Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food Courts or Fool Courts?

I was driving around the area where I live the other day and I needed to use a toilet quite badly, which is a pretty common occurance for me. I noticed there was a food court nearby so I decided to stop and use the toilet of one of the restaurants.

Most of the restaurants had outdoor as well as indoor seating. I saw a few of the patrons sitting outside and eating. Obviously the majority of them were obese and overweight, which makes sense since there are 75 to 80% overweight people in the USA.

I also noticed that the food most were eating was traditional foods such as pasta, burgers, pizza, submarine sandwiches and the like. There were a couple of people eating salads which were obviously drenched in oils and fats.

I made my way to the Starbucks because usually there is nobody in the Starbucks toilet. I think people who drink Starbucks are having a hard time with their bowel movements. Of course they must need to urinate out the toxic junk they drank, but that is quick especially for the men.

Also I find that Starbucks toilets are usually clean and easy to get in and out of quickly. In fact this Starbucks' toilet was near the entrance and I could easily pop in and out without being seen by the employees. Most restaurants don't like when non-paying customers use their toilets.

Once in a while I will actually purchase a bottled water from a Starbucks or other coffee shop just to use their toilet. Since my consumption of water is so little I usually have a large stash of these bottles for when I need them, like when the weather gets too hot or I do some extraneous exercise.

Of the many restaurants I saw at this food court, I have to say that none were serving anything close to a human compatible food. Except for a few apples, oranges and a banana which was unripe that I saw at Starbucks.

Skip the food courts and get your nutrition from whole, ripe, fresh, raw and preferably organic fruit and vegetables. Go ahead and use the toilets at the food courts when in need, but save your money for some real food.

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