Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ways to Get Sunshine When There is None

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Sunshine is an important nutrient for optimal health. A healthy person with healthy skin and who is on a healthy low fat and low toxin diet needs to get solar exposure. The problem lies in having little access to the sun during the long winter.

Most of the world population is currently in winter now and therefore are unable to get enough sunshine on their naked skin. The fortunate few who live in the tropics and the southern hemisphere are still bathing in sunshine every day and they don’t need to worry about this until about mid to late June when the seasons reverse. The ones who live in the tropics actually don’t ever need to worry as they have access to sunshine all year around.

There is no trick to getting sunshine. The body actually can store enough vitamin D in the liver to last the entire winter. If there was enough there at the start of winter there would be no problems. This means that you should get enough sunshine while you have it so you can stay healthy during the winter.

Whenever possible and when the sun is shining, even if the temperature is well below the freezing point, get outside and absorb as much as you can. The angle of the sun greatly reduces the intensity in the winter but at least get some exposure to the face and if possible hands, and arms. The reflection from the snow (if there is any) will actually help with this.

Another suggestion is to take a fews days off and go somewhere that has the sunshine and warm weather that delivers the needed vitamins and cleansing activities that only the sun provides. Find a place that your budget can bear and spend as much time outside with as little covering as possible during the times of day when it is safe to be exposed.

These times are usually from sunrise to about 11AM and from 3PM until sunset. As long as the 11AM to 3PM danger zone is avoided, most people can get benefits from being in the sun the rest of the day. Try to stay out of the sun during the 11AM to 3PM period, if that is not possible then cover as much of your body as possible during that time. Wear a hat, a long sleeve shirt and pants until it is past 3PM.

Do not use artificial forms of sunshine such as tanning beds or any other artificial form of exposure. These forms will always do more harm than good. The only natural form of sunshine is actual sunshine.

Just to repeat the best ways to get enough sunshine:

1. When your part of the world is in summer, get as much sunshine as you can during the safe times of the day.

2. When it is winter try to expose as much of your body as possible to sunshine whenever possible at any time of day.

3. If possible, take a vacation to a location where there is a lot more sunshine and spend as much time in the sun as possible during the safe times of the day.

4. Do not, under any circumstances use any kind of artificial lighting or sunshine to replace the sun. It’s better to get no sunshine than to use an artificial source.

See you at the beach!

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