Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Circumcision : Healthy and Hygienic or Mutilation?

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After nearly 3 years I finally got around to the whole circumcision debate. It’s quite a hot topic to many people because this procedure is very common for certain religious affiliations. To the best of my knowledge, both Jews and Muslims require that all males have this procedure at a certain time in their life.

Jews actually have a celebration when a child is circumcised, called a brith (pronounced like briss). This ‘celebration’ is usually performed on the 8th day after a male child is born. Often the entire family attends the event and gifts are brought for the victim, I mean child.

Muslims also have a ceremony associated with circumcisions that usually takes place in the first few years of a male child’s life. Some Muslims wait until the child reaches puberty or around the age of 10 to 12 years old to have the procedure.

Many people who are not associated with these religions will still have their child undergo circumcision. The procedure is seen as a way to avoid health problems and as a hygienic necessity. In fact as many as 80% of males in the USA are known to be circumcised.

Is this really a necessity? Does it really promote health in any way? Sadly the answer to both of these questions is no. Similar to many of the other pieces of misinformation that are floating around in society, circumcisions are in no way beneficial to anyone, under any circumstances.

The procedure certainly promotes a solid financial benefit to the doctors and other practitioners (such as the Jewish mohel). It doesn’t have any benefit to the child or receiver of the surgery. In fact it is just a form of mutilation that causes severe pain to the victim as well as long term psychological damage.

An 8 day old child is certainly not prepared to go through the pain and agony of having it’s most intimate part of it’s body mutilated. Especially not in front of many unfamiliar people, by a complete stranger. A young child is expecting to be held and nurtured as much as 24 hours a day.

In fact there is no part of the human body that doesn’t have a purpose. Scientists and doctors seem to believe that we have many extraneous parts on the body that have no purpose. Nature is not going to create anything on the body that has no purpose. Everything is there for a reason. The exact reason is not always obvious, but there is always a purpose for every part of our body.

Studies have shown that men who have their foreskin intact enjoy sex better than those who have been circumcised. Also their partner’s have more pleasure and less pain. The female vagina has been designed to accomodate a penis that still has the foreskin attached and not one that has been mutilated.

In fact some women experience severe pain and actually have their vaginas damaged by having sex with a man who has been circumcised. Nature is not flawed, nature is perfect, there are no extra body parts in any natural being.

If you are a believer in one of the religions that has the ritual of circumcision or if you are planning to have a child or already have a male child that has not been circumcised, please consider not performing this barbaric mutilation on your child. He will thank you in the future for your consideration.

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