Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where Would You Rather Be?

cartoon of man on toilet

I was just thinking back of one of my coworkers and friends from a few years ago who was not all that healthy. In fact his health was so poor at the time I am thinking of, that he has now passed away, actually he passed away in 2008.

I did not know at the time that he had developed cancer and it was spreading throughout his body. I don’t even think he knew about the cancer yet as I later found some evidence of the timing of when he was diagnosed on his computer. I found this when I was tasked with executing some of the software that he used to execute when he was out on sickleave.

I was already on the natural hygiene lifestyle at that time and it is quite obvious to the people who sit near me that I live a very different lifestyle from most people. While others have a burger and fries or pizza for lunch, or at least bring in some leftovers in tupperware and heat them up in the micro-cancer machine, I always have farm fresh ripe organic fruits in quantities that most standard eaters wouldn’t consume in a month’s time.

Of course my diet came up in our conversation once in a while. He was kind of interested and once made the comment that if he would adopt my diet that he would be in the toilet all day long. I did tell him that I too had a similar issue at the very beginning and still do get a day here or there where something I ate caused me to spend a little more time in the toilet than usual, but these periods all passed very quickly and about 99% of the time I have no problems whatsoever with my toilet habits.

In fact when I think back of the days when I was still consuming the standard western style diet, I had a lot more problems than I do now. I used to have difficulty moving my bowels at times and in the late 1980’s I developed a case of ulcerative colitis.

All that I meant was that if he did switch to a natural hygienic style lifestyle and diet that the time where he had issues with toilet habits would quickly pass. In fact many people do not even have any issues with it at all and the ones who do find that they resolve quite quickly. In fact a couple of days to maybe a week is the average time that someone who switches to a natural hygienic style diet will have any such issues.

In his case the alternative to surviving a couple of days ‘in the toilet’ to where he is now, in his grave for eternity, I think I would prefer the former. What about you?

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