Friday, October 12, 2012

Farm Subsidies

I don't know what the situation is like outside of the US, but here there is a department of the government called the USDA (US department of agriculture) that actually helps the farmer's market their products and subsidizes them by giving them favorable tax rates, cheap or free loans and discounts on supplies and labor.

Most of these subsidized farmers are not growing food for direct human consumption, they are either raising animals for human consumption or they are growing plant foods such as soy and corn for animal consumption. Almost all of the animal derived products are subsidized.

This is why when looking at a menu in a restaurant, especially the fast food ones, the prices for the animal product foods, which contain meat, eggs and dairy are often unbelievably cheap. We've all heard of the dollar menus at all of the fast food outlets. Notice that there is never a salad on the dollar menu, unless that salad contains cheese and meat or eggs.

The foods that are grown and sold directly to humans for human consumption are hardly ever subsidized and therefore are more expensive than the animal foods. By far these foods are healthier to humans and the environment. Why then does the government want us to eat the unhealthy foods?

It all comes down to who the stakeholders are and how much pull they have. The ranchers get all the subsidies because they are supported by the large conglomerates such as the meat packers and the beef board. There are hardly any large conglomerates supporting the healthy plant based foods.

In order to make ends meet for many people who live close to the poverty line, they must consume the cheapest foods they can find. In most cases they will not even be able to buy healthy fruits and vegetables because they are too expensive. They get most of their calories from the subsidized animal foods.

This leads to poor health, an environment that is falling apart, plus an unsustainable economy that depends on the subsidies of the government to survive. These products should not be subsidized at all and instead they should be taxed by the government just like tobacco products are. Tobacco products are known to cause serious health problems in their users, similar to animal food products.

The system is backwards and these subsidies need to be reversed and changed into taxes. This would improve health of the population just because these people will eventually start to buy the cheaper plant based products when the animal foods will cost more. It will also allow plant based food products to compete with animal based foods so that people would be able to choose.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food Addicts

As I mentioned on previous posts, there are addictive substances in many of the foods that are commonly eaten. These are opiod substances in dairy, which are there to make sure the baby animal continues to thrive by continuing to drink milk from it's mother's breasts, as well as in meat, which contains many substances created by the animal during it's life as well as during the short period of time it was undergoing it's death, and of course most grains contain substances that are addictive so that birds and other seed and grain eating animals continue to consume the seeds in order for the plant to spread it's seeds as the bird flies and drops it's droppings all over the planet.

Besides these, of course there are many other addictive substances in food such as certain herbs, spices, chemicals and processed foods that are addictive as well.

When people consume these addictive foods they do not notice that they are even addicted. In fact even people addicted to drugs do not realize that they are addicted. Some do realize it but they deny that they are. It's actually difficult to realize that you are addicted to food when the entire world eats these same foods and the government and the media continue to create an illusion that these are actually healthy foods.

What usually happens when someone who is addicted to these foods tries to stop eating the food they feel really sick. This is an expected response to stopping an addiction. We feel that we need to continue to have the substance that we are addicted to. Most people trying to quit smoking have an awfully difficult time quitting because of the addictive qualities of the chemicals in tobacco.

The feelings are usually so strong that they fail to stop eating the food and just go right back to eating it. This makes them feel much better as the addictive substances are now back in their body and they are no longer feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

This is why most people have a hard time changing their diet to a much healthier one. They try but quickly they feel symptoms of withdrawal and then go right back to eating the addictive foods, which usually makes them feel better and immediately they blame the bad feelings on the new diet and the less bad feelings are due to the old diet so they just go back to the old diet and give up.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go Vegan Poem

Why oh why do they have to die

Packed into filthy pens

Cows, pigs hens

Evil corporations profiting from their suffering and pain

Animal foods are beyond insane

Cholesterol, atherosclerosis, gout, diabetes and cancer

Addictions, murders, killings is not the answer

Nutrition from plants clears the body and mind

Become vegan now and then you’ll find

The world looks better, nobody gets hurt

Hypocrisy goes away it gets left in the dirt

All life needs protection from harm

The world needs to be a sanctuary farm

Where all life can prosper and be happy

and the human race will cease to feel crappy

Friday, July 13, 2012

Paleolithic Diet and Cancer

There seems to be a big movement these days towards the caveman or paleolithic diet. There was a history of time when humans were hunters and gatherers. This is a long time ago.

They lived in caves and recently started to control fire. This allowed them to break down the cells of difficult to eat foods so that they were edible. Fibrous and hard food that were not consumable in nature now could be eaten.

