Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Don't People Want to be Healthy?

Health is the natural state of humans. Most people think that we need to work for our health but in reality health is the natural state we should always be in.

I often get comments about the enormous amount of fruit that I consume. I often have dozens of bananas on my chair and by the end of the lunch period they are all gone.

People often say that it's cool to see this. Some say that I must be so healthy. Certainly this is a good reason to eat lots of fruit.

However, if they already know that eating a large amount of fruit, at least until satiated, is healthy then why is it that they do not do the same as I do?

Is it that they do not want to be healthy? They actually want to be sick or worse? I see no reason to behave in such a way as to harm my health by my selection in food. Why do they?

These people are not experts in diet by any means but they seem to sense that eating pure, whole, ripe and fresh fruit for a meal is healthy. They do not aspire to be healthy and just comment about how healthy others are.

I hope they start seeing what they are doing to themselves and stop their hurt. To know that you are hurting yourself but not doing anything about it is at least being an accomplice. Think about it the next time you feel sick, what did you do to make yourself sick?

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