Sunday, March 21, 2010

Natural Hygiene and Pets

raw food for dogs
I learned about natural hygiene about 5 years ago. At the time I realised that it was the way of nature and that following the laws of nature was the best thing a human can do. It is very powerful and freeing to understand that everything in nature is self-healing, that includes the ever fragile environment, biodiversity on the planet and of course our own health.

All of the benefits that come to nature in general will be enjoyed by everyone who gets as close to nature as they can. As long as we follow the laws of nature we will reap a benefit.

It wasn't until I heard about a dog that belonged to my brother who was put to death because it was suffering from cancer that I associated the treatment of pets with natural hygiene. I did not see the correlation between humans and pets until that day.

Most people who own a pet will usually follow the standard protocol and simply treat it the same way the majority of the people treat their pets. This usually includes the feeding of off the shelf pet foods available in supermarkets and pet food stores, or even at veterinarian's offices.

Even many people who follow the natural hygienic lifestyle continue to feed their pets these very toxic and health destroying foods. Most of the food sold for the consumption of pets are made with profit in mind. They use very low quality ingredients and are extremely processed. In fact most of these foods are made with waste products from other industries. It is a rather easy way to get rid of the waste products and earn money off of it at the same time.

These companies use marketing to get their products sold to people who purchase them without understanding the serious consequences that feeding such low quality food to their pets is doing to them.

A bowl of unknown brown color pellets doesn't resemble anything ever seen in nature, yet the package they are sold in highlights how healthy and nutritious the food is for our pets. People see their pet consume these foods and assume that their pet is enjoying the taste and they believe all of the market hype and assume their pet is getting the nutrients it needs.

Of course this is all incorrect. Nowhere in nature is there a pellet with all the necessary nutrients for an animal of any kind. In nature every single species of animals has it's most appropriate food and that food is never found in a bag or box of any other sort of container. Never are there vitamins or minerals added to any of these foods.

For example a cat would track down and eat rodents in nature. This is one of the natural foods for a cat. It would eat the entire rodent from head to toe. Nothing would go to waste. Even the contents of the rodent's digestive system would be consumed by the cat.

A dog on the other hand has a little more complex diet and would eat plant based foods as well as some small animals. Again they would eat the entire animal from head to toe with everything in between.

Every species in nature has it's specific diet and in order to thrive they need to consume their natural diet. If you have a pet, know someone who has one or are planning to get one please make sure that at the very least it is getting the foods that it would be consuming in nature.

Try doing some research on the BARF diet for dogs or the equivalent for whatever other pet you have.

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