Another use was the killing of germs. Obviuosly as soon as a dead corpse is killed there are opportunistic life forms that take advantage of the loss of immune system to kill them off.

Microbes of all types will take up residence in a dead corpse within minutes of it's death. That is why we use refrigeration and other forms of preservation. One of the ways to reduce this was to use fire.

Fire not only killed most of these microbes but it modified the food as well. Not for the better but obviously for the worse. There were new chemicals created when the heat touched the food.

For those who have some organic chemistry background, when heat is applied to almost any organic substance in the presence of oxygen there will be new organic substances created. Also the remaining substances will become modified as bonds break and new ones form. Many of these substances are carcinogenic, meaning that they promote the genesis of cancer.

The people who eat lots of cooked and especially barbequed flesh are exposing themselves to these carcinogens on a regular basis. Also when the body is in constant ketosis, which means that the body is turning fat and protein into sugar, there is less energy to seek out and destroy cancer cells.

All of these contribute to higher than average chance of getting cancer. Here is an article documenting the real fact that the inuit in Greenland in the 1400's were developing cancer. They had no contact with the white man up until that point and they were unable to consume anything but the low carb high fat flesh from animals. Which is similar to the paleolithic diet.

A Google search of the keyword "paleo cancer" will bring up a long list of links that include admission by many paleolithic dieters who have been diagnosed with cancer after they were on the diet (some for many years).

A vegan low fat diet is used to return yourself to health and remain healthy for a long happy life (as well as a happy life for the animals who you did not kill to eat).

Eating a paleo diet is also a big environmental disaster with most of the rain forests of the planet being cut and burned down to raise animals. The amount of water that is used to raise animals versus fruits and vegetables is astronomical. Animals also produce toxic waste products which need to be dealt with, fruit and vegetables produce no toxic waste, only healthy compost to grow more fruit and vegetables.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mark Sisson Inconsistencies

There is a popular supporter of the "Primal" diet named Mark Sisson. He has a website and sells many products and potions. He also has written a few books on the subject.

If you don't know much about the primal diet it is sort of based on the low carb or Atkins diet. The idea of the diet is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in one's diet.

When carbohydrates are reduced or eliminated from the diet the body is starved for energy and can not survive. Every single cell of the trillions that make up a living body requires carbohydrates all the time. In order to overcome this the body will turn protein and fat into carbohydrates.

This process creates ketones. These ketones are toxic and the body must eliminate them along with all of the other metabolic toxins. This requires a lot of extra work for the body and these extra toxins can cause diseases.

This process is a survival process and not a normal process. Normally our body was designed to consume vast amounts of natural carbohydrates and use them for fuel.

Mark Sisson has a question and answer page on his website. Here is one particular question and his answer following it:

What is your health philosophy?

Really, my health philosophy is surprisingly simple. I follow a diet based on an understanding of evolutionary science. I think it’s more important to eat, move, and live according to how humans are designed and not according to society’s artificial developments of the last 100 years. Fortunately, this regimen is not only incredibly healthy, it’s quite simple.

In a nutshell:

- fresh, organic, unprocessed food – no junk!

- daily activity – whether it’s the gym or a walk along the beach, it all counts

- plenty of quality sleep

- plenty of water, no soda or sweetened drinks

- antioxidants galore – the key to limiting stress

- a good fish-oil supplement

- lots of essential fats, reckless amounts of vegetables, and clean protein

- time for fun – don’t take anything too seriously – ethical behavior – because what goes around comes around

- taking responsibility for yourself and your life – openness to new things and ideas

This is where I have a problem with Mark. He mentions that we need to eat fresh, organic and unprocessed food. He then recommends eating moderate amounts of animal flesh. Animal flesh can only be fresh if you kill the animal yourself. I don't think Mark is out in the woods right now slitting a deer's throat.

I don't know where he gets his supply of animal flesh but certainly it can't be fresh unless he kills the animal himself. Organic for animal flesh is really a big lie. There are no organic guidelines for animal flesh. Most meat that is sold as organic is really the same as the factory farm meat. It's not easy to force animals to eat organic food, they will eat whatever they find. All meat has to be processed or it will putrefy in a short time. No meat is unprocessed unless it is eaten as soon as it is killed. For example a lion will take down an antelope and eat it within minutes. The lion will consume everything from head to hoof and eat it raw. Humans just do not seem to want to do this.

He says to get plenty of quality sleep. Further down the page he said that he sleeps 7 hours a day. The recommendation for sleep is 8 to 10 hours by every health organization around. He obviously is not even following his own advice.

