Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it Comfort Food or Discomfort Food?

plate of comfort food
Many people have heard of the term "Comfort Food". Usually the foods that come to mind are the traditional standard foods that many people consume often. These foods include things like casseroles, which are generally made with animal meats and potatoes or some kind of pasta, roast beef sandwiches, cornbread, all the way to simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Most of the foods that are considered Comfort Foods are poorly combined and full of processed and extremely toxic substances. In general they contain the foods that are addictive like dairy, meat and grains. These are the foods that contain opioids which are opium-like substances that act on the brain and nervous system in the same way that opium does.

This is probably why these foods are considered comfort foods. They will leave most people who eat them in a very comfortable state. A very comfortably numb state is a better description of the situation.

Actually when these opioids act on the nervous system they cause a feeling of well bring and drown out the emotions, both positive and negative emotions. We are left in a complete state of unemotional numbness.

Most people do not consider themselves drug addicts but those who continue to allow their addiction to comfort foods to continue are just that, drug addicts. They use food as their drug.

For some people this addiction is so powerful that they need to go through therapy to be able to get off the addiction. Don't be too upset if you are attempting to stop eating these kinds of foods and always find yourself returning to them. It is a difficult habit to break.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that for every time that someone numbs them self with their food, there is a time when their body needs to recover from the numbing and they will suffer a higher than normal emotional experience. This can often lead to unexpected consequences such as being very happy or sad unexpectedly.

People who experience these periods have an erratic personality with emotional highs and lows instead of a more constant even personality having a better understanding of their emotions.

Try to refrain from the usual comfort foods and see how much better life is when you experience it real time. Handling life is just much easier when you do not need to get high or low on opioids. Have a bunch of bananas instead.

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