Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Do Blood Tests Show?

I suppose I thought of this topic now because as the summer fades into fall in years past I used to constantly get very tired. This was not the usual every day tiredness. I used to get so tired that I would actually fall asleep right on the floor.

This all happened when I was a child. In order for the medical doctors to diagnose that was wrong with me, they would take a lot of blood tests. I was like a pin cushion when I was in my early part of life. They would have me come back to the hospital at least once every 3 or 4 weeks for more of these tests.

Due to all this I eventually became fearful of needles and blood tests. To this day I can't stand having one of these tests unless I lie down while they do it.

That is not the point of this post. In fact the point is that a blood test has very little meaning. Sure, it shows what elements are in the blood at a certain point in time.

The test will show what certain cell counts were like at the exact time the needle was inserted. In fact who knows what the body is really doing when the needle comes in contact with the blood. Maybe the composition of the blood changes very rapidly and the readings are not what the real readings should be.

What does the test really show? Obviously there are some readings that will stay in a certain range no matter what. These readings might have some value but if they are outside the range there might be an explanation for it. It might have nothing to do with health issues at all. The readings might be the way they are just because the person is anxious or there might be some metabolic activity that is going on just at the time the test is taken.

A good analogy of a blood test is that it is like taking a photograph of the sky right now and using the picture to predict what the weather will be like in one or two months' time. Does that make any sense to you? Do you think that the weather can be predicted in one or two months by taking a picture of the sky right now? I highly doubt that there is any relationship between the sky right now and the weather in one or two months.

This is very true but still we all rush to the hospitals and the doctors willing to give them some blood and we believe that the results are the golden standard information about our health. What a waste of money and a total waste of worry for those few that see issues with their picture.

Of course there are some things that can be found but there are many better ways to discover these issues than with an intrusive test like a blood test. Just look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look and feel healthy and happy? Are you enjoying life? Do you eat healthy and exercise?

Answer the above questions and you'll know if you are healthy or not. If not, stick with the laws of nature and things will change for the better.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does This Make Sense?

It's August 2011 already and the summer is soon going to fade to fall and then winter. I was thinking about the way most people behave and I wanted to post about it.

Since I started on this path to health about 5 years ago I started to feel a new sort of confidence in myself and my body. I seem to be better able to understand the workings of my body and how it is able to take care of itself.

I know to most people this sounds absurd but I do believe in natural hygiene and allowing nature to take care of itself. I think we all just need to step aside and let our body do what it needs to do and we need to patiently wait for the results.

My diet is comprised of lots and lots of fresh ripe and raw fruit, but the rest of the people in the world eat very differently. Most of these people wouldn't even consider trying to eat 1 meal of fruit ever in their entire life.

The part that I find difficult is that every one of these people regularly visit their doctors and often visit hospitals. When they see a doctor and the doctor recommends that they take an invasive test, such as a colonoscopy or something similar, they almost always will accept the doctor's recommendations.

Eating 1 meal of fruit in their life is difficult, disgusting, and unheard of but going to a hospital to have a stranger shove a huge tube up your butt and examine the inside of your colon is absolutely fine. The risk of death by perforation and having other side effects and complications are real for the colonoscopy. The risks involved in eating fruit are really not very high.

This is just one example of the absolute absurdidty I see in the world. There are so many other examples that I do not have the time to list. I will tell you one thing however, I much rather eat fruit all day than ever visit a doctor or a hospital. I can not accept that these insane invasive procedures can be healthy to people. It's always best to prevent illness by taking proper care of yourself instead of living on the tightrope and hoping that you don't fall off.

Using the traditional means to stay healthy is insane. Staying healthy by living correctly and according to nature is the only way to go.