Sunday, April 3, 2011

La Vida What?

Not that anybody should have noticed but there is a blog out in cyberspace called Living La Vida Loca (which is translated to living the crazy life) but the author of the blog changed the last word to locarb, which is a terrific synonym to loca as the entire idea is beyond crazy, it's outright scary.

We all have heard of the locarb craze of the 1990's when Robert Atkin's diet was making headlines every day. The man died on April 17, 2003 from an accidental fall. There is speculation that his fall was related to a heart attack. Probably the reason why there is such speculation is because the man did in fact have a heart attack in 2002.

If a diet comprised of protein and fat is a healthy way to lose weight and thrive then it should not cause someone to have a heart attack. In fact Mr. Atkins was only 71 years old when he had the heart attack, which is still quite young considering he was very wealthy and had access to the top medical care and information. Most readers know that heart attacks are not a natural event for humans, all heart attacks that humans have are due to inappropriate lifestyle choices.

Basically the vast majority of followers of the Atkins diet disappeared after his death. Even the average person is intelligent enough to know that if the official creator and endorser of a diet has a heart attack and then dies one year later which some speculate was also related to a heart attack, the diet is worthless or even worse, very dangerous.

Even the Atkins corporation eventually went bankrupt. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2005. Obviously there were few fans of the Atkins diet left to keep the company afloat.

Few but not none. It takes a very hardcore believer to actually continue consuming a locarb diet after all the bad news about the diet was digested by the public. It really doesn't take much to fool some people but to fool all the people takes a really big lie. The big lie is now out of the bag and only the very ignorant and desperate followers are left standing.

That's where this blog comes in. The blog has articles that deceive the readers into thinking that there is some value to the Atkins or locarb diet. Even after the jury called the world population has come to the conclusion that a diet that is so high in protein and fat can never be healthy in the long run and causes health issues this blog is still standing trying to convince people of the exact opposite.

After decades of research into diet which has shown without a doubt that high fat diets of any kind are totally dangerous for humans these people seem to just ignore all the scientific proof and go on in their own little imaginary world. None of the adherants of the locarb diet are ever shown with their shirts off (if they are all you see are moobs). None are ever seen as athletes, none are ever in an advanced age but act and look as if they are much younger.

There are hundreds or even thousands of examples of thriving athletes who are vegan. There are hundreds of examples of thriving vegans who are in their advanced years and look like they are 30 years younger as well as act and feel like they are 30 years younger. I have not seen one example of anyone on the locarb diet in either of these sitautions.

Human nature is such that we want to do what we always do, which in most cases is live a very poor lifestyle and hear that it is a good thing from some authority. For example someone who sits in front of the television all day and eats pizza, potato chips and drinks beer wants to hear that his lifestyle is healthy, fully knowing that it is in fact the opposite.

This is human nature. These locarb diet stragglers, who are the few left standing are the same. They know that they are eating a very poor quality diet filled with high fat and low nutrients. They mostly feel like crap all the time because their body is existing on ketones. They have very bad breath due to their body converting fat into sugars to feed their starved cells. They seem to ignore all of these signs and continue to destroy themselves and while doing so they want to hear from someone that they are doing good for themselves.

This is where the blog fits in. It finds all of the fake science that the author and others make up and try to convince themselves that they are doing good.

Besides Mr. Atkins, there is another guy named Stephen Byrnes who was one of the leaders of the Weston A. Price group who also followed a similar diet to the Atkin's diet. He also died of a stroke when he was just 45 years old. The stubborn locarb folks claim that he had HIV or AIDS and the stroke was related to that and not to his diet. It really doesn't matter whether he died of AIDS or any other disease, strokes are in almost all cases tied to diet, no amount of excuses will convince people of anything else.

As time goes on and more of these locarb dieters get sicker and sicker, which is inevitable as the human body can't handle large amounts of fat and protein for more than about 20 to 25 years there will be a lot more evidence as to the benefits of the diet. I do not wish this fate on these people, no, not in the least but it seems like they wish it on themselves as they ignore all the facts and signs that things are not quite right.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I have never seen a locarb dieter disclose their blood work results online so everyone can see what their health looks like(except the lipids profile). Not that I totally believe that blood work is very reliable but it does give some indication of how healthy one is and how likely they will continue to stay healthy. They never show the entire blood test results they just put up the LDL, HDL, triglycerides and other numbers related to fat, which in most cases are not in the healthy range.

None of these dieters will disclose their other results probably because they are so poor. I have seen so many vegans publicly disclose all of their perfect blood work results voluntarily that I have complete confidence that I don't need to even have myself tested.

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