In order to get antioxidants (galore) someone needs to consume a lot of colorful plant foods like fruit and vegetables. Meat and animal products contain none to a trace of antioxidants. If you are recommending people to eat animal flesh then you can't at the same time recommend they eat antioxidants (galore), because that is a conflict.

The part about ethical behavior is self explanatory. How can you consume thousands of harmless sentient animals, destroy the environment and recommend that others do the same and call that ethical. I believe that he is right however on the part about what goes around comes around, so Mr. Sisson, remember you said that and not me.

These are just a few of the inconsistencies of a supporter of the low carb or primal diet. If you read a few more of his webpages you'll find many more.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trends in Alcohol Marketing

It's been a while since I posted anything here. I was just enjoying the weather and had a few short trips.

If you spend much time online, I'm sure you've seen some of the ads recently for alcohol. Not just beer and wine but the hard liquor is now going low carb.

I saw an ad for Bacardi low carb drinks. I had to check twice to be sure what I saw was real.

Why would someone who drinks hard liquor want to worry about carbs? Some of the ads also stated that they are low calorie. Do you know how much booze someone needs to drink in order to put on weight from drinking booze?

A person would need to practically live off of booze. That is they would need to get most of their calories from booze. This means that they would need to be intoxicated all day and night. This is the only way someone would possibly be able to gain weight from booze. The number of calories is small, less than most vegetables.

Why bother creating a booze that is low calorie or low carb? Most booze drinkers are not very health oriented either. Sure there are social drinkers who are health minded and drink once in a while. These people will get such a small amount of calories from the liquor that it's not even worth mentioning it.

Then there are the alcoholics. These people drink excessively and most if not all of them couldn't care less about their health. These alcoholics are the only people who would actiually be gaining weight from the liquor.

What are these companies thinking about when the develop these products? There is no target market that makes any sense. The people who want a low carb or low calorie drink probably don't drink much and therefore the amount of calories from the liquor that they drink is minimal even if they drink "full calorie" or "full carb" drinks. The people who actually would get a substantial amount of calories or carbs from liquor are too drunk to even understand the difference.

Besides they wouldn't care if the liquor was low carb or high carb as they just care about getting drunk.

If you have any comments, let me know, I'd like to see what you think about this.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feeding America

I have seen this so called charity advertise on many billboards around the town that I live in. Whenever I see ads on billboards immediately a warning signal goes off in my head.

Billboard advertisements are not cheap. When you see someone advertising on billboards they are making a substantial amount of money and there is some profiteering going on.

Besides that I also see tons of ads online for them. One of the taglines is that 1 in 6 people in the US are struggling with hunger. I wonder what that really means. Just look at some of the people on their website who they claim are struggling with hunger and what do you see?

Obese and overweight families. Sure hunger and obesity are not opposites but if these people are hungry then what are they eating when not hungry to get so fat?

Besides that as is commonly known the population of the US is 35% obese and up to 80% overweight. How can nearly 17% of the population be hungry when at the same time they are overweight?

If I assume that the 80% of the population that is overweight is not hungry and 17% of the population is dealing with hunger then there is only 3% left who are not hungry and not overweight.

The US is known to be one of the wealthiest nations on the planet and there are only a total of 3% of the population who are not overweight or hungry?

I say to follow the money and be very careful with these charities. Do not just blindly donate money or any other valuable to just any charity without doing more indepth research. There has to be at least a small group of people getting quite rich on Feeding America and few who are really benefitting from the donations.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Let's celebrate Earth Day! Last week was Earth Day 2012. April 22 is the annual celebration of Earth Day. It is an event that started in the 1970s which is meant to make people aware of the impact of our lives on the fragile ecosystems that keep life alive on this planet.

I was at the local Whole Foods store and I saw some tents and a few people standing under them. I was curious so I went over to have a closer look.

What did I see? Was it some recycling or reuse demonstration? No. Was it some save the whales campaign? No. It was a barbeque grill with an employee standing over it grilling hamburgers. Yes, Whole Foods celebrates Earth Day by grilling hamburgers.

Now if that is not ironic then nothing is. The cooking of food is the number two largest source of greenhouse gases in the world. The consumption of meat is the number one.

So Whole Foods in celebration of Earth Day was showing the world that grilling hamburgers is an earthy thing to do eventhough it included two of the most destructive behaviors that humans do which contribute to the destruction of the earth. Way to go Whole Foods, we need more leadership like that in the world (NOT!).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Food Combining and Instinct

Instinctively when we taste something that is sour we will reach for a sweetener to make it taste better or more acceptable. This is why the billions of cups of coffee people consume around the world every day include sugars and other sweeteners to make the toxic substance taste better. The same goes for almost every other beverage. These include teas, shakes, sodas, lemonade and even fruit juices.

