Sunday, December 18, 2011

Isn't Raw Food Redundant?

It's the 2010's and we're in the high tech ipod Android age. Everyone is on the net and spends their entire day tweeting and blogging. Sure I am doing this too, but sometimes we miss things.

For example the term raw food is kind of popular in certain circles these days. Any health minded person seems to at least have an idea what raw food is and what it is supposed to do.

I thought about this for a few minutes and realized that the term is really redundant. Raw food, is really the term used for food. Anything that is not raw is not really food.

The term is used to mean food that has not been cooked. Is cooked food really still food? According the famous doctor, Paul Kouchakoff, the human body rejects any food that has been heated above some certain temperature.

Our body creates a stream of white blood cells to attack the incoming invader when food that was heated is eaten. This does not happen when we eat foods that are not heated.

This is a clear indication that our body knows what is food and what is not food. If we eat a bag of rocks the body will react to this the exact same way, there will be a sea of white blood cells sent out to destroy the invader.

Eventhough most people eat tons of cooked and processed foods they don't realize that none of it is really food...the only real food is raw food.

The entire world of life only consumes food in it's untouched natural state. Calling it raw is really redundant, of course it is raw!

The only exception to this is the one foolish species that continues to destroy itself and it's home along with every other species that tries to coexist with it.

Anything that is not raw is not food. Accept this and you will thrive, deny it and you will be like everyone else and muddle through life hating yourself and the world.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

85% of People Over 50 Have Coronary Disease

The medical term is atherosclerosis or atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Some men as young as 18 years old were found to have this potential life threatening disease when their bodies were atopsied in the Vietnam and Korean wars.

If this doesn't mean anything to you, then you must be asleep. No living creature on earth has overwhelming numbers of diseases when they reach a certain age.

Why then do humans all seem to have this occur? Maybe, just maybe they are all doing something very bad to themselves? Some are smokers. We know the devastating effects of smoking tobacco products.

Still only about 25 to 30 percent of the population smokes tobacco products so how do we account for the other 55 to 60 percent? What are they doing to themselves?

One thing for sure is that they do not participate in a healthy lifestyle. Being in the military or even being an athlete doesn't seem to help the situation. What can all these people have in common?

Their diet is what they all have in common. They all eat animal products and cooked and processed foods. Atherosclerosis is the pre-cursor to heart disease and heart attacks. The people who have atherosclerosis are excellent candidates for a sudden heart attack. At least one third of those who have a heart attack (their first) die from that first heart attack.

It is quite clear that humans are not meant to eat animal products. If they were there wouldn't be any issues with consumption of them. Carnivorous animals can and do eat as much animal carcass they desire and never get negative effects from their selection of food.

Occasionally they might get indigestion but no cardiovascular issues have ever been found with wild animals in nature who simply kill and consume other animals.

Accept the facts, we are not meant to consume animal products or cooked and processed food. They always cause harm to us, even if we don't realise it as we do it, they are always doing us damage.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is Food?

Ever hear the campaigns for food collections ask for non-perishable food? Most people wouldn't think twice about this statement and go on.

Exactly what is a non-perishable food? The food bank expects cans, jars, boxes and the like of "food". These foods can stay on the shelf for years and still have the same low quality after years as it had the day it was manufactured.

Is it really a food if it is non-perishable? Let's look at nature for a minute. Is there anything any animal in nature will eat that is non-perishable?

Leave out the "food" that humans dropped or left out in nature such as fast food and all the processed junk food and there is nearly nothing on the planet that is non-perishable.

In fact the only food I can think of that doesn't perish with time is the food of honey bees. Honey will stay the same for years, even without any preservatives or refrigeration.

Besides that one food, nothing else exists in nature that doesn't perish with time. In fact most foods will not last more than a few days without becoming rancid, fermenting or just plain rotting.

Carnivores are the animals who probably consume their food the fastest becuase they know that their kill will not stay fresh for long. Carnivores also only hunt when they are hungry and they also relish the warm body and blood of their kill.

When these food banks are asking for non-perishable food, what do they really mean? There is no such thing as non-perishable food. This is an oxymoron. If it is food, it is perishable (except for bee honey). No non-perishable food should ever be eaten by humans or any other creature on earth except honey for bees.