Monday, January 2, 2012

What Happened to This Place?

Once upon a time everyone on this planet was superfit. In fact if someone wasn't fit they would be left behind when it came to getting their food and eventually they would die.

Imagine a society where everyone, nomatter what their age is, was superfit. They all could just run in a 1/2 mile spurt at full speed whenever they wanted. They could climb trees to reach fruit as high as the branches allow them to go. They could swim across a mile or two river without looking back or stopping.

Not one person was overweight or obese. Every single person even in advanced years was doing a full day of physical work every single day of their life. There was no such thing as a sedentary job or lifestyle.

Unfortunately, especially in the wealthy nations this is not even a distant memory. In fact things have gone full circle and few of the inhabitants of these wealthy countries can even run a few feet.

We have more weight on our bodies then most of the entire population of countries like China and India and yet there are only about 1/3 as many people. Not only have we ignored these warnings, we continue to produce these massive individuals and build the current ones to insane sizes.

Even the people who are employed in professions that used to require a high level of fitness are so out of shape it's shocking that they can even continue to do their daily jobs.

Barely 30 percent of the population paticipates in any sort of regular intense physical activities. Many of these are still overweight as they continue to consume a very poor diet of concentrated and processed junk food as they do their exercise routines.

I can not understand why these people allow themselves to get to the point where they can't walk up one or two stories of stairs. It's quite obvious that they created these conditions themselves and have the power to reverse them. They simply do not have the desire or motivation to reverse them.

If you are fit or even better, superfit, you are one of the lucky 5 to 10 percent of the population. Keep up the good work and be an example of how humans used to all be a long time ago.

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