Most of the time people use processed sweeteners like sugar, stevia, or chemicals like sweetnlow or splenda. Sometimes they use honey, molasses, agave, maple syrup, or a long list of other sweeteners. When someone starts off on a raw food diet, instead of using these processed sweeteners they reach for something like dates, dried figs or other dried fruit like raisins, or some even use the mislabelled "raw" agave syrup or dehydrated cane juice. Some will also use pure sugar cane juice.

This behavior is a continuation of what was learned in our childhood. If we don't like the taste of something, then add some flavoring to it and try it again.

Let's now go back to early man. These people did not have packaged goods. There was no grocery store to get a bag of white table sugar or anything else. There were obviously honeybees all around and therefore there was honey but the honey was carefully guarded by the bees and as humans without protective clothing trying to get the honey would have been a painful and awkward task.

There were also all of the sweet fruits around when they were in season but in the jungle it wouldn't make much sense to seek out some specific type of ripe fruit when you needed to find some nourishment. If for example the tribe came upon a tree full of underripe guavas and they tasted bitter, there is not much chance that they decided to go out to look for another sweeter fruit to eat along with the bitter guavas to make them palatable.

Most likely they skipped the bitter guavas altogether and instead just continued on their search for a better tasting meal. This allowed them to enjoy their food more and also get the best quality nutrition they could get.

I really doubt that anybody came up with the idea of combining a sweet food with a sour or bitter one to cover up the bad taste. Why then do we now nearly without exception do the exact opposite?

Why even consider eating or drinking something that tastes bland, sour or bitter when we have so many choices of much better tasting sweet foods? Why not just skip the bad tasting foods and instead consume the delicious sweet ripe and nutritious food?

Think about this next time you are ordering something to eat. Even if you eat raw gourmet food and are following a recipe, do you really want to mix some raw agave syrup with your cashew nut pate to make it more tasty?

Follow the laws of nature and eat one food at a time without any condiments or flavorings. Your health will thank you a million times over. Your body will love the ability to retrieve and absorb the nutrition without the toxic load or need to try to seperate the poorly combined foods.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Don't People Want to be Healthy?

Health is the natural state of humans. Most people think that we need to work for our health but in reality health is the natural state we should always be in.

I often get comments about the enormous amount of fruit that I consume. I often have dozens of bananas on my chair and by the end of the lunch period they are all gone.

People often say that it's cool to see this. Some say that I must be so healthy. Certainly this is a good reason to eat lots of fruit.

However, if they already know that eating a large amount of fruit, at least until satiated, is healthy then why is it that they do not do the same as I do?

Is it that they do not want to be healthy? They actually want to be sick or worse? I see no reason to behave in such a way as to harm my health by my selection in food. Why do they?

These people are not experts in diet by any means but they seem to sense that eating pure, whole, ripe and fresh fruit for a meal is healthy. They do not aspire to be healthy and just comment about how healthy others are.

I hope they start seeing what they are doing to themselves and stop their hurt. To know that you are hurting yourself but not doing anything about it is at least being an accomplice. Think about it the next time you feel sick, what did you do to make yourself sick?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Humans Have Canine Teeth: Therefore They Are Carnivores!

The title of this post is what I wanted to discuss this time. I have read on many blogs and forums that are frequented by people with less than perfect intelligence that humans are carnivores because they have canine teeth.

First of all, even if humans do have canine teeth that certainly in and of itself doesn't prove that humans are carnivores. It's not a definite proof.

There are lots of animals in nature that have some very threatening looking canine teeth and they do not eat the flesh of animals. There are also many others with big canine teeth that get less than 5% of their calories from flesh of other animals.

To justify eating as much as 65% of your daily intake from the flesh of animals because there are 4 teeth in your mouth that resemble those of carnivores is a bit beyond my ability to understand.

First, let's look at the teeth of a wolf. A wolf is definitely a carnivore. I do not argue with that at all. I have seen them devour an animal after they stalk it and then kill it. They love the scent of a fresh kill and consume the animal's body from head to toe even eating the contents of the bowels and blood vessels.

The picture above is of what the canines of a wolf look like. Do they look like the teeth in most human's mouth? Here is a photo of the teeth of a human.
The canine teeth are the third teeth from the front on either side and on both the top and bottom. Obviously to even the untrained, there is a huge difference between these human canines and the ones of a true carnivore. The human teeth are flat and barely stick out beyond the point where the other teeth stick out to. The wolf teeth stick out a great deal beyond the rest of the teeth.

