Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Humans Can't Get Cardiovascular Problems

The title of this post says that humans can't get cardiovasular problems but obviously they can since 500,000 deaths from heart attacks occur in the USA alone each year. The reason for this is because the US population consumes a diet that is very different from what nature has intended for humans.

When humans first arrived on the planet there were only fruits and vegetables available for our consumption. Humans are not born with equipment to capture or kill animals, nor to cook them. We do not have the tools to consume large quantities of nuts and seeds.

There were fruit trees everywhere and very few other types of high calorie foods. Even if humans were interested in trying out other sources of calories for entertainment purposes alone they would always come back to fruit because of it's abundance and availablity.

Fruit was and is the most digestible and tasty natural food on the planet. It also has the correct nutritional profile to maintain proper health. The other foods that humans have adopted after leaving the tropical areas of the planet are what have been causing the problems with human health.

Since there are so many components in the foods like animal products and grains that are addictive these foods will always win out in an unnatural world. We unfortunately live in a modern unnatural environment where our choices for nutrition are very different from what nature intended.

In nature the cardiovascular diseases that kill most people these days just do not exist. Humans can not get cardiovascular diseases from consuming the foods that nature intended them to consume. If you are at all concerned about your cardiovascular health then please look into a natural human diet that excludes animal products and all of the processed foods that are ever present in the modern diet.

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