Friday, March 23, 2012

Food Combining and Instinct

Instinctively when we taste something that is sour we will reach for a sweetener to make it taste better or more acceptable. This is why the billions of cups of coffee people consume around the world every day include sugars and other sweeteners to make the toxic substance taste better. The same goes for almost every other beverage. These include teas, shakes, sodas, lemonade and even fruit juices.

Most of the time people use processed sweeteners like sugar, stevia, or chemicals like sweetnlow or splenda. Sometimes they use honey, molasses, agave, maple syrup, or a long list of other sweeteners. When someone starts off on a raw food diet, instead of using these processed sweeteners they reach for something like dates, dried figs or other dried fruit like raisins, or some even use the mislabelled "raw" agave syrup or dehydrated cane juice. Some will also use pure sugar cane juice.

This behavior is a continuation of what was learned in our childhood. If we don't like the taste of something, then add some flavoring to it and try it again.

Let's now go back to early man. These people did not have packaged goods. There was no grocery store to get a bag of white table sugar or anything else. There were obviously honeybees all around and therefore there was honey but the honey was carefully guarded by the bees and as humans without protective clothing trying to get the honey would have been a painful and awkward task.

There were also all of the sweet fruits around when they were in season but in the jungle it wouldn't make much sense to seek out some specific type of ripe fruit when you needed to find some nourishment. If for example the tribe came upon a tree full of underripe guavas and they tasted bitter, there is not much chance that they decided to go out to look for another sweeter fruit to eat along with the bitter guavas to make them palatable.

Most likely they skipped the bitter guavas altogether and instead just continued on their search for a better tasting meal. This allowed them to enjoy their food more and also get the best quality nutrition they could get.

I really doubt that anybody came up with the idea of combining a sweet food with a sour or bitter one to cover up the bad taste. Why then do we now nearly without exception do the exact opposite?

Why even consider eating or drinking something that tastes bland, sour or bitter when we have so many choices of much better tasting sweet foods? Why not just skip the bad tasting foods and instead consume the delicious sweet ripe and nutritious food?

Think about this next time you are ordering something to eat. Even if you eat raw gourmet food and are following a recipe, do you really want to mix some raw agave syrup with your cashew nut pate to make it more tasty?

Follow the laws of nature and eat one food at a time without any condiments or flavorings. Your health will thank you a million times over. Your body will love the ability to retrieve and absorb the nutrition without the toxic load or need to try to seperate the poorly combined foods.

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