Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who is a Success?

The idea went through my mind about who is really a success. In the world where everything is a competition I suppose that living until your genetic potential is a competition.

We can get a rough estimate of what our genetic potential is by how long our parents and grandparents lived. If we live the same way that they lived then we should be able to live the same length of time. On the other hand, if we live a much healthier lifestyle we should be able to outlive our ancestors by several years, if not decades.

People who use addictive chemicals and continue to consume them fully knowing that they are killing themselves are either so addicted to these chemicals or they are suicidal and are seeking a way to get out of their horrible life.

Which chemicals are included in this list? The obvious ones are tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, and of course prescription and over the counter drugs or medicine. The less obvious ones are foods like meats, dairy products, nuts and seeds in excess, condiments like garlic, onions, salt, pepper, spices, vinegar, etc.

Even cooked and processed foods that are low in fat are dangerous and life threatening.

When someone who is clealy continuing to consume dangerous chemicals and knows that they are slowly killing themselves dies at an early age are they a success or a failure?

An analysis of their behavior would point to a success. They behaved in such a manner that is consistent with someone suicidal. They succeeded in killing themselves and therefore died a success.

On the other hand if they lived to an age that was way beyond their life expectancy they were a failure. They failed at their goal of suicide.

Would you like to be a success or a failure? Why does it seem like the vast majority of people are successful at a slow suicide?

Is it that they just enjoy the thrill of getting as close to death as possible without actually dying? Was their goal to just get some attention and pity or was it to actually die?

Who on this planet doesn't know that smoking tobacco products, or just using any kind of tobacco porduct is dangerous, probably more dangerous than crossing a busy freeway. I think most know that but still they continue to do it.

I suppose the short addictive pleasure the tobacco gives is just so much better than the pain of reality, knowing that a nearly certain premature death is waiting down the road.

Are you one of those people? Are you just enjoying your dangerous lifestyle so much that you are ignoring the consequences? If so, it might be time to make some changes and instead of being a success at suicide, be a success at avoiding it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Remove the cause: Works for more than just diseases!

What most of the world seems to misunderstand about natural hygiene is that almost all illnesses are self-inflicted. Rarely does someone actually get ill when they do everything right. In fact before we humans destroyed the beautiful planet we live on, it was difficult to become ill because we had only the best quality food, we had nearly no pollutants, we had clean air, sunshine available to us every day, we had to get exercise in order to have food and stay away from danger, everything was just right to stay healthy.

Now illness is so common that nearly every human on the planet is infected with something every few weeks or months. It's assumed that this is normal or natural. It is not normal nor natural but totally unnatural to be ill. It's just our body removing toxins that should have never been there in the first place.

Modern man believes that the way to health is by adding more toxins to an already toxic body. The people go to a doctor or to the pharmacy and take medicine (which is always toxic) in order to get relief from their illness. They sometimes actually do feel better but not because they removed the cause of the illness but because their body has stopped creating the symptoms and instead it is trying to deal with a new emergency, the toxin that was just ingested, the medicine.

Sometimes it's actually a placebo affect that helps as the consumer takes a pill that was marketed to do something, quite often it does what the consumer expects. This is a mental change and not a physical one.

Natural hygiene on the other hand proposes to eliminate the cause of the illness and eventually it will go away. That seems to make perfect sense to most people but in practice they almost all go directly to the pharmacy to buy more toxins to cure their illness. Logically it doesn't make a lot of sense to take a pill to heal something when you continue to cause the problem. It will just come right back.

This philosophy works not only in health but in many other fields as well. For example if you have children and they act poorly, or misbehave, punishing them is not what will remove the cause of their poor behavior. This might make them behave for the short term to avoid another punishment but it certainly will not permanently change their poor behavior.

If parents of a misbehaving child find out the cause of the bad behavior then they could easily remove the cause and the poor behavior will stop. This could be a simple change in diet, exercise, sleep, sunshine, or one of the other essentials. It could also be something else. Whatever it is, children can be made to behave once the cause is removed.

The same goes for animals, or pets. If they behave poorly they also need to be analyzed and the cause found so that it too can be removed. Once the cause of the bad behavior is found and removed the bad behavior will change.

The same goes for most everything in life. If your relationship is not going as you truly wanted, find the cause of the problem and remove it. If your automobile is not performing as expected then find the root cause and remove the problem. If we approach most of our problems in this way, we'll receive much better results and less difficulties with these problems coming back.