Thursday, May 6, 2010

Raw Food Restaurants Serve Healthy Food?

For those of you who have followed my old blog, you probably already know my feelings on the raw food or raw gourmet food restaurants. I decided to post another entry on this because I have been on a business trip and wanted to sample a meal at one of these places.

I did a quick search online and there happened to be a raw food restaurant right in the very neighborhood where I am staying. I looked over the menu, which is posted online and saw a couple of things that might work for me with a bit of manipulation.

I entered the restaurant and there were 2 hippie like people working there. One man and one woman. Both were decked out in psychedelic clothes, the man was wearing a tie dye shirt.

The woman greeted me and asked me to take a seat at any table. I sat down and she brought me a carafe of water. I looked over the menu and then asked if there was something that did not contain garlic.

For some reason I think this ticked them off because the woman immediately replied to me that most everything on the menu was made with garlic. Then she said that if I didn't want garlic I shouldn't eat there. I found that quite rude but still persisted.

I finally asked if there was garlic in the salad and she replied that there was none but there were onions in it. I never asked about onions but I think she understood why I was asking. I ordered the salad.

I ate the salad but avoided eating as much of the onions as possible. They were cut in small pieces so avoiding them was not easy but I managed. She also told me that her garlic was organic and raw and was okay to eat.

I was laughing inside at this. Oh sure, organic and raw garlic is okay to eat but the regular stuff cooked is bad.

The truth is in fact the opposite as the toxins in garlic are very volatile and quickly evaporate with even a small amount of heat. Slightly heated garlic is less toxic than raw garlic but of course heated garlic has other issues such as newly created substances that even science doesn't know about which are probably just as toxic as the mustard oil that evaporated.

I won't be returning to that restaurant, I'd rather just get a ripe bunch of bananas.

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