Here is a picture of a gorilla's canine teeth.

These teeth are much more prolonged than even the wolf's teeth. They stick out way more than a human's teeth or even the wolf's. The gorilla doesn't kill any large animal to eat. In fact other than insects, the gorilla doesn't eat anything from the animal kingdom at all. Maybe they exist to frighten any predators away, but they certainly are not there to hunt and kill prey.

The argument that humans have canine teeth and therefore are carnivores has zero credibility. It is like saying that the moon is made of cheese because it looks yellow. There are lists as long as 150 items that show that a human is not a carnivore and not even an omnivore but I will leave it to the reader to check this out. I might continue on this in another post in the future.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

People Have Individual Needs When it Comes to Diet

Hasn't everyone heard that? We all need a special diet that is cusomized to our needs. Of course everyone is different. We have different genetic backgrounds and experiences.

There are 4 or 5 blood types in humans. This has already been exploited by authors who write books that describe special diets for each blood type. Cows have about 800 different blood types.

Has anyone seen cows eating anything other than grasses in nature? I'm not talking about a factory farm or feedlot where the animals are crowded in a small area and are fed tons of antibiotics and feed that consists of the leftovers from other industries.

I'm talking about cows on an open field or pasture. They all eat the same thing, grass. Why would humans who have 5 blood types have to each eat a different diet when cows have over 800 and eat the same diet?

Then there are races. We have about 6 or 7 main races such as Caucasians, Asians, Negros, Hispanics, and the American Indians, to name a few. Do these races determine what these people should eat?

Actually these races are geographically from different parts of the world and there are certain foods that seem to be more popular in these parts of the world. This doesn't have any meaning as to what diet these people need to eat to be at their best and to thrive, it's just the diet that the people usually and customarily eat in the part of the world they come from.

Some people believe that a person's diet depends on his or her career. For example a weight lifter needs a different diet than a person who works in an office all day.

Maybe the weight lifter needs more calories overall than a person who sits at a desk all day but the nutrients and the ratios of the macro and micronutrients are the same. The weight lifter will simply eat larger quantities of the same food to thrive and stay in shape and be able to lift weights.

If there are different diets for different people then there would also be different air for different people. Some people would thrive more on air from the stratosphere than from the surface of the earth. Some people would thrive more on air from a congested city than from a pristine forest.

In reality all humans thrive when they get the freshest and cleanest air with the highest proportion of oxygen. This is a fact. It doesn't matter which part of the world they come from nor what their blood type is.

If humans all do the best on the same kind of air they also do best on the same diet. This diet that all humans thrive on is a diet composed of fresh, whole, raw, ripe and organic fruits and vegetables.

Get your diet as close to the human diet as possible and you will exceed even your own expectations on all facets of your life.

Monday, January 2, 2012

What Happened to This Place?

Once upon a time everyone on this planet was superfit. In fact if someone wasn't fit they would be left behind when it came to getting their food and eventually they would die.

Imagine a society where everyone, nomatter what their age is, was superfit. They all could just run in a 1/2 mile spurt at full speed whenever they wanted. They could climb trees to reach fruit as high as the branches allow them to go. They could swim across a mile or two river without looking back or stopping.

Not one person was overweight or obese. Every single person even in advanced years was doing a full day of physical work every single day of their life. There was no such thing as a sedentary job or lifestyle.

Unfortunately, especially in the wealthy nations this is not even a distant memory. In fact things have gone full circle and few of the inhabitants of these wealthy countries can even run a few feet.

We have more weight on our bodies then most of the entire population of countries like China and India and yet there are only about 1/3 as many people. Not only have we ignored these warnings, we continue to produce these massive individuals and build the current ones to insane sizes.

Even the people who are employed in professions that used to require a high level of fitness are so out of shape it's shocking that they can even continue to do their daily jobs.

Barely 30 percent of the population paticipates in any sort of regular intense physical activities. Many of these are still overweight as they continue to consume a very poor diet of concentrated and processed junk food as they do their exercise routines.

I can not understand why these people allow themselves to get to the point where they can't walk up one or two stories of stairs. It's quite obvious that they created these conditions themselves and have the power to reverse them. They simply do not have the desire or motivation to reverse them.

If you are fit or even better, superfit, you are one of the lucky 5 to 10 percent of the population. Keep up the good work and be an example of how humans used to all be a long time ago.