Almost all of the animal derived products are subsidized.

This is why when looking at a menu in a restaurant, especially the fast food ones, the prices for the animal product foods, which contain meat, eggs and dairy are often unbelievably cheap. We've all heard of the dollar menus at all of the fast food outlets. Notice that there is never a salad on the dollar menu, unless that salad contains cheese and meat or eggs.

The foods that are grown and sold directly to humans for human consumption are hardly ever subsidized and therefore are more expensive than the animal foods. By far these foods are healthier to humans and the environment. Why then does the government want us to eat the unhealthy foods?

It all comes down to who the stakeholders are and how much pull they have. The ranchers get all the subsidies because they are supported by the large conglomerates such as the meat packers and the beef board. There are hardly any large conglomerates supporting the healthy plant based foods.

In order to make ends meet for many people who live close to the poverty line, they must consume the cheapest foods they can find. In most cases they will not even be able to buy healthy fruits and vegetables because they are too expensive. They get most of their calories from the subsidized animal foods.

This leads to poor health, an environment that is falling apart, plus an unsustainable economy that depends on the subsidies of the government to survive. These products should not be subsidized at all and instead they should be taxed by the government just like tobacco products are. Tobacco products are known to cause serious health problems in their users, similar to animal food products.

The system is backwards and these subsidies need to be reversed and changed into taxes. This would improve health of the population just because these people will eventually start to buy the cheaper plant based products when the animal foods will cost more. It will also allow plant based food products to compete with animal based foods so that people would be able to choose.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food Addicts

As I mentioned on previous posts, there are addictive substances in many of the foods that are commonly eaten. These are opiod substances in dairy, which are there to make sure the baby animal continues to thrive by continuing to drink milk from it's mother's breasts, as well as in meat, which contains many substances created by the animal during it's life as well as during the short period of time it was undergoing it's death, and of course most grains contain substances that are addictive so that birds and other seed and grain eating animals continue to consume the seeds in order for the plant to spread it's seeds as the bird flies and drops it's droppings all over the planet.

Besides these, of course there are many other addictive substances in food such as certain herbs, spices, chemicals and processed foods that are addictive as well.

When people consume these addictive foods they do not notice that they are even addicted. In fact even people addicted to drugs do not realize that they are addicted. Some do realize it but they deny that they are. It's actually difficult to realize that you are addicted to food when the entire world eats these same foods and the government and the media continue to create an illusion that these are actually healthy foods.

What usually happens when someone who is addicted to these foods tries to stop eating the food they feel really sick. This is an expected response to stopping an addiction. We feel that we need to continue to have the substance that we are addicted to. Most people trying to quit smoking have an awfully difficult time quitting because of the addictive qualities of the chemicals in tobacco.

The feelings are usually so strong that they fail to stop eating the food and just go right back to eating it. This makes them feel much better as the addictive substances are now back in their body and they are no longer feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

This is why most people have a hard time changing their diet to a much healthier one. They try but quickly they feel symptoms of withdrawal and then go right back to eating the addictive foods, which usually makes them feel better and immediately they blame the bad feelings on the new diet and the less bad feelings are due to the old diet so they just go back to the old diet and give up.