Monday, September 19, 2011

Definition of Irony

It's been a while since I last posted here but with the change in season which is due this week I thought it was time to ad to this blog.

I was just surfing around online and I found this site: here which is a large company in Israel which manufactures home soda pop machines. Their first page has a big reference to the Susan G Koman charity. They say that they support this charity.

The Susan G Koman charity is to support the fight against breast cancer. Most everybody on this planet will agree that this is a good cause. People who follow my blog and who understand natural hygiene know that this entire idea about fighting cancer is complete bogus.

As I mentioned in other posts, cancer is the natural reaction of the body to the terrible treatment that it is getting from it's owner. In fact getting cancer from overindulging in toxins is like getting pregnant from having unprotected sexual intercourse. Why on earth would someone want to fight getting pregnant from unprotected sexual intercourse?

It's the way the body was designed to react to this behavior. Cancer is the same, it is the way the body tries to protect itsef from further harm. It is the last defense. There is no point in trying to fight this, that is why there was never a cure to cancer and there will never be one.

The only way to fight cancer is to avoid getting it. Similarly we can avoid pregnancy by avoiding getting pregnant. This would be by abstaining from sexual relations or to use some proven prevention method such as condoms or other forms.

The entire pretext of the Susan G Koman foundation is already way out of touch with reality but one of the known causes of cancer, including breast cancer is the use or artificial additives and processed foods. Soda is probably one of the main culprits in this area. Women who drink lots of soda probably are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer than those who do not indulge in this terrible habit but with all other behaviors being equal.

Having a company that sells a product to make soda in the home sponsoring the Susan G Koman foundation is like McDonald's having a hospital for Children, wait a minute, McDonald's does have a hospital for children...so it's not as farfetched as you think. Another analogy is the tobacco companies contributing to the lung foundation.

This is total lunacy and a huge irony. This is the world that we live in!

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