Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food Addicts

As I mentioned on previous posts, there are addictive substances in many of the foods that are commonly eaten. These are opiod substances in dairy, which are there to make sure the baby animal continues to thrive by continuing to drink milk from it's mother's breasts, as well as in meat, which contains many substances created by the animal during it's life as well as during the short period of time it was undergoing it's death, and of course most grains contain substances that are addictive so that birds and other seed and grain eating animals continue to consume the seeds in order for the plant to spread it's seeds as the bird flies and drops it's droppings all over the planet.

Besides these, of course there are many other addictive substances in food such as certain herbs, spices, chemicals and processed foods that are addictive as well.

When people consume these addictive foods they do not notice that they are even addicted. In fact even people addicted to drugs do not realize that they are addicted. Some do realize it but they deny that they are. It's actually difficult to realize that you are addicted to food when the entire world eats these same foods and the government and the media continue to create an illusion that these are actually healthy foods.

What usually happens when someone who is addicted to these foods tries to stop eating the food they feel really sick. This is an expected response to stopping an addiction. We feel that we need to continue to have the substance that we are addicted to. Most people trying to quit smoking have an awfully difficult time quitting because of the addictive qualities of the chemicals in tobacco.

The feelings are usually so strong that they fail to stop eating the food and just go right back to eating it. This makes them feel much better as the addictive substances are now back in their body and they are no longer feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

This is why most people have a hard time changing their diet to a much healthier one. They try but quickly they feel symptoms of withdrawal and then go right back to eating the addictive foods, which usually makes them feel better and immediately they blame the bad feelings on the new diet and the less bad feelings are due to the old diet so they just go back to the old diet and give up.

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