Sunday, September 6, 2015

Food Combing Principles were Debunked Years Ago!

Recently I have been reading articles online about how the food combining rules which most of these articles are not even accurate on, have been debunked and that there is no scientific evidence of it's existence. Other articles have been written by people who either have no training in health or training in health by the pharmaceutical corporations.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned about these articles is that the authors do not seem to be interested in health in the least. From their attitudes and the limited information about them, they all seem to be simply consuming the usual standard western diet that is causing the average person to die of atherosclerosis, cancer and many other chronic and acute diseases. Without being educated in what a healthy human diet is and not following one, how can these people claim to know whether food combining is real or not?

When your food consists of well over 90% cooked foods, animal product foods such as meats, dairy and eggs, processed foods such as breads, cereals, potatoes, rice and limited water filled and fiber filled fresh, raw, ripe fruits and vegetables, it's quite obvious that these people will not be able to sense the difference between eating a healthy properly combined meal versus a pile of junk foods. Having been on the other side of the fence, when I used to eat the standard western diet, I would have agreed with these individuals. I wasn't able to tell if what I ate was well combined or not because my body was just ravaged with the toxic foods that I was eating. After changing my diet to a clean, fresh, raw, ripe, organic and whole fruit and vegetable diet where I eat nearly all of my meals as mono-meals for over 9 years, I certainly can feel the difference between a well combined meal and one which is poorly combined.

You might be asking what do I mean by this? Why would it make a difference when someone is eating a clean diet or a standard western diet to the food combining being correct or incorrect? The food combining will still be either correct or incorrect but the person won't feel the difference until they have been on a healthy near mono-meal diet for some time. The human body has amazing abilities to adapt to very poor situations and sustain that situation. For example when a teenager is about 15 years old and they attend high school, often they are pressured to try smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. For those who have tried these, I'm sure you probably remember your first cigarette or beer. You probably wanted to throw up after the first time you inhaled tobacco smoke or tasted a beer. I sure did. Go to any bar and see men over 18 or 21 depending on the laws in your country and see them drink beer after beer and smoke cigarette after cigarette. Do they feel like throwing up every time they taste the beer or inhale the tobacco smoke? No, they do not because their body has gotten so used to the damaging toxic products coming in every so often that the real sense to make them sick is gone. This is the same for the food combining issue, without being in a healthy state, the body just doesn't create the symptoms of illness when poorly combined foods are consumed.

Healthy people who adhere to a raw, mostly mono-meal diet made up of fresh, ripe, organic and whole fruits and vegetables will always know the difference between a properly combined meal and a poorly combined one. It's like a total layman trying to explain how to fly a rocket-ship through the atmosphere of Earth. Unless they have experience with healthy lifestyles, they really can't be a judge of something that requires a health lifestyle to understand.

These articles mention that there is no scientific evidence to support food combining. Again the science of food combining is overwhelming, elementary chemistry proves that combining 2 chemicals that react violently with each other together in a test tube which is no different than combining them in the stomach results in extremely violent reactions. Mix an alkaline liquid or semi-liquid with an acid liquid and the result is very violent. There will be bubbles, smoke, unrest and the original substances will be converted into other possibly more toxic substances. Don't forget that the stomach also will have several other chemicals in it besides the foods added, it will have various amounts of hydrochloric acid plus several enzymes that will be excreted by glands in the stomach and other organs. This environment can be duplicated in a laboratory and any non-believer could try these experiments themselves. What they will find might surprise them.

One of the reasons used to debunk food combining is that the stomach contains hydrochloric acid which neutralizes everything. First of all the stomach does indeed contain this acid but the amount in an average person's stomach is only 20 to 100ml, and is usually closer to the low end as most people's stomach acid is weak due to their poor diet. This amount of acid is not enough to destroy all of the microbes in the food nor is it going to be able to acidify all of the foods eaten as some of the surfaces of the ingested food will be difficult to reach.

Also, once the food gets into the small bowel it is mixed with sodium bicarbonate, which neutralizes the acid because the small bowel would be damaged by the high acidity of the stomach contents. This is where there are many active microbes which will start to ferment the foods which are only partially digested, as well as putrefy the proteins.

One thing that is true is that the stomach will secrete a package of enzymes to digest whatever is coming into the stomach. The stomach has no idea what is coming in so it just secretes all the enzymes it needs to digest everything. Unfortunately humans were mono-meal eaters for most of their existence and these packets of enzymes were meant to digest one kind of food and not a poorly combined mishmash of foods. This means the packet of digestive enzymes will work for high carbohydrate foods, high fat foods but not work very well for high protein foods. The sub-products of digesting a poorly combined meal will react with some of the other substances in the stomach which would not be present if the foods were eaten as a mono-meal.

If one looks to nature to see what is going on there, which is what a scientist should be doing as nature explains nearly everything about life, we see that it's almost unanimous that every creature on Earth eats mono-meals almost every time. Next time you see a bird that dives into the sea for a fish and then lays it on the ground to go get a worm or another kind of insect, please get a picture so I can update this article. Animals will eat one kind of food until satiation. It's quite obvious that humans, which are another creature on Earth, ate mono-meals at some point and strayed from that to get to the diets of today. Modern diets are so poor that the number one reason why people visit doctors, emergency rooms and medical clinics worldwide is for digestive system issues.

The articles that debunk food combining quote that no intelligent person with credentials ever agrees with food combining. In reality there are hundreds or more extremely intelligent people with tons of credentials who advocate food combining. People like Dr. David Klein, PhD, Zarin Azar, MD, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, MD, all have high credentials from accredited schools. As mentioned earlier, people who follow poor diets will not support food combining because they will have never experienced a smooth digestion that human bodies are meant to have all the time.

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