Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food Courts or Fool Courts?

I was driving around the area where I live the other day and I needed to use a toilet quite badly, which is a pretty common occurance for me. I noticed there was a food court nearby so I decided to stop and use the toilet of one of the restaurants.

Most of the restaurants had outdoor as well as indoor seating. I saw a few of the patrons sitting outside and eating. Obviously the majority of them were obese and overweight, which makes sense since there are 75 to 80% overweight people in the USA.

I also noticed that the food most were eating was traditional foods such as pasta, burgers, pizza, submarine sandwiches and the like. There were a couple of people eating salads which were obviously drenched in oils and fats.

I made my way to the Starbucks because usually there is nobody in the Starbucks toilet. I think people who drink Starbucks are having a hard time with their bowel movements. Of course they must need to urinate out the toxic junk they drank, but that is quick especially for the men.

Also I find that Starbucks toilets are usually clean and easy to get in and out of quickly. In fact this Starbucks' toilet was near the entrance and I could easily pop in and out without being seen by the employees. Most restaurants don't like when non-paying customers use their toilets.

Once in a while I will actually purchase a bottled water from a Starbucks or other coffee shop just to use their toilet. Since my consumption of water is so little I usually have a large stash of these bottles for when I need them, like when the weather gets too hot or I do some extraneous exercise.

Of the many restaurants I saw at this food court, I have to say that none were serving anything close to a human compatible food. Except for a few apples, oranges and a banana which was unripe that I saw at Starbucks.

Skip the food courts and get your nutrition from whole, ripe, fresh, raw and preferably organic fruit and vegetables. Go ahead and use the toilets at the food courts when in need, but save your money for some real food.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saving Money with Natural Hygiene

Thrifty Living
An added benefit of living a natural hygienic lifestyle is saving money. In these poor economic times that could make the difference between surviving and not being able to pay the bills.

How can one save money by obeying the laws of nature? Many people who attempt to eat a natural diet complain that fruits and vegetables are expensive. They point to the small bag of groceries filled with organic fruits and vegetables that costs so much. Of course if you simply shop at the chain grocery stores which do not sell much volume of the organic fruits and vegetables the costs can be quite high.

The trick is to become a little creative in finding quality fruit and vegetables. Always keep and eye open for specials from the major food chains. When they put organic fruit or vegetables on sale, often the prices are below some of the other sources. When there is a sale then buy as much as you know you will use of the fruit or vegetable before it spoils. Don't just buy several cases of it and watch half of your investment go to waste.

There are also web sites such as neighborhoodfruit.com which allows people who have backyard fruit available to find someone who wants the fruit. As of the writing of this post there are only members offering fruit in California but this will certainly be expanded soon.

Foraging for fruit can also help with costs as many trees are in public places and even some backyard trees hang over public land. There are also many wilderness areas that have some truly wild fruits and berries that can be harvested.

Some of the less known stores in many cities stock lots of fruits and often when they do not sell as fast as planned they are marked down in price. I was able to find pints of organic yellow cherry tomatoes from Mexico for just 99 cents each. Some of the tomatoes had a few brown spots on them but were otherwise just perfect.

Go into some of the ethnic stores that are run by people from Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. They often carry tropical fruit and vegetables that are not found in the major grocery chains. Sometimes they will bargain with you if you desire a large amount of them. I saw some longans at a local store yesterday.

Besides all of this expenses for things like perfume, cologne, hairspray, makeup, aftershave, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and many other grooming products are no longer necessary when living a natural hygienic lifestyle. Those of you who already live like this understand, those that don't will understand as soon as they start living in a natural way.

Don't forget that your medical expenses will vanish. You will no longer need to buy any over the counter or prescription medications. Your trips to the doctor should become a thing of the past. There is practically no need to get any diagnostic tests or any other preventative procedures.

Most natural hygienists do not waste their money on medical insurance, some choose to keep this but eventually most people realize that insurance is just redundant. Some choose to only have major catastrophic insurance instead of the usual full coverage.

Restaurants are often used as a form of entertainment, but often are overpriced and do not deliver much in return. Most hygienists prefer to avoid restaurants completely as they do not conform the the laws of nature.

Some natural hygienists move to tropical locations where there is an abundance of fresh ripe fruit available all year around. The prices of these fruits are often a small percentage of the prices in the northern climates where they must be imported.

Some people think that the only way to get exercise is by paying for a gym membership or paying for Tai Chi or some form of Yoga. This is absolutely unnecessary as there are many ways to get exercise without any equipment at all and all that is needed is a little space. Running or walking is a great way to enjoy the area you are in and get sunshine and exercise. There are many body weight exercises that can get the body in perfect shape. Check out the many available videos on Youtube.com to get an idea of the possibilities.

Sunshine is easy to get for free. Many cities don't get much sunshine in the year, but when there is sunshine make sure to bathe in it as much as possible. If you can afford to get away for a week or two in the off season then try to go to a very warm and sunny location and get as much sunshine as you can while there.

You'll find that your cost of living will drop as your health increases. Money should never be an impediment to health.