Saturday, April 28, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Let's celebrate Earth Day! Last week was Earth Day 2012. April 22 is the annual celebration of Earth Day. It is an event that started in the 1970s which is meant to make people aware of the impact of our lives on the fragile ecosystems that keep life alive on this planet.

I was at the local Whole Foods store and I saw some tents and a few people standing under them. I was curious so I went over to have a closer look.

What did I see? Was it some recycling or reuse demonstration? No. Was it some save the whales campaign? No. It was a barbeque grill with an employee standing over it grilling hamburgers. Yes, Whole Foods celebrates Earth Day by grilling hamburgers.

Now if that is not ironic then nothing is. The cooking of food is the number two largest source of greenhouse gases in the world. The consumption of meat is the number one.

So Whole Foods in celebration of Earth Day was showing the world that grilling hamburgers is an earthy thing to do eventhough it included two of the most destructive behaviors that humans do which contribute to the destruction of the earth. Way to go Whole Foods, we need more leadership like that in the world (NOT!).